Man Breaking into Church ST Condo Building

“Be on the lookout for this guy in the Logan Circle neighborhood. Here are a couple of links that include still images and video footage of a guy breaking into my Church ST condo building on two separate occasions. On July 13th, the perpetrator piggy-backed into our building after a guest was buzzed in and stole a couple of bikes. On August 11th, the same guy broke the magnetic lock on the front door and stole some electronics from two cars parked in the garage.

He managed to get in and out of the building and steal stuff on both occasions in fewer than 20 minutes. Owners and our front desk person notified the police”

Photos from July 13th break in (around 10:30pm)

Photos from August 11th break-in (around 12:30am)

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A couple readers report it happened around 7:20pm.

Another reader tweets us at 8pm:

“it is seriously awful. Four cars still in their crash locations, one in a pole.”

Update from AlertDC:

“MPD reports 14th St, NW from P St to R St, NW both directions are closed due to a 4-car vehicle accident / w non-life threatening injuries reported at this time, buses on this route are being diverted around the crash.”


1622 14th Street, NW

@erickmsanchez tweets us:

“I was at Barcelona on 14th last night when some guy in a ski mask ran in with a knife. He got laid out by a bartender. Cops showed. Between 11:15 and 11:45. D.C. Police tweeted it out as a robbery on 14th.”

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Robbery //1600 block of 14th Street, NW //(1) suspect stopped”