A reader passes on the alert:

“Good afternoon everyone,
Our truck was stollen last night , i was parked at South Picket st , Alexandria Va last night @ around 6pm to get the paint job done , and this morning truck was not there. We have called 3 tow companies and none of them has it. Police said it has been stolen. Please call 911 if you see it. Here’s some pictures of my truck”

Photo credit: Scott Suchman

From an email:

“After launching in Virginia earlier this year, Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken is happy to announce that its food truck is now permitted to operate in Washington, DC. The truck’s daily menu features doughnuts (the same flavor offerings served in the store, daily), chicken fingers and fried chicken sandwiches including the Fried Chicken BLT, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Old Bay Fried Chicken Sandwich. Beginning today, Wednesday, October 22, the Astro truck will be stationed in Friendship Heights with their friends from Pho Wheels (cancelled due to weather). On Thursday, the truck will be in NOMA and on Friday, it will be back in Virginia in Ballston. For up to the minute locations, follow Astro’s Twitter feed at @astrodoughnuts.”

11th and M St, NW

Ed. Note: The building home to the laundromat at 11th and M St, NW pictured above went for sale for $2,999,000 in 2012. Will update when we find the exact location for the future Phonation restaurant.

@catiecat tweets us the big news:

“@PoPville my fave food truck @DCphonation told me they are opening a real restaurant at 11&M, maybe by end of year! #Awesome #BahnMis”

Check out DC Phonation’s menu here.

Their website also says:

“Phonation was created with an innovated vision where Rachel hopes to unite people through the famous and authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisine: pho and banh-mi. The menu also features a Mexican and Vietnamese fusion cuisine called the Burrito-Banh-mi that was inspired by a former employee. All that tasty freshness originally found in the famous BBQ pork and chicken banh-mi can now be savored in a simple tortilla.”

Any other fans?

Photos courtesy Nauti Foods

From an email:

“We had a great first day out on the water, but didn’t go out Sunday due to the predicted storms (which never seemed to materialize).

We will be back out on the water next Friday evening (5-8pm) and then Sat/Sun approx 12-8 *weather permitting. (hours & weekly specials will be posted by the end of the week on Facebook and twitter)

Our basic menu is Nauti Dogs (hot dogs), Naked Nauti Dogs (no bun/on a stick), cold drinks (water, coconut water, iced tea, lemonade, soda), frozen treats (ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, popsicles, and freeze pops). We will also be carrying gelato pops from Dolcezza and some other local items from places like Sticky Fingers and Gouter and others. These are the ‘specials’ which may vary from week to week.”

From an earlier press release:

“Washington, D.C. The area’s first food boat will launch this weekend providing boaters, kayakers, and paddle-boarders with snacks, ice cream, and cold drinks on the water. Items available for purchase on the boat include hot dogs, chips, cookies, and ice cream treats. Nauti Foods will also feature select items from several local producers such as Gouter, Sticky Fingers, and Dolcezza.

Nauti Foods will be anchored just north of the Key Bridge and will be open Friday afternoons and Saturday/Sunday. Credit card and cash accepted.”


Photo by PoPville flickr user JoshBassett|PHOTOGRAPHY

From an email:

“On Thursday nigh three of our members — the Dolci Gelati Truck, KaftaMania and Neat Meat are serving from 6 to 7:30 pm at 9th and Upshur Streets NW as part of DMV Food Truck Week activities.

Thursday, June 12

Petworth Food Truck Supper Club with Dolci Gelati, KaftaMania, and Neat Meat

6 to 7:30 pm
9th and Upshur Streets NW at Georgia Avenue

Food trucks can serve more than just lunch! Enjoy a community dinner with your neighbors on this Thursday evening in Petworth.”


Until the Columbia Heights spot is ready…

From an email:

“TGI Fridays is taking its new handcrafted menu to the streets with the launch of its first-ever Food Truck, serving up complimentary samples of delicious food and drinks available at Fridays. On June 21-22, The Fridays Food Truck will be in DC serving up free food and drinks at the Safeway Barbecue Battle.

The Fridays Food Truck will feature exciting new offerings and Fridays heritage items, including All American Burger Sliders, Loaded Potato Skins, Ahi Tuna Crisps and Oreo Madness, as well as the refreshing and energizing Red Bull Strawberry Lemonade and Fridays Best Margarita. For more information, please visit”


Thanks to a reader for passing on word about STIX food truck coming to Petworth:


Congrats @eatstix on your new digs in Petworth #DC. So sad you’re leaving us at #Vocus. BTW your NY Strip today was super #yummy! #foodtruck”

“@eatstix – we will make an announcement soon!”

Their website says:

“Top quality chicken breast, NY strip and colossal shrimp meet the grill on this truck!

We’ve created amazing flavors by handcrafting marinades from the freshest ingredients. Natural flavors inspire us, so we use clean oils, citrus zest and juice, fresh herbs and spices bringing bursts of mouth-watering flavor to our recipes.

Fruit and vegetable STIX are selected on a seasonal basis always ensuring quality, full flavor and freshness.

It is our desire to offer stacked deliciousness to everyone.

A variety of vegetarian and vegan options available daily.”

Check out the menu here.

Updates when they make their announcement.