3830 Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was shopping at the Safeway and there were a bunch of people gathered around getting ready to shoot a TV show. They wouldn’t tell me which show it was of course… Does anyone in the know have an idea what it might be? I’d love to know!”

Ed. Note: Another reader says:

“Petworth safeway is closed for an event from 10-2 today, with floor to ceiling black drapes at the entrances.”

1916 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Back in April, when it opened, I asked about the hours of the Trader Joe’s on 14th and T. It has opened at 9am rather than 8am. As someone who lives near by I like to hop into a grocery store on my way to work for fruit, lunch, etc. Walking to work today I notice that the Trader Joe’s looked open and the sign on the door had the 9 removed but no new time list.

Sure enough I just looked at the website and it lists the hours as 8AM – 10PM. I spoke with a staffer; he said they started opening at 8am on January 2nd.”

7th and O Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was there on Thursday (Jan. 1) and the store was completely out of ground beef other than the 3.5 pound packs of 80/20 beef. When i asked a store clerk if they had any in back, she informed that they had not gotten ground beef for 3 days.

And the week before that, my husband went to the same giant and they were out of chicken breast.

These items seem like fairly basic things one would expect to find in every grocery store. As this is still a neighborhood in transition, I would imagine not every person who shops there has the luxury or time to go to another store that is further away to get basic items like chicken or ground beef.

In addition, I also witnessed a Giant worker sniffing the meat in the case and selectively choosing which packets to put on a cart and take away from the case.

This is very concerning, especially for a store that was touted as a great improvement over the last store. I have found almost every time they don’t have some fairly basic items. The front of the store is great and outside is very appealing, but once you get into the interior of this Giant, it seems like its just the same old challenges that occur at almost all the grocery stores in D.C.–limited stock and low quality produce.

Have other people had negative experiences at the new Giant on O Street?”


“Dear PoPville,

The Giant on Park Road has been without power for several hours. They are open, but have barricaded all frozen, dairy, meat, chilled veggies and fruits and are pulling them from the shelves as we speak. The registers are working and you can buy anything that doesn’t require refrigeration.”

Update from @waynemancomedy”

“@PoPville – Giant on 14 St NW took a power hit. They removed all meat, and nothing refrigerated is available.”



A reader sends the photo above and writes:

“not sure exactly what is going on but the Harris Teeter is closed for health code violations. Considering I eat there for lunch 85% of the time, I was understandably very surprised and a little grossed out”

Earlier @jwetz also tweeted us:

“NoMa Harris Teeter has been closed for food code violations. Might need alt plans for groceries tonight”

Previous concert video from a PoPville reader

From a press release:

“The world-renowned Howard University Gospel Choir returns to Safeway’s new Petworth location [3830 Georgia Ave, NW] this Friday evening, December 5, at 6:00 pm – fresh from their appearance at the grocer’s Feast of Sharing last week.

Founded in 1968 on the campus of Howard University and based out of the historic Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, the Howard Gospel Choir emerged as the first college gospel choir on any collegiate campus in the nation. The award-winning ensemble travels extensively throughout the United States and has most recently headlined tours to the European countries of Denmark, Italy, Montenegro, Slovakia and Sweden.

Alumni of the Howard Gospel Choir include Grammy Award winner Richard Smallwood and Elberta “Twinkie” Clark of the legendary Clark Sisters gospel group. The choir is currently under the direction of Reginald Golden, a Howard University alumnus from Cleveland, Ohio.

The Petworth store opened on June 27 featuring a performance by the Urban Nation Youth Hip Hop Choir hours after the doors opened and has hosted a myriad of other events and activities that have included a community health fair, a back-to-school education fair, Pumpkin decorating for kids, and regular jazz performances from local musicians.”