“Dear PoPville,

While my boyfriend and I were delaying our New Years resolutions and drowning our hungover sorrows in greasy food last week at Ihop, we split the bill with our credit cards. Then proceeded to Target to buy vegetables to make up for the Ihop where we both used our cards again. Both cards were hacked and used around DC today [Tuesday]. Has anyone else experienced this lately in Columbia Heights or at either of these places? Just trying to narrow down the culprit.”

3605 14th St, NW

Mad Momos opened up after much anticipation in Dec. 2012.

Thanks to all who passed on the sad word. Originally the note on their door said:


But then:

“mad momos is CLOSED.

Dear Friends and Patrons of mad momos,

Season’s greetings and Happy New Year to you. The management at mad momos thank you for all the support and amazing times these past few years. Regrettably, we have reached a point in our business where we need to share a difficult decision with you. We have decided to shift our business and focus our attention on opportunities that will better enhance our community in Columbia Heights. Therefore, it is with regret that mad momos will no longer be continuing its operation in the New Year.

A special thanks to our neighborhood and all the staff, past and present without which we could not have made this possible. This has been the most rewarding and unforgettable experience. We have had an amazing run with great success. Please stay tuned for something new and exciting coming soon.

We deeply appreciate all your unending support and most of all, your friendship. We wish you a healthy and happy 2015.

Warmest regards,
mad momos family”


“Dear PoPville,

The little free library at Irving and 11th is gone! If it was vandalized, it makes it the second one in the area. The one at Bruce Monroe Park was also vandalized along with the other signs at the the community garden last month. Sad!”

another reader writes:

“It was heavily-used (I just stocked it with some kid books yesterday) and although I’ve noticed that books disappear really quickly, I never thought that someone would jack the whole library itself. Pretty sad, people. Pretty sad.”

OP writes: “I didnt get a picture of him before he took off but this is kind of what he/she looked like”

“Dear PoPville,

This morning at about 8:35 i was walking to the bus stop and saw a little white dog eating some garbage in my block, and I didnt recognize him as any of my neighbors dogs so I assume he is lost. “He” (couldve been a she) had a collar on but I couldnt tell if it had tags. I tried to coax him over but he spooked and ran away. I saw him on the 1400 block of Parkwood place running towards 14th street (by the Exxon station). He was small to medium, white, shaggy, about 20 pounds I’d guess. Looked like his collar was blue or purple. Very timid- took off running when i took one step towards him.”


From the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace:

“The market may be closed for the season, but we’re not done yet! Our holiday fundraiser is in full swing, and your donation can help make sure low-income families in Columbia Heights can put healthy, local food on their tables.

Give Today!

Need another reason to give? We’re super excited to debut our brand new t-shirts, and we’re giving them away as a thank you gift for all donations of $50 or more!

1 in 5 Columbia Heights residents receive food stamps, and 100% of your donation will go to our farmers market matching funds program that helps these low-income families buy more healthy fruits and vegetables. The idea is simple, we double the amount they spend up to $10:

$5 in food stamps = $10 in fruits and vegetables

$10 in food stamps = $20 in fruits and vegetables

Thanks to the support of customers and neighbors like you, in 2014 we helped more low-income families than any other farmers market in Washington, DC. But with more families depending on us than ever before to put healthy, local food on the table, we need your continued support to make sure we can serve them in 2015.

Even if you can only give a little this holiday season, please donate today.”


@BullfrogBagels tweets us:

“@PoPville Tomorrow’s [Today] the soft start of bigger things for the coming year. Stay tuned for duration details from @room11dc!”

“Today, Bullfrogs are avail @room11dc [starting at 8am]! And always found in our shop & @smuckerfarmsdc @littleredfoxdc!”

Ed. Note: Room 11 is located at 11th and Lamont St, NW. Smucker Farms is located at 14th and W St, NW and Litte Red Fox is located at Connecticut and Nebraska Ave, NW. Their storefront location is located inside Star and Shamrock on H Street, NE.


“Dear PoPville,

The Giant on Park Road has been without power for several hours. They are open, but have barricaded all frozen, dairy, meat, chilled veggies and fruits and are pulling them from the shelves as we speak. The registers are working and you can buy anything that doesn’t require refrigeration.”

Update from @waynemancomedy”

“@PoPville – Giant on 14 St NW took a power hit. They removed all meat, and nothing refrigerated is available.”