I was excited to see a report on the Brookland Listserv yesterday that a Change petition had reached 721 signatures. And they even have a Facebook page. But then I saw the page, Bring Whole Foods to Brookland, was started back in February of 2014. So they got stamina too! Think their persistence will pay off? Unfortunately I haven’t heard anymore scuttlebutt on this since July 2013.

The residents of Brookland deserve the fresh food and variety that Whole Foods offers. Currently, the only grocery options in Brookland are Giant and Yes! Organic. The quality of the food at the Giant is too low, and it’s not within walking distance of the core of Brookland. The Yes! Organic has a very small selection of produce and a virtually non-existent offering of meat, poultry, and fish. We need a central grocery store that has the healthy food and variety that will keep our husbands, wives, children and friends healthy and happy, without traveling to P Street or H Street.

Healthy foods help us avoid diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, gout, etc. Whole Foods’ excellent offering of healthy food makes it easier to eat healthy food, especially if it opens a location in the middle of our neighborhood.

Our neighborhood is growing exponentially; between the families, young professionals, long-time residents, and university students in the neighborhood, we have more than enough demand to satisfy Whole Foods.

Join me in asking Whole Foods to open a store in Brookland by signing the petition. We can do this!

Rendering via The Parks at Walter Reed

Just as they brought us beautiful words now the Washington Business Journal brings us painful words from a Wegmans spokesperson:

“We are doubtful that a deal will be struck.”

Updates when we learn who the new grocer will be.

Ed. Note: You can read about the plans for the Hines, Urban Atlantic, and Triden Group team to redevelop Walter Reed here.


“Dear PoPville,

Has anyone noticed the crazy wine prices at the Petworth Safeway? Typically cheap bottles there are now ~$10 dollars more than Trader Joes or the local corner stores. Is this some marketing scheme to increase prices only to make the discounts seem substantial? Has anyone else seen this practice at other Safeways in DC? This is clearly a first world problem but me and my fellow winos are curious about what’s going on.”


“Dear PoPville,

“Yes! Organic on 14th & V Streets has been mislabeling ‘certain’ produce as “organic” that is NOT organic and has been charging double the prices.

Unfortunately, I am very sad to tell you that the Yes! Organic market has been using signs to advertise some NON-organic produce as organic. Organic food has a barcode that starts with the number 9. Conventional (non-organic) food has a barcode that starts with the number 4. For example, the fruit in the store was under a sign that says “Organic Watermelon” or “Organic Grapefruit” (see pictures) but I checked the barcodes and the oranges and watermelon all started with the number “4”. I noticed this on Saturday morning and alerted the people working there. I stayed to make sure they changed the signs for the fruit I had found. I did not check all of the fruit – only the watermelon, oranges and papaya. Every orange and every watermelon was not organic. The papaya was organic.

Almost every day, I stop by and pick up “organic” grapefruit for breakfast. I’ve been paying $2.00 for what I thought was “organic” grapefruit for the past six months (when I moved to a building above the store)! I took pictures of the signs and pictures of the barcodes. I was so upset.

The manager was out of town so I gave the employee I spoke with at the store my phone number and asked that the owner call me. The owner called within an hour and was very apologetic. He said this definitely should not have happened and he would be going to the store that day to talk to all the employees. He also said he would talk to the person who purchases produce for the store to make sure they purchase organic grapefruit. I explained that I eat “organic” grapefruit from there almost every day and was very upset that I had been spending $2.00 on what I thought was “organic” grapefruit only to discover it is covered in toxic pesticides and a GMO. At first, the owner said he was “happy to reimburse me for any food I had purchased that I later confirmed wasn’t organic.” Since I can’t travel back in time, he was obviously assuming that there was no way I could prove that a grapefruit I bought in March wasn’t organic. But I flipped it around and said “Great! Just show me the purchase orders for grapefruit for the past 6 months for the store on 14th Street and, if the purchase orders are in fact for organic grapefruit, then no need to reimburse me.” (more…)

4465 Connecticut Avenue, NW

The Soapstone Market placards say:

“Grocery store with prepared food and deli also containing an eat-in café. Beer and wine available for on and off premises consumption. Tasting Endorsement.”


“Restaurant-style food such as sandwiches, salads, and entrees made-to-order in a counter-service, grab–n-go style within a full-service grocery store. Beer and wine available for on premise consumption. Tasting Endorsement and Sidewalk Café seating 40 patrons. Total Occupancy Load of 100. Seating for 60 inside premises.”

looking north to Albermarle

Stay tuned for the Italian Restaurant from the Fiola Folks.

looking south towards the metro