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Memorial Day weekend brings about one of my favorite Friday Questions of the Day – What summer reading books do you recommend this year? What’s the last really good page turning book you’ve read? I’m about to start Try Not to Breathe by Holly Seddon which I just got from a Little Free Library and seems very promising for a summer read.

emergency supplies

A reader writes:

“This is a little grim, but I have a suggestion for a Friday Question of the Day: Do you have an emergency supply kit, and if so, what does it contain? We were here during 9/11, and kept emergency supply-type stuff on hand for a while, such as flashlight, radio, batteries, water, non-perishable food, and extra cash. My mom even sent plastic sheeting and masks in the event of some kind of chemical attack! I don’t know if you were in DC then, but I recall the general sense was that people were waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Anyway, we’ve probably gotten complacent, and the kit has been picked over during the years. Pretty sure we used that plastic sheeting as drop cloths when we painted. I’d be interested in hearing if other people keep emergency supply items or a “go bag” on hand, and if so, what do they have?”

Keeping the poll simple but curious to read the specifics people keep in the comments.


When we were talking about Georgia Ave earlier in the week it got me thinking about which is the “best” or most popular State avenue in the District. I’m very curious to see how this poll turns out. So which one is your favorite? Some that cross quadrants like Florida or Pennsylvania may have an advantage but let’s see how it plays out and if possible, let us know why it’s your favorite in the comments.

dock outdoors
1520 1st Street, SE

Well, looks like we finally got proper spring weather on Saturday so let’s talk favorite outdoor spaces in the District (or nearby.) I was admiring the new outdoor space next to Dock 79 in Diamond Teague Park. At least I think it’s part of the park – anyway – outdoor ping pong tables!! Though I’ve never done it, the Roller Skating here is high on my list to check out. And of course Meridian Hill Park will always hold a special place in my heart. Nowadays I try to get into the Soapstone Valley trail as often as possible. Of course Cantina Marina plays a siren song that is tough for me to resist. What about you guys – 72 degrees on Saturday – where you gonna enjoy it?

51st state
2512 L Street, NW

Sources say that 51st State has closed. Their phone goes to generic voicemail, website is down and their Facebook hasn’t been updated since Feb. 2. And with March Madness starting as well as yesterday’s question about NASCAR – I thought we should revisit our favorite spots to watch sports in DC? Do you have particular spots you prefer depending on the sport? If so, please specify which sport you are watching at each bar/restaurant?

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I realize there could be a privileged element to some of these questions but I’m genuinely curious. I find it interesting to reflect upon. I wish I was a better swimmer. I wish I had taken more time before deciding to go to graduate school. What do you wish you were better at? What would you have done differently?

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Got a fun one today that I can’t wait to read the responses! Simply when and where did your family come from and around what year did they immigrate to the States? For me both sides come from Russia and Poland. Some came in the 1880s and some came just before World War One, all settled in New York City. What about you guys? The more details/family lore the better!


“Dear PoPville,

Because I am genuinely curious, the Friday question would be:

Do you know anyone that lives in a home worth over a million dollars and if so, how are they able to afford it (if you know):

a) inherited wealth
b) great paying job
c) made enough profit selling previous houses
d) are in a ton of debt”


I got this question on Monday and on Wednesday WAMU happened to have a report on exactly this question:

“While lawyers and business executives do make up a large percentage of the million-dollar homeowners, Pitingolo’s data show it’s less than half of the total. “You might be led to think that people who live in million dollar homes are all lawyers and they’re all CEOs,” Pitingolo said. “And that just isn’t the case. I think that speaks to the fact that there was a time in history when you could work in a more modest occupation and afford to buy a home that would today be worth more than a million dollars.”

But it’d still be interesting to know how and who are the people buying $1,000,000+ homes today. My home was not a million dollars but it was still a shit ton of money and my story also confirms the WAMU report. My wife and I were able to do it because I bought my Petworth house in 2003 and it appreciated significantly by the time I sold in 2015. Otherwise it would’ve been impossible for us. Do you guys know anyone who’s bought a million dollar house recently?

favorite comedian popville brown derby
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Alright, I need a God dang diversion. And I need a laugh. And since some folks slaughtered Sarah Silverman earlier in the week – let’s just have at it – who is you favorite comedian of all time? For those into it, let’s do two categories – living and dead. Two comedians who have literally made me laugh so hard it hurt are Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm.) Two other comedians who have nearly killed me laughing are old school Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle. Zach Galifianakis on between two ferns always cracks me up too. Also currently on TV Julia Louis Dreyfus kills me on Veep (noticing a trend there?) But my all time favorite would have to be Seinfeld for me (keep in mind I’m a 42 year old Jewish guy…) What about you guys? It’d be interesting to know how old you are with your favorites to see if there are generational differences. But most importantly is simply – who makes you laugh the hardest?