Lotus Bloom
2408 18th Street, NW

Yesterday we learned about the “education based adult boutique”, Lotus Blooms, coming to the former NY Diva NY space in Adams Morgan. Thanks to a reader for sending an update. You can see the coming soon signage above plus the former restaurant will actually be:

“dividing into three leased spaces. Lotus Blooms has the ground floor of 2408. One of those escape room type businesses will have the 2nd and 3rd floors of 2406. The ground level of 2406 will be a legitimate restaurant, not a nightclub.”

Updates when official leases are signed on the remaining spaces.


A reader reports:

“If you parked on the south side of the 1900 block of Calvert Street this morning you may have been ticketed and towed because it appears someone at DDOT didn’t do their job properly. The sign in the picture was just posted early this morning 5/12 despite having a printed date of 5/6 and an effective date of 5/9. I was outside late last night looking for these signs because I knew the repaving was scheduled to take place this week and confirmed that there were no signs as of 10pm. And yet the signs were up and parking enforcement was out there before I left for work this morning. She was just sitting in the car when I left and I didn’t have time to see if she would ticket anyone, but there are now reports on the Adams Morgan listserv that cars on that block were in fact ticketed and towed today. If this happened to you, you should be able to successfully contest it given the complete lack of advance notice. Compounding the DDOT ineptitude, it looked like someone was also granted a moving truck permit for today’s date along part of the stretch undergoing repaving. No idea how that was handled.”

NY Diva
2408 18th Street, NW

At last a replacement for NY NY Diva in Adams Morgan. Lotus Booms is coming in June:

“Lotus Blooms is an education based adult boutique founded in Alexandria, VA. Our mission is to provide an elegant, relaxed, discreet environment with the educational resources necessary for people to take charge of their sexuality. Our environment will encourage creativity in sexual expression to help keep relationships exciting. We want to nurture all people towards positive sexual wellness that will keep their bodies and souls healthy, happy and fulfilled. Learn More!”

Ed. Note: RIP Instant Noodles, Savour, Sutra, Felix, Viet Thai, Spy Lounge and NY NY Diva of course.

2427 18th Street, NW

From an email:

“A Barrel of Fun: Barrel-Aged Beer at The Black Squirrel

Add wood and bring on the flavor. The Black Squirrel celebrates the age-old tradition of barrel aging beer on Friday (May 8), starting at 5 p.m., with 25 rare barrel-aged beers on tap and by the bottle.

The line-up includes:
· Epic 2013 Smoked & Oaked Belgian Ale (cherry-wood smoked and bourbon-barrel oaked, draft, 10.4%)
· Founders Backwoods Bastard Scotch Ale (aged in bourbon barrels, draft, 10.2%);
· Franklin’s Ridiculous Wild Ale (draft, 6.8%);
· Goose Island 2013 Lolita (wild ale with raspberries, draft, 7%);
· Goose Island 2013 Bourbon County Brand Stout (draft, 14.2%);
· Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire (draft, 4.5%);
· Laughing Dog Triple Squared (Belgian-style triple aged in cabernet barrels, draft, 9%);
· Laughing Dog De Achtste Hond (peach wild ale, draft, 7%);
· Mad Fox Cabernet Reynard (cabernet-barrel black saison, draft, 7.1%);
· Mad Fox Oaked Funk (saison aged in Silver Oak cabernet carrels, draft, 6%);
· Petrus Oak-Aged Belgian Pale Ale (draft, 7.3%);
· Potters Craft Cider Oak-Barrel Reserve (draft, 9.6%);
· Wild Beer Co. Modus Operandi (barrel-aged old ale, draft, 7%);
· Epic/Crooked Stave Elder Brett (wild ale, 750mL bottle, 8.5%);
· Funkwerks 2012 Solena (Belgian-style dark ale, 750mL bottle, 6.5%);
· Goose Island 2013 Halia (sour peach saison, 750mL bottle, 7.5%);
· Goose Island 2013 Gillian (tart Belgian=style farmhouse ale, 750mL bottle, 9.5%);
· Goose Island 2010 Lolita (brewed with raspberries, 650mL bottle, 7%);
· Goose Island 2012 Madame Rose (brown kriek with cherries, 650mL bottle, 7.1%);
· Goose Island 2012 Juliet (wild ale aged with blackberries, 650mL bottle, 8%);
· Hardywood 2013 Reserve Rum-Barrel Imperial Pumpkin Ale (750mL bottle, 10.5%);
· Mother Earth 2013 Triple Overhead Bourbon-Barrel-Aged Triple (750mL bottle, 10%);
· Mother Earth 2013 Windowpane Peach Barrel-Aged Wheat Ale (750mL bottle, 8.3%);
· Mother Earth 2013 Windowpane Blackberries Barrel-Aged Wit (750mL bottle, 9%); and
· Strangeways Martian Spring (wine-barrel-aged biere de mars, 22oz bottle, 7.35%).

To complement the liquid treasure, the Black Squirrel chef will prepare a stinky cheese burger to accompany the sour beers and a stout burger for the dark beers.

For more than 400 years, beer has been stored in barrels and aged to a bold, complex taste. Barrels are often made of oak, and many have been previously used for bourbon or wine to further enhance the layers of flavor. Enjoy this sampling of barrel-aged beer that spans a range of styles.”


From an email:

“Our series expands to 5 films (from 3 last year) at the same great location at 18th and California on the plush soccer fields there — perfect to throw a blanket down on and picnic before the films begin.

Films all screen on Tuesday nights and start 30 approx 30 mins after sundown. Series kicks off on May 19tth and continues on May 26, June 2, June 9th, June 16th, ran date June 23

WEEK 1 – May 19th

The Lego Movie
Fantastic Mr Fox
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

1946 Calvert Street Northwest

This unit is located at 1946 Calvert Street Northwest. The listing says:

“Elegantly proportioned classic space! Large light living room, step up dining room, 1/2 bath, generous table space kitchen, deep storage closet, bedroom w/ en suite bath, double closets, rear deck for outside living, PARKING, . Wonderful flow, walls of art gallery like space, terrific location, METRO, shops, restaurants, all the conveniences of popular Adams Morgan.”

1946 Calvert Street Northwest inside

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $435,500 ($208 monthly fee.)

DC8606781 - Exterior (Front)

And thanks to all who sent emails and tweets about Romo’s house for sale up the block. Makes me appreciate Friday’s glimpse even more. The 2 bed/2 bath at 1832 Calvert is going for $649,000.


It’s been a rough morning, hell a rough month, thanks to a reader for sending:

“I’m sure others have reported, but it appears that Romo did NOT move to the suburbs, after all. This photo was taken Saturday evening!”

1614379_609116962493268_968545167_o (2)

And since we’re talking pets today:

“Dear PoPville,

I’m trying to find a new home for my 9 year old red-ticked coon hound, Carol Schwartz (the Dog). Carol is a very sweet and loving dog, but she is a little on the nervous side, and she just doesn’t get along with small children; she doesn’t understand them and she gets spooked easily by their erratic movements. With a 15 month old son and another baby on the way, it is time to find a home that is a little quieter, a little more routine, and a little more Carol-centric.

We are doing everything we can to find a great forever home for her, but the rescues we’ve checked with won’t take a dog that is already in a safe home; that means we would have to take her to a shelter first, which I really don’t want to do, given her age and nervousness.

She is truly a wonderful companion animal, and she would do really well in a home where she can get a good routine. She’s in excellent health (up to date on all her shots and meds) and is very energetic for a dog her age. She loves to snuggle on the couch, go on long walks, run in the snow, and generally be wherever her people are. She’s even good on road trips.

Oh, and did I mention she comes with 3,579 fans on Facebook? She’s kind of a big deal.

We’ve called all the rescues in the area and we’ve been promoting the heck out of her Petfinder profile, but I’m hoping that a post on PoPville could give her a little boost! We’re in DC, but I would be willing to drive her just about anywhere to deliver her to a good home!”

2427 18th Street, NW

From an email:

“Flex your beer mussels at The Black Squirrel on Tuesday, April 28th, when Belgian breweries L. Huyghe, Het Anker, and Oud Beersel meet Mussel Night for All-You-Can-Eat Mussels Belgian beer Happy Hour from 5 to 8 p.m.

Wetten Importers’ Bernard Van Order will be on hand to talk beer and distribute free Delirium and Lucifer glassware.

We will be pouring four Belgian ales for the event:
· Delirium Nocturnum (L. Huyghe, Belgian Dark Ale, 9%)
· La Guillotine (L. Huyghe, Belgian Strong Blonde Ale, 8.5%)
· Lucifer (Het Anker, Belgian Strong Pale Ale, 8%)
· Oude Gueuze (Oud Beersel, Gueuze, 6%, 375mL bottle)

Three types of mussel sauces (white wine and tomato, cream curry, and Andouille sausage) will be available to pair with your Belgian ale. It is a forgone conclusion that you will consume both beer and mussels in extremely large quantities.

To be fair to these breweries, they do have pretty great histories. Het Anker has been brewing in the city of Mechelen since 1369. That is the year Jan in den Anker paid his penny membership to the St. Rombouts Chapter of the Brewer’s Guild. The Brewery Oud Beersel started in 1882 on the outskirts of Brussels. It is one of the last remaining authentic lambic breweries of Belgium. And at the L. Huyghe Brewery the real action started in 1985 when the brewery was revamped, and by 1988 they were brewing the famous pink elephants of Delirium Tremens.

If you have a chance, stop by and have a swig of Belgian history along with a steamy pot of all-you-can-eat mussels.”