800 F Street, NW

nopa opened up in the former Zola space just north of pennsylvania avenue back in May 2013. Their website says:

“nopa Kitchen+Bar, a new 160-seat American brasserie in the heart of Penn Quarter. This is the award-winning restaurateur’s eighth restaurant in the nation’s Capitol and it serves American fare with French and Asian influences. The name represents nopa’s location just north of Pennsylvania Avenue and it welcomes guests for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. The restaurant offers lively dining in the main dining room, and also offers quieter dining options and several private dining rooms.

Greg McCarty is the executive chef for nopa Kitchen+Bar. A graduate of The George Brown Chef School in Toronto, Canada, McCarty’s culinary career began in the New York City kitchen of Jean Georges. He cooked under Chef Vongerichten for six years, working his way up from line cook to executive sous chef of Dune in the Bahamas. In 2005, McCarty returned to Manhattan to open Nobu 57. McCarty worked with renowned restaurateur Drew Nieporent on various restaurant projects, and has also managed his own consulting business, before accepting his new position in Washington.

Ashok Bajaj worked with James Beard Foundation’s award-nominated restaurant designer Martin Vahtra of Projects Design Associates of New York to create nopa. Its striking interior is light-filled, and sports a rustic industrial style. The décor features whitewashed exposed brick, rough sawn wood paneling, steel accents and metal task lighting. These strong elements contrast dramatically with the plush fabric on the red banquettes and camel leather arm chairs, which provide comfortable seating around sleek wooden bistro tables.”

You can see their menus here.

Any fans?

06/12/14 11:10am

“Dear PoPville,

I witnessed a sad scene this morning in the Archives platform. Only made worse by the metro worker I reported this to. I got off one of the last cars on my train at about 9:00am. As I am walking on the platform toward the escalator, I see a man talking to a very elderly couple – easily in their 80s. The man is very agitated and yelling, “two tens for a $20!” And the poor couple is very upset with each other and the woman said to her husband “I gave him money already!” They were clearly confused about what was happening. So I stopped and to make sure the guy knew I was watching the whole thing. I immediately recognized the man as the same person who approached me at Archives a month or two ago asking me for a $20 for two $10s (of course I said no then). He started yelling about people minding their own business. So I go up the escalators to and tell the station manager what is happening on the platform. The station manager was clearly only half listening and looked at me and said: “well, when people ask to make change you shouldn’t give it to them.” Baffled, I said that I am aware of that but there is an elderly couple downstairs that is very upset right now. As I am saying this, the thief approaches from behind to walk through the gate – the metro worker reached out and put his hand on the mans shoulder and said hi! I, of course, said “that’s the guy scamming the older couple!” The metro worker nonchalantly walked away and said, ok I’ll call metro police. Yeah right. I watched the thief begin approaching people at the fare station while metro continued to do nothing. I was so angry I stormed into my office and called metro police and metro customer service. But now I feel bad that during this whole thing, I don’t think anyone went back to check on the elderly couple.

So PoPville, if you are in the Archives metro station, look out for this man. He was rather aggressive today, which is frightening. Description: black male, in his thirties, bald. He was wearing a red shirt and navy pants. He was also carrying a washcloth or hand towel – if that helps.”

05/29/14 12:25pm

700 6th Street, NW

Back in early April we learned the once planned for Townhouse Kitchen and Bar by the Verizon Center would become Penn Commons instead:

“Opening is slated for late summer. The restaurant and bar will be similar to the group’s already successful District Commons restaurant at 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.”

Now they’ve applied for a liquor license which says:

“New restaurant serving American food with sidewalk café seating 40 patrons. Total load is 400.”

Wow, didn’t realize it’d be that big inside – looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

777 7th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 777 7th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“new listing, best location in dc, gallery place condo next to metro and verizon center, penn Quarter, walk to shopping and restaurants,”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,900/Mo.

Ed. Note: Anyone know what’s up with that one picture with all the trees – where’s that supposed to be?


The awesome gate from the side of the Wok n Roll restaurant on H Street in Chinatown has vanished. Perhaps it’s just getting restored but I’m not holding my breath

UPDATE: DC Commission on Arts and Humanities says they’ve removed the gate for restoration. “The ornamental artwork was in severe disrepair and posed a safety hazard to adjoining businesses and the general public. The Dragon’s Gate was created by Atlanta-based artist Andrew Crawford in 2007— as way of camouflaging and beautifying an otherwise drab alley corridor that housed trash bins and served as a service entrance. A conservator will restore it, and the goal is to return in in 2015.”

It was a beauty so hopefully it will return one day:

From Dec. 2011

777 I Street, NW

From an email:

“Del Campo’s $12 lunch deal

Last year, Del campo launched patio season with its Street Food Fridays promotion. This year, the restaurant is one again highlighting street food with a lunch deal available on the patio and at the bar. Diners can order any of Del Campo’s sandwiches (yes, even the chivito) with a glass of house wine or a beer for $12. The $12 lunch deal is available Monday-Friday from 11:30am-2:30pm.

Argentinian Pizza and the Patio Pisco Bar

On May 21, Del Campo’s wood fired ovens will begin turning out Argentinian style pizzas. The new menu item is a South American favorite that will be a new look for area pizza lovers. The square pies will rage in price from $18 to $22 and feature styles like smoked tomato & mortadella, fugassa (a white pizza with onion, and chorizo & burnt rapini.

Coinciding with the launch of pizza service, Del Campo will be opening a satellite bar on its patio with a focus on pisco. Open on Thursdays through Labor Day, the Del Campo Patio Pisco bar will serve the restaurant’s many excellent pisco cocktails as well as pisco tasting flights that will highlight the breadth and depth of the South American spirit. The Patio Pisco Bar will be open Thursdays from 5pm till close.”

05/07/14 10:02pm


I also never heard of Calvary before:

“according to the Gospels, a site immediately outside Jerusalem’s walls where Jesus was crucified. Golgotha is the Greek transcription in the New Testament of an Aramaic term that has traditionally been presumed to be Gûlgaltâ. The Bible translates the term to mean place of [the] skull, which in Greek is (Kraníou Tópos), and in Latin is Calvariæ Locus, from which the English word Calvary is derived.”

It’s from the side of Saint Mary Mother of God church at 727 5th St, NW in Chinatown.