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“Red Line trains will continuously single track between Takoma and Silver Spring from August 1 through August 7, 2016.

On weekdays:

Red Line trains will run between Shady Grove and NoMa-Gallaudet every 6 minutes during AM/PM rush; every 12 minutes midday and evening. Passengers traveling to stations north of NoMa-Gallaudet must transfer to continue their trip.
Red Line trains will run between Glenmont and Grosvenor every 12 minutes. Customers traveling to stations north of Grosvenor must transfer to continue their trip.
After 10pm trains will run between Shady Grove and Glenmont every 15 minutes.
Customers traveling between Fort Totten and Downtown DC should use the Green Line as an alternative.
All Red Line customers should consider alternate travel options and avoid traveling during rush-hour periods if possible.

Red line trains may be very crowded, especially during rush hour due to severe service reductions. Expect significantly longer wait times at the following stations: (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

I was attacked by 2 teenagers Monday night in Shaw – both had on backpacks. They were both black and wearing black t shirts. One had grey shorts on and the other had sagging khaki pants. Happened on 13th between T and U.

By the time I could call the police, they’d run off. It took me a second to register what happened. Attack was highly unprovoked- I was looking down at my phone and walking to the gym. Literally hit me out of nowhere. The guy who threw the punch said “what you gonna do about it, white b*tch ass f*ggot?” (I guess he could tell by my demeanor and the neighborhood that I’m gay).

Filed a report today with the MPD’s LGBT unit.

Wanted to let you know so others in the area are aware.

Forgot to mention the cop said it could’ve been something called “the knockout game.” Apparently it’s a new trend/game among teenagers in urban areas to try and knock an unsuspecting bystander unconscious with one sucker punch. I hadn’t heard of it until he mentioned it.”

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

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From the DowntownDC BID:

“Statement from Executive Director Neil Albert on WMATA’s Plan to Permanently Eliminate Late-Night Metrorail Service

“The elimination of late-night Metrorail service could halt the transformation DowntownDC has been experiencing over the past 17 years.

“The elimination of late-night Metro service would return Downtown to the year 1999, the last time Metro closed at midnight. That year, the decision was made to extend service hours until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights. Later, in 2007, with strong support from the business community, late-night weekend service was further extended to 3am as Metro’s leadership leveraged private sector investments in the downtown late-night economy. (more…)

dog shot

“Dear PoPville,

There was a shooting in Brightwood around 6:30pm today [Monday] on 7th and Jefferson. I was about 20 feet away walking the dogs I’m dog sitting for. I am fine but unfortunately one of the dogs was hit in the leg. She is being a champ though and is currently being treated at the vet. It’s a shame because there has been a police presence on this particular corner every night. I guess that means shootings are happening during the day when more folks/bystanders are around? Just please be safe everyone.”

Update this morning:

“She’s staying at the vet for now but fortunately shouldn’t need surgery. And props to all the neighbors who came outside when I got back asking how she was doing!”

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“To support long-term maintenance strategy, Metro GM to propose closing rail system at 10 p.m. on Sundays and midnight every other night on a permanent basis

Following rail expert and peer transit agency recommendations, Metro GM/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld plans to propose closing the Metrorail system at 10 p.m. on Sunday nights and continue midnight closures on all other nights beyond the conclusion of the one-year SafeTrack program. The move will require Board approval following a public engagement process this fall. (more…)

1433 H Street, NE

This could be a terrible dagger for H Street if permanent:

“Dear PoPville,

Thought you’d be interested in news from H Street that the Argonaut was closed and padlocked with a no trespassing sign last night (Sunday). No official word, but the manager Shaaren’s latest tweet suggests it could be bad.”

compass coffee
1776 I Street, NW

Thanks to Adam for sending word about the newest Compass Coffee location. Last week we noted La Colombe’s quest for coffee domination with their coming location at the old Dickey’s Frozen Custard space on I Street, NW. Obviously that aggression could not stand unchecked so stay tuned for lots of great coffee options on I Street very soon.

1710 I Street, NW