1213 U Street, NW

We’ve talked about this before but given the recent news I think it’s time for a straight up call to Ben’s. And especially because this mural is so prominent on U Street (not to mention only a few years old) – it’s embarrassing. But worse than that, I can only imagine how victims of sexual assault feel when they walk by it. It should be taken down period. There may not be precedent in doing so but it’s still the right thing to do. Think they should? Think they will? I’m sure there are many candidates more deserving of this space – how about a return of Duke Ellington to U Street?


With Andres and Zakarian bailing what do you think will end up happening with the Trump Hotel in the old Post Office Pavilion? To be honest I was pretty psyched about these two planned restaurants – I love The National every time I’ve eaten in the NYC location (my folks live near one.) Do you think the hotel will be able to recruit other restaurants of equal caliber or will Trump continue to be too toxic to be associated with in any way? At the end of the day – do you think the hotel will be a good addition to the District?


This is a reader request:

“Which public library in DC is best? I find I tend to like Georgetown Public Library just for the chance to get away and be in another atmosphere, I find it more contemplative and less crowded than most. Or is it just me thinking that it is and that most libraries are relatively the same? I really find the MLK Library downtown a tendency toward human confusion when there is no need to be, I wonder what others think which library in town is the best overall.”

Ed. Note: I’m curious how many folks have an opinion on this – I always imagined that it’s geography based – whichever one you live closest to. I guess an interesting poll will be to see how many folks use the public library in general? What do you use it for – old school books, magazines, movies, tablets/downloading, activities, kids stuff?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jim Havard

This is a reader request:

“With all of the talk about pop ups and people looking for more square footage – Would you mind asking your readers what square footage is their home/condos? And what would be their ideal square footage after having lived in their current spaces? How many occupants are in the household?”

It’s an interesting question – do you feel like you need/want more space than you currently have? Less space? Are you in a studio, 1 bed, row house, detached house etc?

Photo of Jazz in the Sculpture Garden by PoPville flickr user Lucas Keene

T-1 week to this year’s Jazz in the Sculpture Garden (Jazz in the Garden every Friday evening May 22 – August 28, 2015, 5:00pm – 8:30pm) got me thinking about favorite outdoor series. Off the top of my head besides the Sculpture Garden is the outdoor music and movies in Yards Park and Canal Park in Navy Yard, NoMa Movie series, Adams Morgan Movies, Screen on the Green on the Mall, Union Market Drive in Movies, Cinema in the Circle in Dupont, U Street Movies Series, what other regular movie, music, or other series are there? A particular farmers market? What’s your favorites?

Photo by PoPville flickr user MJWein

Another just cause I’m curious one this week. Can’t believe I’ve never asked this one in all these years – nice and easy – do you have a pet? Dog, cat, other? Did you have a pet growing up? I’ve got a 20 gallon fish tank with tropical fish and a fearless cat named Dingo. I have to admit though that lately I have an itch for a dog… What about you guys?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jamelle Bouie

Last week @gingermoored tweeted this startling fact:

“CFO’s office predicts the average DC home will cost $938k in FY19, up from $771k this year.”

Last year we spoke about how much we pay in rent and since we’re able to maintain a certain level of anonymity and because I’m just curious – if you feel comfortable sharing – how much did you pay for your house/condo? Of course, please include the neighborhood and year bought for some perspective. If you can include number of beds/baths that’d be helpful too. Condo/coop fee? And anything else you think would provide some perspective.

1513 17th Street, NW

With patio season upon us and the changes made at Chez Billy – I got a simple question this week – for outdoor patios do you prefer private tables or shared benches/picnic tables? Where’s your current favorite patio? For me, maybe cause it’s the first one I truly loved, Wonderland’s patio will always be tops. Though outdoor seating facing a river is gonna be tough to beat…