2339 18th Street, NW

Last week I mentioned that no matter how hard you try you can not stop the winds of change. And sometimes that’s OK. Owners Patrick and Kim have been operating the bar and restaurant for coming on 23 years. And 23 years in Adams Morgan, surviving all the ups and downs is really 46 years. As I said last week, this place was really special to me. And it was really special to many others. It was a neighborhood bar for a neighborhood that didn’t really have a neighborhood bar (no offense to Millie & Al’s, RIP) when they opened in ’95 (Little Fountain opened a couple years earlier in ’93.) Anyway why was this spot so special to me and many others? Like any good neighborhood, it is because of the people. And the people came because of Patrick and Kim.

Patrick looking wistful remembering the good times and the tough times but mostly the good times

Now this may sound a bit ridiculous – but Patrick is a little bit like ‘the most interesting man in the world’ from those beer commercials. And when you’re incredibly interesting you attract an incredibly interesting clientele. And bike messengers. I kid, I kid. But seriously some of those bike messengers were crazy. Hell almost every regular in that place was a bit crazy. (more…)


“Dear PoPville,

Now that summer is here, we seem to be having an increase of Dirt Bike drag racing on Columbia Rd and 18th in Adams Morgan. Now, I normally hear the sound of motorcycles and other loud vehicles often times, but this is unique because 1) They are drag racing in the middle of the night, 2) This has been a common occurrence not only weekend nights, but also nights in the middle of the work week. I heard in the past that the police have had problems with dirt bike riders, and disturbing the peace and making loud noises in the middle of the night is not something to be proud of. Plus, people riding the bikes could get seriously hurt. I want to see if any Adams Morgan residents have heard the same things, and if so maybe we can band together and ask the Police to do something about it.”

2339 18th Street, NW

And so the wind continues to blow. Doesn’t make it any less sad to hear though. And this one stings a lot for me. When I first moved to the District in 1997 this was my very first home away from home. But more on that when this is finalized. Suffice it to say I and many others have had lots of fond, fuzzy and crazy memories at one of the best true, and not used tritely, neighborhood bars – Angles. And Little Fountain Cafe of course has been one of the best “hidden gems” for years. They’d be celebrating their 23rd anniversary next month. Welp, the rumors have been swirling for a while and all I can say is – it’s true. It’s not a done deal yet but the owners are indeed in very serious negotiations to sell the building. Nothing has been finalized as of today but I’ll be updating with more details when it is official.

I’m now going to listen to Tom Waits for a few hours and hopefully stop weeping by this evening…

18th Street looking northwest towards Columbia Road

1764 Columbia Rd, NW

“Dear PoPville,

O’Tasty has been closed for a few days and their phone is unanswered. This is one of my favorite spots for cheap and relatively good Chinese food! Would be super bummed to see it close. Any ideas? No signs up in the window…”

I stopped by yesterday and was told by a neighbor that they closed last week. It wasn’t exactly clear why it closed so abruptly but the neighbor thought there may have been a disagreement with the landlord. I will hold out some hope that perhaps the disagreement can be overcome and there will be a resurrection. Because, never mind the quality of the food, this was by far the greatest named Chinese restaurant, no scratch that, the greatest named restaurant period. And for that this is as deep a blow to Adams Morgan as the loss of Cashion’s, Millie & Al’s etc.


Columbia Road looking east towards 16th Street

2429 18th Street, NW

Last week we shared the sad news that La Fourchette’s last day would be June 12th. Turns out it will be June 11th. The Washington Business Journal now reports on the replacement:

“Los Cuates got its start on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown in 2008 and opened a second restaurant on King Street in Alexandria in 2013. The menu features heartier Mexican dishes such as burritos, enchiladas, meat and seafood entrees.

Los Cuates aims to open in the 2,500-square-foot restaurant space by August.”