“Dear PoPville,

About a month ago, there was a pretty heated debate about the rampant drug use and loitering in the “Chinatown Parks”.

I noticed the other night that all of the benches in the park at 6th and I St have been removed–and thus–seems to have generally solved the loitering issues (notice it’s a ghost town now). I walk past this park multiple times a week and Friday was the first time I noticed the benches were gone.

I’m curious as to if anyone knows when this happened, if it was indeed in response to the issues that occurred in this park and raised in the post from September, and if this is the city/police’s permanent solution to the issue or if it’s just a stopgap measure until something else is done.

I’m glad the park is generally cleaned up–if I had a dog, I’d feel much better about walking it here now–but it sucks that we have to forgo benches and seating to get to this point. I also feel like this just pushed the problem to some other park or public space instead of getting the people who frequented the park the help they need. But I guess this is why they say we can’t have nice things?”


From DDOT:

“New Parking Meter Rate Schedule in Penn Quarter/Chinatown

Beginning October 17, there will be a new parking meter rate schedule in the Penn Quarter and Chinatown neighborhoods. The parking meter rate adjustment is part of a pilot project to improve parking availability through demand-based pricing. The pilot includes all metered on-street parking spaces within the area bounded by H Street NW, 3rd Street NW, E Street NW and 11th Street NW.

For spaces in the pilot area, parking meter rates on individual block faces will either decrease to $2.00 per hour, stay the same at $2.30 per hour, or increase to $2.75 per hour. Prices are also different depending on the time of day. On weekdays, there are three time periods: 7 am – 11 am, 11 am – 4 pm, and 4 pm – 10 pm. On Saturdays, the rates will be the same all day. The maps below show what the prices will be on each block in the study area during each time period. (more…)

555 8th Street, NW

From a press release:

Dirty Habit, located at the corner of 8th and F Streets NW, opened its doors this past Saturday with Executive Chef Kyoo Eom and Head Bartender Sarah Ruiz at the helm. Penn Quarter’s newest restaurant and bar provides an atmosphere that focuses on social interaction with bar-centric food equally suited for happy hours, sit-down dinners and late-night bites.”

Photo by Jai Williams

“Dirty Habit is a luxe restaurant and bar that offers a vivid social scene centered around expertly-crafted cocktails, an innovative social-plates menu, edgy design and an expansive urban patio. It is located at 555 8th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20004, adjacent to the Hotel Monaco DC across from the Verizon Center. The restaurant and bar is open seven days a week and features private-dining services.”


Breakfast: Monday – Friday 7am-10am
Lunch: Monday – Friday 11:30am-2:30pm
Brunch: Saturday – Sunday 8am-2pm
Dinner: Sunday – Thursday 5pm-10pm
Friday – Saturday 5pm-11pm
Bar: Daily 10:30am-close”

Photo by Jai Williams

705 H Street, NW

From a press release:

“&pizza, the brand of unconventional pizza shops known for their craft pizza, and soda and ampersand-tattooed employees, announces the opening of its 16th shop in Chinatown at 705 H Street NW. The new location, which will open its doors today, marks the launch of &pizza’s new curated beverage concept that includes three signature cocktails, as well as the option for a dining experience with elevated service.

courtesy &pizza

The bi-level space will offer two distinct guest experiences. The first floor of the shop channels the hustle of Chinatown focused on take-out, ideal for &pizza’s new order ahead app feature that allows guests to jump the line.

The second floor offers a more elevated dine-in experience. A mural-adorned staircase welcomes diners to another level of the shop where they can order, take a seat and for the first time have &pizza Tribe members deliver pies and signature &bar cocktails right to their table. (more…)


Thanks to a reader for sending around 1pm:

“What is going on, street shut down, cops, police tape?”

Metro reports:

“Gallery Place’s 7th & H Street entrance is closed due to a police investigation. The 7th & F St. and 9th & G St. entrances remain open.”

Updates when/if more is known.

Update from MPD:

“At approximately noon today in the 700 block of 7th Street, NW we had an Assault with a Dangerous Weapon that occurred. An adult male suffered a stab wound to the arm by the hands of two others who all knew each other. Both suspects were immediately apprehended and identified as those involved that led to his injury and arrested.

This offense occurred in Patrol Service Area 102 and is currently being investigated by members of the First Police District Detectives Office and should you have witnessed this stabbing or have knowledge of it, we urge you to contact the departments Command Information Center immediately on 202-727-9099 and reference CCN# 16-160-991.”

courtesy Luke’s

Normally I hate these made up days but for this one I’m making an exception that exception will not be lifted again until National Eggplant Parmigiana Day. Stay tuned.

From an email:

“For folks looking for things to do this weekend, they can celebrate National Lobster Day on Sunday, September 25 at Luke’s Lobster with their Lobstah, Lobstah, Lobstah special, available for one day only! [1211 Potomac St NW and 624 E St NW]

Featuring a lobster roll, a half lobster bisque, and a skewered half lobster tail served with cocktail sauce, this festively indulgent dish clocks in at a mindful $25 on the 25th of September. It will be available at all Luke’s Lobster shacks throughout the day while supplies last (no substitutions–but who need substitutions with a dish like this on the menu?).”

courtesy Republic Kolache

From an email:

This Friday Republic Kolache will be releasing the latest in our guest chef series.. the Barbacoa Kolache. This is a collaboration with Chef Quinten Frye who in addition to his James Beard nod while running the high-end SALT in Honolulu, is also a master of cooking delicious, simple, populist Tex-Mex food

It consists of the traditional beef cheek, smoked and beer braised until it reaches a luscious, melt-in-your-mouth level of tenderness, then we pair it with pickled red onion and a cilantro lime chimichurri — basically a kolache take on the flavors you’d find in a northern Mexico or south Texas barbacoa taco.
We’re anticipating King Cake Kolache levels of excitement around this one, so we’re opening up pre-ordering now so folks can lock in their order and skip the lines. We’ll be serving the barbacoa for a limited run, weekends at our ‘Republic Kolache @ Hill Country’ popup (Fri-Sun, 8-11a)– kicking off this Fri.”

410 7th Street, NW

chinatown troubles

“Dear PoPville,

Thought you’d want to see this from last night’s Mount Vernon Triangle CID community meeting. People are at the end of the line with the Chinatown parks and the heroin and and crack market in open air 24/7, transvestite prostitution , and trash cesspool. Drugged crazed idiots accosting pregnant people, toddlers, people’s dogs etc . Police action from MPD and park police is being hindered by national park service “the benches can’t be moved because it would ruin the historic nature of Chinatown park” and the city council “most people arrested are released a few hours later except for the guy that threw blood on a cop”. One lady said she’s petrified of the day her dog eats a piece of crack and dies. 11 people arrested in less than 2 weeks . Three of them wanted felons, just hanging in Chinatown park. NPS and the council need to be held accountable. Police are doing everything they can.”