Photo by PoPville flickr user Clif Burns

From one of the garden haul posts:

“Following the entries, could you post on open thread on gardening advice for DC? I attempted to grow tomatoes and some herbs in my front garden this year, and got about 2 weeks of good growth before they withered and died (despite frequent watering). Would love to hear some tips from those with green thumbs!”

Ed. Note: Thanks to all who entered this year – there were some truly epic hauls!!


Above: “Here are some photos of our recent harvest from Columbia heights! Everything (minus the bowls) came from our little urban garden. Included: corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, basil, chives, Rosemary”

Below: “Prolific tomatillos and a hint of fall from the Old Soldiers’ Home community garden in Petworth.”



Above: “Check out our haul: Our tomatoes were late bloomers, but bloom they did — and the green ones will be great for pickling! Grapes galore, one lone squash, and red pepper tops off our weekend haul.

HumaneFoodie grew these near H Street.”

Below: “Our garden haul in Petworth; some green peppers and good ‘ole jalapenos nicely displayed on our state of Texas cutting board :-) #Texantonians”



Above: “My purple peppers, ‘blue’ tomatoes and eggplants. Started from seed and growing in my giant feeding trough in my Mount Pleasant Backyard.”

Below: “From our (technically) Brookland front yard garden during the last week of July. Sadly, this was also the last garden harvest for our very cranky, garden pest catching, dog-bullying, Girard Cat who crossed the rainbow bridge just a week later. We’re so thankful we had snapped a bunch of photos of him.”