A reader writes:

“Sorry for the poor quality photo from the back of my apt building, but this is on Rock Creek Church Road, by Raymond Elementary.

Around 2am, my husband and I woke up because of a loud noise. A car hit a lamppost and flipped over the curb on its side. Two men got out and walked off, toward georgia ave, abandoning the car. My husband shared all of this information with the police.”

photo 2

Thanks to a reader for sending some background on the project:

“I live on 13th and Otis and wanted to let you know about the Mural Project that just happened on our condo building at 3609 13th Street NW.

The three condo units in the building contacted DC Murals to start a project on the wall of the property about a year ago. Nancee Lyons, at the head of DC Murals was very accommodating and we started the process to choose the artist about six months ago.

We all chose the design of the mural, which was a difficult process as all artist entries were exceptional, but we narrowed down on James Bullough, a native DC artist who now lives in Berlin, Germany.”

photo 5

photo 3

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

“Dear PoPville,

I’m living in Columbia Heights and I suddenly stopped getting packages delivered from UPS. No notes are being left, but online it says they attempted delivery, and when I put delivery instructions to leave it at the door they are ignored. After my fifth call to them, I was told that they recently changed their policies in our area because of too many stolen package claims and they no longer will leave packages, even if you sign for them to be left or put in instructions online.

They also will not deliver to a local store unless you are a My Choice member and pay a fee. There must be plenty of Amazon Prime members in this area, I’m wondering if they are experiencing the same problem? Fedex still leaves packages and we have never had a package go missing, but they claim it’s a neighborhood-wide policy change. Thought getting the word out to the neighborhood might be helpful to deal with UPS to get them to change this new policy, but would also like to hear if others are actually getting packages delivered.”

Anyone else experiencing this in Columbia Heights? Other neighborhoods?

from twitter:


@jmstovall We still deliver packages to that area. It’s the drivers discretion to leave the package without a signature.”


“Re: the Twitter response from UPS: On the phone with UPS, I was told that drivers delivering in the Columbia Heights area no longer had the discretion to leave packages and that they have all been instructed not to leave packages, under any circumstances. We put instructions to leave at the door on My Choice and we signed the note the one time they left one. The day we signed the note, we came home to find it still stuck on the door and when we checked online it said there had been a failed delivery attempt that day. We have also had one failed delivery attempt occur when we were home. It’s entirely possible the information I was given by UPS is incorrect, but even if so, something very odd is going on with their service, just not clear what exactly it is.

Also, I asked about getting my delivery rerouted to the store for free as a result of the inconvenience and the lack of transparency about this policy change in our area and they refused. They suggested that I could instead pick up my package for free from nearby Landover, MD.”

DC USA – 3100 14th St, NW

@mcbyrne tweeted us while we were gone last week:

“NO NO NO NO NO NO! Keep @GAP Outlet out of Columbia Heights. We are not the suburbs. @PoPville”

From Washington Business Journal’s building permit round up:

“3100 14th St. NW: Construction and tenant layout of a new retail clothing store, Gap Factory Store, at DC USA in Columbia Heights. It will be the first tenant to occupy the space (Unit 116).”


and thanks to another reader for sending the photo above of Old Navy coming soon signs across from H&M above Lunchbox and below Range in Friendship Heights in the Chevy Chase Pavilion [5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW].

3400 block of 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Four robberies in the Columbia Heights area may be linked.

Fran’s Hair Salon (14th and Ogden Street) was robbed at gunpoint in late July by two African-American males @5pm on a Thursday.
A tailor in the same area was bound, beaten and robbed in his place of business.
Miss Hair Braiding Salon (14th and Meridian Place, across the street) was robbed at gunpoint by an African-American female Thursday August 21 at @5pm.
A general store next to Bacon Funeral home (also on 14th Street near Meridian) was robbed by two African-American males on @5pm Saturday August 23. A woman who worked in the store was attacked and injured and taken away by ambulance. Store owners believe all robberies are related and involve all the same group of people.

While police have become involved, no arrests have been made or any leads established. Store owners in the area believe the robberies will continue until this group is caught.

The common denominator for all the locations is that they occurred during or near the weekend, @5pm, within a city block of each other, and involved stores that would have cash on hand at the end of the day.

Leads on the identity of this group are being sought, and someone may have important information regarding these robberies. Also, the general public needs to be alerted for the sake of safety (particularly with autumn and winter coming).”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Becky Miskell

“Dear PoPville,

My purse was snatched, with my new iPhone 5s in it, at the corner of 14th and Rhode Island, NW last night [Ed. Note: Last week]. I filed a report with the police last night, however we know that will lead nowhere. It’s become clear today that there’s some sort of purse snatching scheme going on. I’ve heard from a woman on a burner phone (we traced the number) that claims her boyfriend found my phone but is hesitant to drop it at a neutral location for fear of getting “set up”. The woman was supposed to call me back in “20 minutes” after checking back in with her boyfriend – that was about an hour and a half ago. I could start stalking the burner number, hope the ultimate phone ransom isn’t too steep, and have the police follow me to the phone’s location. Or I could forget it and go spend another $600 on a new phone (I just bought it!).

My question: I’m sure I’m not the first. Is this a lost cause or is there some sort of tip to get my phone back?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user yostinator

From MPD last night:

“Good evening, recently MPD members were in the vicinity of the 3000 block of 14th when they observed a subject steal a bicycle by using bolt cutters. MPD units quickly apprehended the subject without incident and recovered the bicycle. As a reminder, making your bicycle hard to steal and registering your bicycle with the MPD can help prevent this crime. Also, please report all bicycle thefts so that the MPD can keep abreast of theft patterns. Thank you.”