Photo by Matthew Lawlor

Update: “DDOT reports all the fire activity has cleared and all associated road closures are open.”

From AlertDC:

“MPD reports the road closure 3600 block of Connecticut Avenue NW due to Fire Department activity. Please avoid the area.”

Photo by Michael Ian

Michael Ian reports:

“major fire at Connecticut & Porter in #clevelandpark. Avenue is completely shut down”

Michael Marriott reports:

“Fire officials announce problems RE: the roof. Could go!”


Lee reports:

“Heres a photo of the smoke coming out of the roof of Perry’s/mintwood right after the fire started, before fire department/police response.”

1811 Columbia Rd, NW

Chad reports at 11:45am:

“It’s a major fire. Smoke was just pouring out. All the streets were hazy. Looked like all the kitchen staff stayed up there trying to put it out. They finally had to run out.”


Liz reported:

“Perry’s is apparently on fire again, and this time I definitely see/smell smoke and hear the fire alarms going off inside. At least 6 trucks with more arriving. Seems to be under control though.

Update, firefighters are going in and out of Mintwood, too, and smoke is coming out of the doors there. Looked like they were getting hoses ready. This seems to be a bigger deal than the last incident, but no visible flames.

Columbia Rd is blocked off at Mintwood up to 18th, and the end of Biltmore at Columbia is blocked with parked fire trucks. The 42 bus is offloading at Belmont and just stopping for now.”


Luke reported:

“two ladders up to roof”

From the Mayor’s office:

“FEMS responded to a fire at Mintwood Place and Perrys this morning at approximately 11:00am. The fire did not spread beyond the building, but we spoke with John and Sayid and, as of right now, they are anticipating keeping the restaurants closed for a couple days.

We will work with FEMS, the businesses affected and the Adams Morgan Community as we respond together to this incident.”


A reader asks on twitter:

“Any details on what’s going on by the tidal basin with the coast guard and rescue squads?”

Another reader reports via email:

“Thinking there’s an overturned boat on the Potomac, due to all the wind. There are two coast guard helicopters and a large EMS/MPD presence by the entrance of the tidal basin on the Ohio Dr bridge. Just saw one tweet that said they think it’s an overturned rowing team.”

Update from MPD:

“Small overturned boat. No reported injuries.”

1811 Columbia Rd, NW

Update from Perry’s:

“They went over the place top to bottom (even looking in the walls) and found nothing that posed a risk to anybody’s safety. The whole thing was caused by somebody’s careless disposal of a cigarette. Saied is cleaning up tonight and the restaurant will be open for business tomorrow. [Friday]”

One reader reports at 10:30pm:

“There appears to be some kind of emergency situation on the Perry’s roof. Possibly a fire although I didn’t see or smell any smoke. 5-6 fire trucks and an ambulance, plus a few police officers. Columbia Rd is closed between Mintwood and 18th, the 42 buses are offloading and just stopped in the street. Hopefully everything is fine but the huge emergency response makes me nervous for them.” (more…)


Geoff reports:

“There’s a three ladder fire at the corner of 13th and Columbia NW. It looks like the fire started in the blue house on Columbia as the windows are smashed and there’s signs of smoke damage to the exterior. I’ve never seen so many fire engines and fire fighters for a house fire before. I hope everyone is alright.”