@chronsara tweets us the photo above around 9:30am:

“Sunday morning fire on 17th Street, NW (Komi and Little Serow building?), view from across Stead Park @PoPville”

Deon Glasser emails us the photo below:

“I live across the street from Komi and woke up to a huge fire on the top floor of the Komi building at 1509 17th Street. There’s speculation that a rooftop terrace caught on fire but there’s no way to be sure right now. DC fire department responded in force and quickly put it out. DCFD responded around 9 am this morning.”


I stopped by around 12:30pm and it looked like most of the damage was on the third floor. Komi has one small broken window (maybe to access the space?) Still not clear how significant that damage is on the inside but from outside it didn’t look too bad but obviously there could be serious water damage too. Updates as soon as they’re known. Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted us photos and info.

Komi Sunday 12:30pm

Little Serow Sunday 12:30pm

Whole building 12:30pm

rear 3rd floor 12:30pm


@wkt1969 tweets us the photo above and writes:

“@PoPville fire at convention center. 9th & N”

@DCPoliceDept tweets:

“Traffic Advisory/Fire (Loading Dock) @ 801 Mt. Vernon St NW/Street Closure in the 1100-1200 blocks of 7th & 9th St NW/”

photo 5

Thanks to a reader for updating us with more info at 10:15am:

“I ran into the 2 guys with the most info. They had just pulled their 18 Wheeler into the below ground loading dock when the cab burst into flames! They said it was scary as hell as there were a lot of other trucks there as well. The one guy said… “I just ran! I was first out of the building.”

It looks like it’s under control now. Trucks are starting to depart… And 9th St is starting to open back up.”

More photos and tweets after the jump. (more…)

photos by Michael K. Wilkinson

Thanks to Michael for sending:

“Bad day on Arkansas Avenue Saturday. About 2:15 in the afternoon, a fire broke out on the front porch/balcony of one of the houses in our row (built 1939-1941, architect Joseph Abel). The fire damaged a significant portion of the front of the house, and fire rescue efforts led to smashed windows front and rear from top to bottom and sledgehammered/crow-barred roofs on 2nd and 3rd floors. Significant water damage as well. The house was occupied by one person on the upper floors and one person in a rental apartment on the ground floor, and everyone got out safely. Homeowner’s small Yorkshire terrier was rescued, like in a movie, by a firefighter, who brought the dog to the homeowner among cheers from the crowd of onlookers. Everyone was very worried for the dog up until that moment. A bright moment in an otherwise dark afternoon.”