1220 H Street, NE

This could be very cool – the liquor license placard for Dynamix Lounge, right next door to Sticky Rice, says:

“New Class “C” Tavern featuring poetry and spoken word and offering alcoholic beverages. Total Occupancy Load of 75. Offering Live Entertainment, which includes Dancing and Cover Charge.”

Stay tuned.


“Dear PoPville,

I’m hoping you could bring attention to the enduring issue of grease spills in the rear of 1116 H st NE, ie the alley in the back of this property of Taylor Gourmet.

Yesterday afternoon they spilled more grease and it’s been tough to get the city to take any real action to prevent further incidents.

I would also highlight that even though the business has been reopened for three months, It remains in a state of disrepair in the top two floors. See a photo taken this morning attached below.”


OP includes responses from the District: (more…)

1125 H Street, NE

Thanks to Justin for the update on Choong Man who has taken over the former Khan’s space. I’m also excited to learn that not only will there be Seafood but there will also be Crab. Very good news indeed!!

In all seriousness, anyone know the early word? They’ve gotten some pretty positive reviews on yelp – can anyone confirm? Justin writes:

“They do all the cooking right up front, then there’s a whole fish counter like at a market, and then a sports bar in the back. I tried the traditional method Korean fried chicken and their “snow” onion chicken, both were pretty good but way smaller in size than Kochix and significantly lacking in the crunch department.”

Flashback to the famed Seafood & Crab at 1936 14th Street, NW (what is now Tico, approximately) in 2009:



A reader reports just before noon from H Street between 3rd and 4th in the eastbound lanes:

“Totally took out the streetcar stop”



H st street car destroyed

James reports:

“About 2 hours ago, a Megabus headed eastbound on H completely destroyed the 3rd and H st streetcar stop. He must have somehow jumped and ridden the crub. Hard to tell if there were any injuries. I don’t think anyone was at the stop. There is glass and debris everywhere (looks like it shaved off the edge of the curb). This is directly in front of the construction site that collapsed earlier this week. Would have been scary to have been in at the front of the upper deck. Check where the front glass shattered due to the stop overhang.”

600 H Street, NE

Update from Whole Foods:

Whole Foods provides free parking for all customers in its garage located under the store. The entrance is on 6th Street between H and I NE.”

A reader reports:

“Beware when shopping at the new Whole Foods on H. There have been a rash of car break ins [on the street], during the middle of the day. Windows aren’t broken, so they must be using a tool to break in. Be sure to remove all valuables!

I work over here and have for the past 3 years, and the break ins started when whole foods opened, so it’s likely that the folks breaking in are watching for people parking within those blocks then walking into whole foods (like I do most AMs now for my coffee). They can pretty much assume that people are going to be in a grocery store for at least 10-15 minutes… The break ins seem to be concentrated to the 4 blocks around the store.”