03/28/14 10:30am


If true this is going to devastate many fit folks. A reader with a very good scuttlebutt track record (pun intended) sends the sad word that they hear Results on Capitol Hill will soon be sold. It’s not clear if it will become another gym or what but in January we learned that the downtown Results Gym was becoming an LA Fitness. We’ll see if they or another gym take over the Capitol Hill space at 315 G Street, SE.

UPDATE from Results:

“We expected rumors to surface when we sold the Downtown location to LA Fitness. We have had little luck with that location over the years… Being that it was in the middle of Downtown, pretty inconvenient to residents, it was more of a “daily lunch-time crowd” environment. To keep things brief, our Capitol Hill location has always been a bit more successful, leaving us no choice but to fund the struggling locations just to keep them open… We certainly tried to make Downtown work, but the opportunity quickly presented itself to avoid 3 more years in a lease and take LA Fitness up on their offer.

Needless to say, we can start focusing all of our finances on one location. Being able to improve the facility and equipment has been one of the most difficult tasks with the financial burdens of other locations in the past, on-top of Results always offering convenient month-month plans with no annual contracts. Proud to say, new equipment and flooring are arriving little by little and bringing quality back to this immense facility

We are having some community events this summer, we will also be offering some community-based free fitcamps as well. We are extremely excited about our Olympic platforms, our redesign of our 3rd floor and our Life Fitness Synergy 360 coming soon!”

03/11/14 2:30pm


“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if you might have any information about what’s going on with the Washington Sports Club Columbia Heights pool. It was closed for a couple of days last week and the person at the front desk that I called today said that it looked like it would be closed all of this week too. She said that the closure was directed by the corporate office, but won’t say why. The lack of explanation is a little concerning.”

03/09/14 10:05pm

4203 9th Street, NW

From an email:

Lighthouse Yoga Center is moving to 4203 9th Street NW in mid-April. This is the little yellow building next to the Petworth post office, just north of Upshur. The building is in great shape and it’s going to make a beautiful yoga studio! We’re just waiting for the current tenant to move out, and we plan to open at the new location on April 22. We’ll keep running classes at the current site until then, and we expect minimal disruption to our business from the move.”

9th street looking south towards Upshur

02/06/14 5:00pm


From an email:

“We are the newest chapter of the female-only cult phenomenon known as Dance Dance Party Party (DDPP). Unlike typical workout or dance classes, Dance Dance Party Party has no instructors, no fitness goals, and nothing to prove. There are only three rules in the room – no boys, no booze, and no judgment.

The set-up is simple: an hour of booty-shaking tunes, a room with the lights turned low, and women willing to let go. “DDPP started as a way to work out and have fun without the conformity of a gym – how often have you heard your favorite song while you’re on the treadmill and wanted to hop off to do a real running man?” says founder Glennis McMurray.

DDPPdc is grooving Tuesdays @ 7:00-8:00 p.m.

Park View Recreation Center
693 Otis Pl NW
, Washington, DC 20010
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ddppdc
Website: www.dancedancepartyparty.com/”

02/05/14 4:30pm

3506 Georgia Ave, NW

In early Dec. we first heard a Yoga studio was coming to Georgia and Newton Pl, NW.  The exact opening date is March 22nd. Their website says:

“Yoga Heights offers yoga, pilates and nutrition to create balanced wellness for every body, at every level and every budget.

We seek to empower our community to live with balance, confidence, jubilance, kindness and gratitude.

Yoga Heights is committed to working with you to ensure that health and wellness fit your schedule, your lifestyle and your goals.”


01/21/14 4:00pm

1821 7th Street, NW

In late February a new gym is opening on 7th Street by the Shaw metro, located between Derek Brown’s new spots (Mockingbird Hill, Eat the Rich and Southern Efficiency) and the coming soon seafood spot Fishnet.

Solidcore opened their first location in Adams Morgan at 1841 Columbia Road, NW back in November:

“This is the toughest workout you’ve never had. We’re thrilled to introduce DC to Lagree Fitness, which started in LA in 2001 and now there are over 130 studios globally. “The Lagree Fitness Method” uses slow and conrolled full-body movements wtih constant tension to work your muscle fibers to failure, forcing them to rebuild a more sculpted, stronger and [solid] you. The experience is a high-energy, small group training class done on the patented MegaFormer, which is described as a cross between a Pilates reformer and Total Body Gym. You will be amazed by this workout and its results – guaranteed.”

01/16/14 12:30pm


Thanks to a reader for passing on:

“We’re pleased to announce that, as of January 16, 2014, LA Fitness will assume the operation of the Downtown Results Gym health club located at 1101 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20036, near the Farragut North Metro Station (the “Downtown club”).

LA Fitness has agreed to continue to service your current active membership at your existing rate, along with any personal training sessions you have already purchased, at the Downtown club. On your next visit to the Downtown club, please check with the front desk to receive your new LA Fitness membership card. You’ll also be given the opportunity to sign an LA Fitness membership agreement at your existing membership rate.

Results Gym will continue to operate its Capitol Hill facility located at 315 G Street, SE Washington, D.C. 20003. If your current active membership allows you access to the Capitol Hill club you will be allowed continued use of that facility through April 30, 2014.”

01/06/14 10:22pm

1681 Kalorama Road, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails and tweets about this long vacant space at 17th and Kalorama Rd, NW. Crossfit Hierarchy’s website says:

“Buildout is complete! Our massive Rogue equipment order will arrive this weekend and we’ll be opening our doors for the official inaugural WOD on Saturday, January 11 at 11:00am.

Save the date! Our official launch party is February 1 at 11:00am! Help us celebrate our grand opening and get to know our awesome community with a workout + BBQ. Everyone is invited, so bring family and friends–the more the merrier! No RSVP necessary, but if you let us know you’re coming we’ll make sure we don’t run out of booze…”


01/06/14 2:40pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

“Dear PoPville,

I went to Epic Yoga DC, a yoga studio near Dupont Circle, after work on Friday. I recently started going there and was trying (as most new year resolution-ers are) to go more frequently. The studio is nice, with locker rooms, showers, free mats, etc.- things that are not available at most yoga studios I’ve been to in the area. After enjoying my class, I headed back to the locker room to discover that while I was in class, my iphone, cash, and cards had all been stolen out of my LOCKED locker (the locks are built into the lockers and provided by the facility.) Upon discussing this with another woman in the locker room I was told that her wallet had been stolen the day before (admittedly out of a unlocked locker) and that there had been several break-ins/thefts at this yoga studio and others in the area recently. She also noted that this was why other students had kept their bags with them during our class.

When I reported the theft to the front desk employee (the only staff on duty besides the instructors) she appeared unsurprised and offered no assistance. Her first words were “not again.” She told me that she had seen two “suspicious-looking” women walk in during the time when I was in class and had immediately called the police, but that the police did not arrive in time to question them. When I asked if she had tried to prevent them from entering the studio/locker rooms I was told “there was nothing she could do to stop them.” I can think of a few things- how about ask them if they are members/have a reservation for a class? (Online reservations are required). Refuse to let them enter? Follow them into the studio? Stop a class to ask others for help? Obviously if they had been armed/tried to physically intimidate her this would have been a different situation, but according to our conversation this did not happen. Then, as soon as they left/classes ended, ask people to check that nothing is missing, rather than pretend that nothing happened and wait for someone to report it? Similarly, the management, which clearly knew that thefts were occurring, had 1. Failed to notify students that their personal belonging were not safe and should be kept by their person, 2. Failed to staff extra people so that someone could monitor the lockers rooms/provide support to the lone staff member on duty, 3. Failed to institute a check-in system that requires ID/ proof that persons entering the building are in fact members.

I was not offered the management’s contact information, nor have I been contacted by the management (I left my contact info for them to file a police report and also filed my own.)Nor have I been offered any apology or compensation. While I understand they may not be liable for stolen items, an offer of free classes or reimbursement for the cash that was stolen would’ve eased the pain of having my valuables stolen from a presumably secure locker. I hope my experience can serve as a note of caution to other yoga students at Epic Yoga or other studios in DC.”

12/11/13 11:30am

1365 H Street, NE

From an email:

“It’s fitting, we think, that the newest addition to H Street comes from the oldest CrossFit affiliate in the DC Metro area: CrossFit DC. It’s with great pride that we announce the opening of our second CrossFit affiliate inside the historic 4500 square-foot space at 1365 H Street NE, formerly occupied by H Street Playhouse.

CrossFit DC was the first CrossFit affiliate to open in the DC-Metro area back in 2005 – one of the first 50 in the world, actually. But beyond our history, what really sets us apart is how we apply our knowledge and experience. We emphasize coaching and community above all else. Everyone who comes through our doors is treated as an equal, regardless of background or ability, and workouts are designed to be accessible to members from all walks of life. What we’ll bring to H Street is far more than just a gym; ours is a professional strength and conditioning training center with an emphasis on fun, challenging workouts and community through fitness.

We anticipate opening our doors in early Spring of 2014, and look forward to becoming a great neighbor and a vital part of the H Street community – whether by sponsoring charity events, partnering with local businesses, or simply maintaining a high-quality facility that channels the vibe of the neighborhood.”