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From a press release:

“Bertwood Realty is pleased to announce the signing of an 1,100 square foot, 10-year lease for the French clothier, Lilith to City Center D.C.. The store will open before Xmas.

Lilith brings together art and fashion. Known for its offbeat fabric blend and mixtures of non-traditional colors, its collection is part novelty, part restraint, part eccentricity, providing ample opportunities for customers to make their own statements with unique combinations. With over 300 specialty stores carrying its collections in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, this marks Lilith’s third U.S. location—the other two are Soho and San Francisco.”

You can see their collections here.

11th Street, NW & Palmer Alley

A reader reports:

“Fruitive is training staff tonight and giving out free juice samples. Hoping to open this Saturday. Very nice staff.”

Fruitive is:


Only fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices exist in our pantry!

Our produce is sourced from the best local farmers and organic suppliers, see our daily organic ingredient listing here.

We’re the first restaurant in Southeast Virginia to receive a 3-star certification by the Green Restaurant Association.

You can see their menu here.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Elliot Mitchell

A reader reports:

“This morning I was in my favorite little coffee shop (Cafe Grande) on K Street between 17 and 18th and a guy came in with the “$20 for two $10’s” scam. He’s a hunched over, African-American man who is probably 5’4” wearing a red jacket and a grey hat. Having read about that here I told him to go away but he convinced the woman at the register to “make the change” for him. I watched him as he pocketed the $20 and started screaming at her “for only giving him $1.” I stepped in – as did a couple of other patrons – saying “this is a scam, don’t worry you gave him a $20.” He got very vocal and started yelling at us, saying we were trying to take money from a homeless man, etc. The cashier (who had limited English and was very upset by the entire situation) threatened to call the police at which point he walked out. Just wanted to give people working in the area the heads up!”

TJ Deli closed
1400 L Street, NW

Thanks to Adam for sending. I never ate there but apparently there were tons of fans – one yelper writes after learning the news:

“I literally just cried and gave the workers a hug after my co-worker came back to tell me TJ’s will be closing 11/20/15. They have the best Steak & Cheese sandwiches. I loveeeeeeeeeeee their buffet. The workers are nice. They remember our names & faces. I so hate when I find a place that’s all around perfect with customer service, great quality, people and food and they close. I will miss TJ’s.”

13th and L St, NW (a separate space next to Maddy’s Tap Room)

From a press release:

“The owners of the Arlington Drafthouse are thrilled to open a comedy arts theater in Downtown DC! We have chosen to be different than the typical comedy club and instead offer an arts space committed to comedy and our community. This means great sight lines, an intimate setting, and no minimum purchase requirements for patrons, tall ceilings, and shared laughter.

We will feature mostly stand-up comedy, while also dedicating time to sketch and improv. Shows will be targeted to 70 to 80 minutes in length. Each weekend will feature, on average, 8 shows (2 on Thursday, 3 on Friday, and 3 on Saturday). This schedule allows for two headliners to perform each weekend, splitting the shows between them. This will significantly increase the opportunity to feature a diverse offering of top national comics to the DC area. As we expand our offerings in the first year, we will add off-Broadway style comedy arts to the line up. (more…)


From MPD:

Barricade:19th&K Streets(UPDATE)- Subject in custody-Ped closures: 19-2000 K St, 1000 20th St-Street closure:20th btw I&L Sts NW remain(1/2)

Road closures will be lifted as soon as possible for the previous outer area 2/2″


“The Metropolitan Police Department successfully and peacefully concluded a barricade situation that took place in the 1900 block of K Street, Northwest on November 16, 2015.

MPD members were alerted to an adult female in crisis (threatening harm to herself and others) at approximately 12:19 am. Upon members’ arrival, the female subject discharged a firearm, and a barricade situation was declared.

At approximately 10:30 am, the barricade incident concluded with the subject surrendering to police.

The subject has been identified as 31-year-old Sophia Dalke of Springfield, Virginia. She has been charged with Assault on a Police Officer While Armed.”


From DCPoliceTraffic:

“UPDATE: The outlined Streets are CLOSED to PEDESTRIAN & VEHICULAR Traffic until further notice due Police Activity”

Photo sent to us by Paul Jones

From AlertDC:

“MPD reports a barricade situation located at 19th and K Street NW. Due to the incident (K Street, L Street, and M Street NW are closed between 18th and 21 Street NW).
Please avoid this area and use alternate routes.”

Alan Henney tweeted:

“20th + K Sts NW-DC police investigating reports of shots fired from high-powered rifle. Police are cutting/detouring traffic to investigate.”

“u/d DC SHOTS FIRED- Woman reported holed up in or on roof of 1999 K St NW-DC. She has FIRED gun. SWAT/ACTIVE SHOOTER teams on scene.”

“u/d DC SHOTS FIRED- 1999 K St NW-DC. Subject who fired shots reported to be trans-gender and suicidal. Numerous police agencies on scene.”

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Barricade: 19th&K Streets(UPDATE)-No injuries reported, was not an active shooter situation. Subject contained, investigation continuing.”


From a press release:

“On Friday, November 13, at one of DC’s busiest intersections, the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District will unveil four wooden sculptures designed by local artist Foon Sham. The public will have the opportunity to meet the artist on-site from noon – 1:00 p.m., rain or shine. Located in the urban rain gardens on all four corners of 19th and L Streets NW, these sculptures are the first in a new series of temporary art in the rain gardens, which will rotate on an annual basis.

Built from more than 3,700 pieces of wood, the sculptures resemble vessels used to collect water, and are symbolic of the function of the rain gardens, which is to keep excess rainwater from entering the sewer system. “The sculptures bring natural elements to an unexpected place. They complement the function of the rain garden and contrast the busy urban intersection,” said Sham.”