06/30/14 10:20am

Georgia and Randolph St, NW

I’ve been getting tons of emails from folks raving about the new Petworth Safeway that opened Friday. I’ve also been getting tons of requests for a new nickname for the former ‘stinky Safeway’. I have two reactions. One – I agree the place is beautiful. Two – I think maybe Safeway nicknames are a thing of the past. But if we want to still try with a nickname I propose – the ‘baby Stroller Safeway’. When I stopped by on Sunday morning (and maybe it was the time I went) I saw approximately 244 babies/toddlers. They all seemed to be in heaven. I also think ‘baby Stroller Safeway’ could be a good fit because the store is very symbolic in the continued rebirth of this section of Georgia Avenue. So there’s my vote.

Ed. Note: the City Vista Safeway in Mt. Vernon Square has already been dubbed the Sexy Safeway. Ed. Note: I don’t think anyone really calls it that today, which goes back to my feeling that Safeway nicknames may be a thing of the past…

Have a look inside:


Lots more photos after the jump. (more…)

06/26/14 10:20am

3830 George Avenue, NW

If you will it, it is no dream. Thanks to all who’ve been sending emails.

From a press release:

“Safeway will proudly open its new Petworth Safeway (3830 Georgia Avenue, NW at the intersection of Georgia Ave. and Randolph St. NW) on Friday, June 27 with festivities that will include recognition of military veterans from the neighborhood. The new store, developed by Duball LLC, measures more than 62,000 square feet and serves as the anchor for a mixed-use project that includes the Swift Residences directly above the store, providing a friendlier and more accessible urban shopping setting. Safeway is pleased to promote healthy lifestyles in a sustainable space that is nearly three times the size of the previous store on the site, which stood for nearly 50 years.

The grand opening ceremony will begin at 9:30 a.m., featuring a tribute to local military veterans from the nearby Armed Forces Retirement Home and the unveiling of a display honoring Petworth veterans, including recently retired U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Manson Brown, who was the Guard’s highest ranking African-American officer and grew up in the Ward 4 neighborhood. Mayor Vincent Gray and Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser are expected to participate. The new store will welcome customers beginning at 5 a.m., its regular opening time (5 a.m. until midnight daily).

Safeway is dedicated to offering high quality, variety, and healthy eating options and providing unrivaled service while honoring and recognizing the uniqueness of the Petworth community. Overall, the new store will offer twice as many items as the previous store, including more than 1,200 produce items, 150 cuts of fresh meat daily, 15 varieties of fresh baked bread, 35 types of fish, 350 beers and 500 wines. Many of these products are regionally sourced from Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania so customers can be assured they are getting the freshest foods while supporting local businesses and growers.

The store will offer new food features, such as a sushi chef, salad bar, cheese specialist, hot bar, prepared food section, soup selection, sandwich bar, and olive bar, all of which provide a variety of easy options for customers to pick up a great meal.

In an effort to serve local consumer needs, the store will feature an extensive ethnic food section with many Hispanic food offerings. Bolillo rolls will be baked fresh from scratch daily to make tasty tortas, and a variety of baked goods from Delicias Bakeries in Hyattsville will be available as well.

The Petworth Safeway will employ approximately 225 individuals, a large number of whom will be District residents, including roughly 40 from the Petworth neighborhood.

Not only does Safeway offer products that promote healthy lifestyles, but the design, construction and building operations are sustainable as well. The new store has been built to LEED standards with the intention of becoming the fifth LEED-certified Safeway in the area. In addition to Safeway’s dedication to recycling and composting waste, the building has external shading to reduce heat while using natural light and LED lighting throughout the store which runs on an energy management system.”

We’ve come a long way:


pain sculpture

“Dear PoPville,

-Recurring thread about how much the Safeway on Piney Branch and Georgia sucks.

-One neighbor admits that, in an act of protest, he regularly walks out with a cart full of groceries without paying. But, he is willing to pay if they ever get their act together and come after him.

-All hell breaks loose:

In total frustration some time back, I got an idea.

I just walked out the Safeway front door – cart full of groceries. I loaded same into car. Then took picture of same and sent it to regional office telling them what I had done. No response.

So I did it a couple more times. No response.

Then when the Exxon Gas thing was all screwed up and after lots of shouting because Exxon Station owners did not want to go along with plan, somebody from management did call.

I told him what I had done a few times in past; just in total frustration with local store and corporate response. His response.. “OMG, don’t tell me!” That was all I’ve ever heard.

Maybe if enough of us get brave enough to commit this “crime”, things will tighten up a bit at our local store. It is a management thing…pure and simple.

Amazing, is it not?

BTW: I have kept tally and know how much I owe to Safeway. Whenever they want to collect, they know they can contact me.

If it goes more than one year, I try to donate equivalent to a local food program.

Can you believe it?

I did same at Hyattsville Home Depot. There I took things back. Response, “How did you ever walk out of this store with that chain saw?” My response, “I just did”. things have tightened up considerably.

“A voice of reason”:

Shoplifting from a private business to prove a personal point about bad management is NOT civil disobedience! Please do not put shoplifting on par with lunch counter sit-ins, freedom riders, or Gandhi sitting in the first-class rail car! Tom faced no injustice by Safeway due to his race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. He just didn’t want to stand in line. His act was not part of a larger well-orchestrated movement to establish greater justice. He just wanted to get out of there quickly. I want to get out of Safeway quickly too. It’s a terrible store. But please don’t label this “civil disobedience”!

05/29/14 10:55am


A reader writes:

“Looked like the impending apocalypse the other night in the produce section at the Columbia Heights Giant. It’s often bad, but I usually don’t see completely empty shelves…”

UPDATE from Giant:

“We apologize for the stock conditions captured in the photo. When this photo was taken, there was a mechanical problem in the refrigerated case where we display our bagged salads. The case has been repaired and is operating properly at this time. We regret any inconvenience to our customers.

We have brought the community’s comments to the attention of our store managers and staff. We know that our customers have many options to shop for groceries and want to ensure that they find a pleasing experience and well-stocked store when shopping with Giant.”

05/28/14 10:25am


Thanks to a reader for sending word (and photo above) with the closing date for Murry’s on H Street. The reader also notes that the ANC Rep for the area, Mark Eckenwiler, says that the despite the sign above saying ‘lost our lease’:

“in reality Murry’s had a lease through 2017 & voluntarily took a buyout.”

600 block of H Street, NE looking east

The future Apollo and Whole Foods:

Rendering via Insight Property Group

05/19/14 10:25am

1401 New York Avenue, NE via @MOMsOrganicMrkt

“Dear PoPville,

I was in the Alexandria MOM’s Organic Market a couple of days ago. The pretty dated strip mall where they’re located is renovating, and eventually MOM’s will be relocated to a new adjacent building. Still not completely clear on the details, but we started talking about other future locations.

They said they’ll also have a store near Union Market in an old Sears building – I think they meant Hechts. MOMs has a FB entry on the January groundbreaking and tells a commenter they’ll be open in the fall.”

Last Thursday they tweeted the rendering pictured above:

“Can’t believe this is happening! Can’t wait! @douglasdevdc #DCMOMs #NYAve #IvyCity #Hechts”

Another reader sends some photos of how the site looks today:


Douglas Development’s website says:

“This property was originally built in 1937 and expanded in 1948 as the central warehouse for the Hecht’s Company Department Stores. The six story building was constructed in a Streamline Modern style featuring glass block extensively, culminating in a twelve-point star shaped cupola at the corner that is illuminated at night. Douglas Development purchased the building in 2011 and is currently redeveloping the property into mixed-use retail and office complex. Construction has began on a new seven story attached garage with 900+ parking spaces.

The new Hecht’s Warehouse District will be a dynamic mixed used development featuring shopping, dining and offices.”


05/09/14 11:25am


Ready for some super sweet scuttlebutt? The source that told us H Street, NE was getting a Whole Foods now says they are in negotiations for a space at one of the new projects near 9th and U St, NW.

Do you think it’s really possible or is that location too close to their P Street location?

Obviously this is just scuttlebutt but if this happens – it’ll be huge!!