Bernardo O’Higgins was a Chilean independence leader who, together with José de San Martín, freed Chile from Spanish rule in the Chilean War of Independence. He was a wealthy landowner of Spanish and Irish ancestry. Although he was the second Supreme Director of Chile (1817–1823), he is considered one of Chile’s founding fathers, as he was the first holder of this title to head a fully independent Chilean state.”

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From the National Park Service:

“Businessman and philanthropist David M. Rubenstein has pledged the funding needed for the National Park Service to modernize the Washington Monument elevator. The $2-3 million project will correct the elevator’s ongoing mechanical, electrical and computer issues, which have shuttered the monument since August 17.

Mr. Rubenstein said, “The monument has become a symbol of our country, and reminds everyone of the towering strengths of our first president. I am honored to help make this symbol safely accessible again to all Americans as soon as practicable.”

Rubenstein’s gift to the National Park Foundation’s Centennial Campaign for America’s National Parks will allow the National Park Service to replace the computer system that controls the elevator and to add a remote diagnostic system, which will permit technicians to more quickly determine the cause of problems when they occur. It will also provide funds to refurbish the existing elevator machine and gear; replace existing hardware, including door operators, hoist-way ropes, compensation cables, rollers, electrical conductors, breakers and power supplies, and the elevator cab ventilation system; install audio/visual screens in the elevator cab; and install code compliant landings every 30 feet in the elevator shaft. (more…)

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From the National Park Service:

“The World War II Memorial was vandalized with spray paint at the base of the North Dakota column sometime prior to 10 a.m. on Monday, November 7. The National Park Service’s monument preservation experts have already made an initial treatment of the graffiti, using a light paint stripper to remove a significant portion of the damage. Applications will continue until the marking is no longer detectable.

United States Park Police is investigating the vandalism; anyone with information is asked to contact investigators at 202-610-7500.”


Thanks to some of the organizers for passing on the update from American University:

“The School of International Service (SIS) is pleased to announce the official endowment of the Matthew C. Shlonsky Memorial Fund for the District of Columbia in honor of late SIS alumnus Matt Shlonsky, SIS/BA ’14, who fell victim to gun violence in Washington, DC, on August 15, 2015.

Nearly one year ago, in partnership with Matt’s family and friends, SIS Dean James Goldgeier announced efforts to endow a memorial fund to support SIS students working with faculty in collaborative research that addresses challenges that face the city of Washington, DC. Over the last year, Matt’s closest friends, many of whom are American University alumni, and Dean Goldgeier have shared Matt’s story and legacy through events and fundraisers to endow the fund.

“Matt loved DC. He loved the politics, the people, the culture, everything. I think this fund will allow him to continue to have a presence here in DC, a city he loved, even though he can’t be with us today” says Ben Matek, CAS/BS ’12, a friend of Matt’s who helped endow the fund. (more…)


“Dear PoPville,

It comes with great sadness that our outdoor cat and everyone’s best friend in mt.p has been killed by a hit and run speeding vehicle at 1656 irving st. No tags were able to be witnessed. It happened around 745 am 8am…my wife jennifer and I recieved a call from our next door nieghbor…I went outside to the scene and asked my wife not to come out.

He was a foot into the bike lane on irving when he was deliberately struck. It has been very hard for ourselves as well as the nieghbors. Hobart st. Threw him a huge block party 1year ago and the children had a banner competition for the hobart st. Block party. “We love guillermo!!!” Was the banner..

We loved him…..and his sister marmalade is still waiting for him to come home.”