03/18/14 10:44pm

3514 12th Street, NE

Brookland’s boom continues with a recent liquor license placard posted at the former Library Bar and Grill space says:

“Restaurant & Bar serving American Cuisine with 99 seats. Total occupancy load of 133. Summer garden with 20 seats.”

And hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday 11 am – 2 am and Friday & Saturday 11 am – 3am.

Logo from their twitter page

Previously CityPaper reported it was coming from the owner of H Street’s Smith Commons:

“Gray envisions it as a place where people can come in to have a coffee and use free wifi during the day, grab a beer and some grub, or enjoy some live music on weekends.”

Smith Public Trust will be located across the street from Steel Plate coming soon from the owner of Rustik in Bloomingdale:

3523 12th Street, NE

03/07/14 9:00am

pain sculpture

From the Brookland listserv:

“Last night as I ran in for some soup, i couldn’t help but notice that someone had left their 2 small children in their car as they ran in the store. I stood there for a while looking in the car just to make sure i didn’t see an older child in their with them or an adult in the passenger size, but there wasn’t. I immediately went in the store and asked the cashier to do a store page to the person who left their children in the car. As i said it out of my mouth a lady says OH THATS ME, i just ran in for a second. She kept repeating how sorry she was. I looked at her and asked her does she really realize how serious this is? I told her not to apologize to me, change the behavior. I’m not here to judge her, but i am judging the behavior and the bad choice she just so happen to make. Everyone makes a mistake.

People, Please see the value in your children. There is no amount of anything that you need that is worth putting your children’s life at risk. they were old enough to take in the store for the 2 things she went to buy. Next time I wont hesitate to call CPS. This is not a joke, nor is it an option to leave your unattended children in the house nor your car while you go get what you think you need. I know of someone who spend the entire weekend in jail for doing the exact same thing, and her children were much older. Let this be a warning that YOU are NOT exempt from the LAW, you just didn’t get caught, or should I say, I just didn’t turn you in!

If you wouldn’t leave your keys in the car with it running while you run into a store, or leave your keys in your house door, or door wide open while you run to a store, how much more important is it to make sure your God granted children are safe at ALL times. Children are a gift from God.”

One resident responds:

“Oh my goodness! I knew people like this–the Mommy Police–were out there, ready to scold me the first second I take some “shortcut” with my baby (which we’ve all considered doing at some point). Good grief, cut the lady some slack!!! It’s not ideal behavior, of course, and I didn’t see it myself, but it doesn’t sound horrendous enough to merit a comment on this listserv at all, much less a 3-paragraph diatribe.”

Mommy police or just good advice?

03/06/14 1:30pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user johnmcochran2012

“Dear PoPville,

I recently purchased a condo near Brookland. I’ve lived there for just about a month and this past weekend the new owners below me moved in. Great for them! However, they are both chain smokers. I live with my 9 year old and long-time partner who is asthmatic. The smell of cigarettes has taken over my home. We cannot eat at the dining table, we can’t turn on the heat because it makes the smell stronger, we wash up in the kitchen because we can taste it in the bathroom. My family is miserable.

My partner spoke with the lady in the unit who thinks that scented air-filters are a reasonable solution. She obviously is unaware of how pungent cigarettes are. I realize it is her property and she is free to do as she pleases but her actions are directly affecting my home; It’s an absolute nuisance. What can I do to make my condo board take action? Do I have any rights?

Please note that I have a HEPA filter and UV air purifier in addition to indivual filters on ALL of my vents. Also, air freshners on vents and in rooms. I’m not only concerned about the smell but my daughter’s health. She’s having trouble breathing and getting warm at night since we cannot use heater. They’re habit is costing me more than just money.”

02/25/14 11:00am

Photo by PoPville flickr user number7cloud

“Dear PoPville,

There is a awesome Yarn Bombing mural like thing on the Monroe Street Bridge in Edgewood/Brookland near where the Monroe Street Market building is going on. My husband and I were out walking yesterday morning and stopped to check it out. We were really impressed with all the flowers, vines, butterflies, and more that is attached to the fence.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user number7cloud

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

01/30/14 11:00am


From the Brookland listserv:

“Our 9-year-old daughter was attacked by a pit bull on the way home from tae kwon do just now. It came out of nowhere. And bit her face. My husband had to kick it away. There are two pit bulls roaming the neighborhood. Please keep your kids inside. (6:30 PM Wed)

An update: The dog was a presa canario, not a pit bull. Apologies for the misinformation, but it was dark and we thought it was a pit bull at first and wanted to get the information out as soon as possible so others could know to stay away from the dogs. The presa canario is also an aggressive breed, however, from what we understand. In any event, the dog was a neighbor’s and got out through an open gate. It has been put in a 10 day in-house quarantine. Our daughter was checked out at the hospital and will be okay. Thanks for your concern.”

and in a heartbreaking update from the father of the little girl:

“Ironically, earlier today I promised my daughter that I would post something on the list tonight regarding her business, PUPPY LOVE. She loves dogs (mom’s allergic so we don’t have any) and makes gourmet dog treats from scratch that she sells to the dog owners in the neighborhood. I hope this incident doesn’t discourage her from pursuing her business or her love of dogs.”

01/29/14 10:22pm

12th and Jackson Street, NE

Exciting times continue for Brookland. Like many others I had gotten exhausted following all the mishigas going on with Brookland’s Finest liquor license so I’m super psyched to report that co-owner Tony T tells me they are back on track for a “winter opening”. And I took a peek inside and you can see the huge progress that is now taking shape:


And in other potentially exciting Brookland news – Eater DC reports:

“Filter coffeehouse owner Rasheed Jabr tells Eater that the company is mulling a new location in the Northeast neighborhood. The location would be a partnership with the Bike Rack to create a combination bike shop/coffee shop.”

They say the space would be located under the B of the huge Brookland sign in Monroe Street Market. Filter currently has locations in Dupont and Foggy Bottom, and Bike Rack is located in Logan Circle. Updates on the Brookland space when/if they get closer to opening this summer.


01/29/14 5:00pm


From a press release:

“DC will host a talk and workshop investigating how local invasive species can be turned into useful materials and tools. Beginning at noon on 2/15, artist and writer Patterson Clark will make a presentation at SCRAP (3101 12th Street NE), discussing techniques he has developed and refined for creating paper, inks, brushes, and even wood printing blocks.

Following a question & answer period, we’ll help attendees get over to Bostwick House in Bladensburg, MD. Our partners from the Anacostia Watershed Society will direct us in an “invasive pull” — a volunteer event they hold semi-regularly in order to clear these harmful plants and make more room for natives. We expect to be cleaned up by 4:30pm.

At noon on Sunday, 2/16, back at SCRAP DC HQ, Artistic Director Karen Klein will lead a hands-on session, letting you get creative with materials gathered the day before! We’ll definitely try some of Patterson’s techniques for cooking up some inks, but you’ll also have the opportunity to experiment a bit and learn for yourself how these plants might be repurposed.

Admission for the SCRAP-run portions (presentation & workshop) does require a ticket, available for sale — together or separately — at this link. Working with the Anacostia Watershed Society costs nothing but has its own registration form to fill out.

SCRAP DC is on the corner of 12th and Irving Street NE.  Affordable office and arts materials are waiting to be discovered during open hours Wednesday through Friday Noon to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.”

01/28/14 4:00pm


Thanks to a reader for letting us know “the palace” of Brookland has a special new incentive:

“This is a spectacular home that has been renovated into a palace. Originally it was a standard Bungalow but the owner has bumped it out into include a huge master bedroom suite. The main level has been renovated with a new kitchen with high end appl., renovated rec room, rear patio/barbecue pit, Bose Entertainment System and parking for 4 cars. ***plus 2013 Lincoln MKT Town Car!!!

Back in May 2011 this was one of the most discussed GDoN houses ever listed. It was going for $1,500,000. In Dec. 2011 it was listed at $1,200,000. And today it’s going for $995,000.