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Thanks to John for writing:

“Maga Garage held a community meeting last night to inform neighbors of their plans.

Rendering via CoLuca

18th St. Garage Rehabilitation – Maga Design (www.magadesign.com) has created a web site (www.colucadc.com) to keep Adams Morgan residents apprised of their plans to rehabilitate the garage located in the alley between 18th St and Columbia Rd. that has been sitting unused for years. The creative design agency plans to transform the garage into additional office space to complement their headquarters based at 1838 Columbia Rd. (in the former Design within Reach space). The structure, built between 1906-1910, was originally used as a luxury car parking garage and more recently as Archival Art Services art restoration shop. Maga Design is working on the project with CORE architecture + design, inc. (CORE).”

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2434 18th Street, NW

I won’t apologize for being an Adams Morgan booster!! I told you not to sleep on Adams Morgan!! OK, I’ll calm down but I’m very, very happy. A reader reports:

“Oppa Dak coming to the old Meskerem in Adams Morgan. Signage is up.”

We’ve heard tons about Korean Fried Chicken but this is the first I’m hearing about Korean Baked Chicken. A website called Zen Kimchi writes about a spot in Korea:

“Oppadak – which translates to the cute Korean saying “Big brother chicken” (the full name actually translates to “The chicken that fell out of the oven”). This chain of chicken restaurants are all over Seoul and after eating their chicken, I understand completely why. The chicken is that good!”

It’s not clear if there is any relation to the chain at this point, but presumably the style of chicken will be the same. Stay tuned for updates!!

most recently the short Lived 2020 Bar & Lounge

608 T Street, NW

Uh hell yes!!! Huge potential news from Zenebech:

“Hey everyone! We are thinking of opening in Adams Morgan and would love to get your thoughts!”

Zenebech Injera closed back in October to make room for a big new development coming next to the Howard Theatre. Looks like Shaw’s loss will be Adams Morgan gain! Hope they find a good space in Adams Morgan.

There has been an Ethiopian resurgence in Adams Morgan, while Meskerem closed, Quara and Ababa have opened and Adams Morgan Restaurant and Cafe added Ethiopian dishes. Nevertheless I believe a Zenebech revival here would a huge addition to the 18th Street strip.

line hotel popville
1780 Columbia Road, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I live in an apartment building across the street from The Line Hotel construction site in Adams Morgan. While the hotel was projected to be finished last November, it’s still very much under construction. The construction noise is slowly driving me insane. It’s an active site 6 days a week, and large generators (I’m assuming that’s what they are, they appear to run heating into the finished parts of the site) run 24/7. It sounds like a semi truck is constantly idling on the block. This noise combined with the dust from the construction has been a nuisance for months on end—we can’t even have windows open. I have the luxury of escaping to my boyfriend’s house when I need some quiet, but there are families with small children in the building who surely don’t have that same advantage. I wanted to know if there’s any course of action residents impacted by this can take. Surely there must be some noise compliance laws, or at the very least, rent reduction agreements. Has anyone had success dealing with this sort of situation before?

al fresco
18th and California St, NW rendering by A.F.Clarens Architect

A reader reports:

“As a neighbor within 200 ft. neighbor, got a zoning notice for a huge restaurant (including underground parking and a roof deck) that wants to go in where the surface parking lot at 18th and California is. The architectural plans (attached) show it dwarfing Jack Rose. They’re seeking an exemption to the “rear yard” requirement.”

Washington Business Journal reported:

“The property, at 2009 18th St. NW, is owned by the same company that operates Mexican restaurants Lauriol Plaza nearby and Cactus Cantina in Cleveland Park. It’s currently used as an overflow parking lot for Lauriol Plaza, which is just two blocks down 18th Street.”

Updates as the zoning process/construction progresses.

al fresco admo
2009 18th Street, NW rendering by A.F.Clarens Architect

duccini raise
1778 U Street, NW

Earlier this week we noted that Pizzeria Trattoria had closed in Adams Morgan. Didn’t take long for nearby neighboring jumbo slice pizza purveyor, Duccini’s, to jump at the opportunity. Mikaela Lefrak updates us with the stunning news last night:

“Duccini’s just raised their jumbo slice prices and my heart is breaking. (a $1 increase. These are dark times.)”

All I can say is:

2435 18th Street, NW

The former Toledo Lounge space (briefly Libertine) has been fully transformed. Rosario’s website says:

“The new spot, Rosario, is a tribute to chef Rosario Patti, a mentor of Smoke and Barrel
chef Logan McGear.

We hope you enjoy the delicious food, handcrafted cocktails, and exquisite Italian wine selection, all presented to you in an atmosphere that will transport you to a sensual dining experience.

Executive Chef

Chef Logan McGear has a far more diverse culinary background than his Arkansas roots might have you believe. Although it was a connection to his home state, and experience with BBQ, that ultimately brought him to Smoke & Barrel in DC in 2011, he’s always drawn from a global arsenal. His early career in Hot Springs began in 2003 as apprentice for Chris Rix at French-Asian fusion bistro The Exchange and in 2005 for Mirabelli Restaurant Group at Pompeii Cafe & Wine Bar.

As someone with a thoughtful understanding of cooking technique, lusting after further cultural growth his ambition led him to the tutelage of Chef Rosario Patti in 2007, the namesake of our Rosario. Rosario and his partner Santo had restaurants previously in Manhattan and San Francisco before relocating to a slower paced Arkansas. McGear has always loved Italian food so it was only natural for him to seek a position under a hero of the category in Little Rock. It was there that he sharpened his focus upon a regional fare, and began to understand the intricacies of Italian, when one looks beyond the Americanized iteration.”

Check out the menu:

Rosario_Menu (PDF)

Wine_Cocktails (PDF)

rosario facebook
via facebook

ben tre
2418 18th Street, NW

The liquor license placard for Ben Tre says:

“A neighborhood restaurant serving Vietnamese cuisine. Seating capacity of 20 inside. Total Occupancy Load of 20. Sidewalk Café with 6 seats.”

Ben Tre opened up in the former Yamas (and various shawarma spots) space back in August. Props on proper sign! Any fans of the pho?