Geoff reports:

“There’s a three ladder fire at the corner of 13th and Columbia NW. It looks like the fire started in the blue house on Columbia as the windows are smashed and there’s signs of smoke damage to the exterior. I’ve never seen so many fire engines and fire fighters for a house fire before. I hope everyone is alright.”





“Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to the awesome DC Fire Department for excellent work done last evening. These men and women don’t always get the credit they deserve and sometimes get some unfair criticism but in the only time I ever needed them they went above and beyond.

Last evening at 5am I was awoken to both the smell of smoke and seconds later my fire alarm going off. Literally within the one to two minutes it took to throw on some clothes and grab the dogs leash and make it outside they were there on the scene. My upstairs neighbors called them as that’s where the fire originated. Not only where they on the scene but in full force. I counted at least 5 Fire Trucks and an Ambulance.

It took them a solid hour and half to stop the fire and the entire time they were checking in with us (and my dog) and giving us feedback the entire way. They even went in and grabbed my laptop and my gloves. They could not have been more professional and since it was 18 degrees last night even offered a blanket it we needed one.

Fortunately the house is not a total loss and will be repairable and the dog and I made it out in one piece. And fortunately the DCFD made a terrible night just a little bit easier. And for that PROPS!”

Andrew tweets us the photo above Dec. 20th “Fire at City Market at O”

A reader reports:

“-The fire department has come twice to put out a fire on the 2nd floor and the 7th floor of building 800 P Street NW.

-Both fires were started because something caught on fire on the stove because the tenants were not aware the stove had turned on

-The stoves are electric and have no safety lock. You can see pictures of the stoves on the City Market at O gallery page on the website. And you can see the layout of the apartments on the website too. The kitchen is in the hallway making it even easier to walk by and bump the knobs when walking by because the halls are so narrow.

-Management has been informed by residents that they have had things catch on fire on the stove because they are not aware that it has turned on and that something needs to be done to make them safer but to date they have not done anything to remedy this problem. They received this noticed after the first time the fire department came in November and did nothing and now the fire department came this Sunday and they still have not said anything to the residents or done anything.

-The sprinklers this Sunday and at least a foot of water filled several of the apartments on the 7th floor of 800 P Street NW causing water damage.”


“Dear PoPville,

I am one of the residents that lives in the Lincoln Condominiums on 12th Street where we had the fire on Friday. The entire building is uninhabitable due to the fire damage and extensive water and smoke damage. While we were in a time of need on Friday during the day, watching the building burn, Ben’s Next Door graciously hosted us. After being in the cold for over four hours, we asked several businesses around us for help and Ben’s Next Door came through. They were so nice and helpful, welcomed us with open arms and immediately started bringing us drinks and food. I cannot express how much we appreciated this gesture. In addition, everything was on them. It was a little comfort when we needed it most.”