600 F Street, NW

Imagine the The Greene Turtle Sports Bar located across the street at 601 F St, NW by the Verizon Center. Now imagine the exact opposite – behold Denson’s Liquor Bar:


This is the place from the owner of Ghibellina in Logan Circle and Acqua al 2 and Harold Black on Capitol Hill. And it is another spectacular transformation. When we took an early look back in April – here’s what you saw:




They open tomorrow. More photos and a peek at some of the menu after the jump. (more…)

“Dear PoPville,

Street Altercation in Penn Quarter

On Sunday afternoon on the 600 block of E Street NW I heard yelling of obscenities from a few hundred feet back. I was unsure what was going on and kept walking. The yelling stopped but a few moments later it resumed and sounded much closer. I turned around again and realized it was a mid 20’s black male on a bike hurling verbal abuse at a white couple. It was now clear to me that he was the source of the initial yelling and was biking on the sidewalk from group to group getting very close to people and violating them verbally. He called the woman in the white couple the c-word and said he would rape her. I knew he’d bike over to me next. Sure enough he did. I decided I wasn’t going to just silently take it. As he berated me I called him a b*tch, a coward, unleashed some f-bombs, and said I would beat his ass. He began to biked off and I kicked tire real hard. He continued to pedal away furiously but his anger over his bullying being dished back made him eventually circle back to start following me.

At this point I was on a very busy sidewalk on 7th street in front of Carmines. I was ignoring his constant stream of “You F’d up. I’m gonna get you” verbal vomiting. I decided to walk between the tree boxes and the parked cars so he would not be able to bike directly behind me and cheap shot me. As I was walking I noticed a 3/4 full cup of some kind of iced coffee sitting on the sidewalk. I picked up figuring I needed something to stun him if he attempted to get violent. I crossed 7th street and as he followed I kind of got boxed in in front the Protein Bar. I saw he had a metal U-lock in his hand and intended to use it as a weapon. He remained on the bike and flailed at me with the U-lock twice. While he didn’t come within 18 inches of hitting me with his pathetic flails I clearly needed to get out of this situation. I threw the iced coffee in his face and then sprinted down the block and around the corner into a bar to have a beer. I looked back over my shoulder a few times while I was fleeing and luckily he did not follow me.

While I didn’t want to merely ignore the street harrasment like I had done dozens of times before I recognize I didn’t handle this well. I needlessly put myself at risk. I escalated rather than diffusing the situation. In hindsight I should have remained calm, filmed him with my phone and told him I’d call 911. Still, the coffee on his face was a little priceless.

This was not a disheveled looking unstable homeless person. He was clean shaven. Had a nicer and newer winter jacket on than I had. This was not mental illness triggered. I would say it was anger and racist rage from a cowardly anti-social individual who was getting his jollies off verbally assaulting random people.”


At 7:25 @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Traffic Advisory/Demonstrators (Lead) is walking SB on 12th St approaching Pennsylvania Ave NW/Expect rolling street closures.”

A reader sends (photo above) around 6:45pm:

“anonymous protest at 7th and H blocking all roads / traffic.”

Around 5:45 @k_knowles tweeted us (photo above):

“Protest on 15th b/n H and I – anonymous masks”



From an email:

Hellbender Brewing Company of Washington, D.C. is proud to announce that it will launch its first DC-made beer on Wednesday, November 5th. Hellbender’s first release – the Red Line Ale – will be launched on November 5th at the Iron Horse Taproom in Chinatown (507 7th St, NW). The Red Line is a roasty, hoppy take on the classic American Red Ale style and measures in at 6% ABV and 35 IBUs. We named it the Red Line Ale in honor, of course, of DC’s most (in)famous metro line which runs directly behind the brewery and once derailed on our property long before we took possession.

The Eft IPA and Bare Bones Kölsch will join the Red Line Ale in the year-round flagship lineup later in November as they become available. Hellbender Brewing Company is located at 5788 2nd Street, NE.”

More background on Hellbender after the jump. (more…)

1001 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

@eat_dc tweets us an update:

Tadich Grill is hoping to open by the end of January.”

This is the former Ten Penh space at the corner of 10th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW.

You can see Tadich Grill’s original San Francisco menu here. Their website says:

“Tadich Grill is essentially a seafood restaurant and has been for over 160 years. Twice a day (and sometimes all afternoon), the place bustles as waiters serve aromatic dishes bearing last night’s catch, broiled, sautéed, or grilled. It is noisy, yes. But unlike some popular spots, it’s not so noisy that you can’t have a conversation with your companions. If you’d been to Tadich Grill a century ago, it would hardly have looked any different. Back then, customers left happy and returned frequently, just like they still do. ”

701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

When I was checking out Plan B Burger Bar in Navy Memorial Plaza – I also noticed right across the way – Native Foods Cafe’s 2nd District location looked really close to opening. Some workers told me training was happening and they should open in a week or two. On Sept. 30th Native Foods Cafe opened their first DC location at 18th and M St, NW. Here’s a peek inside the Penn Quarter spot coming soon:


MPD reports a shooting just after 10pm last night by the Verizon Center:

2 subjects recieved minor gunshot wounds by suspect at the above location (7th and E St, NW). Officers were in the vicinity and immediately rendered assistance and stopped one subject armed with a handgun who was placed under arrest.

Another subject with a minor wound was located at 3rd & H St NW. Possibly related. Still under investigation.”

MPD reports:

“On October 31, around 8:45 pm, units responded to a call of a shooting in the 4300 blk of 10th St NE. An adult male was located suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The male was transported to an area hospital for treatment. His injury is non-life threatening. A lookout was given for a BM operating a red Pontiac. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”

801 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW at Navy Memorial Plaza

Last week we learned Plan B Burger Bar would be opening Monday Nov. 3rd – now have a look inside. Don’t be fooled by the name, this is a real deal restaurant and it’s another transformation that blew me away (remember the former pizza place/deli?):


You can see their full menus here.


Lots more photos after the jump. (more…)