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“Dear PoPville,

Last night I thought my house had been broken into when I saw a knocked over bookshelf and open window. Without checking much else, I left the apartment to call the police. I also called the apartment manager, who said that no one had been in the apartment that day.

As it turns out, none of our valuables had been stolen, and there were no signs of anyone entering or exiting the open window, just some grubby handprints from someone opening the window from inside. Curiously, the door had been locked with both locks, as maintenance usually does – I only lock one. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

In the wake up the upcoming change of administration- it appears that I, like many Washingtonians, will be searching for new jobs. In the past few weeks, I have been trying to make sense of what the best move would be for me, professionally- as I continue to see postings for forums, lectures and articles about the professional implications of the recent election. I know that I am not the only one at this crossroads- since unfortunately this city’s professional climate is fueled by the changes in administration- but it is hard not to feel overwhelmed with the road moving forward. In fact, I am actually beginning to consider how the skillsets I have gained over the past several years might be translated into a potentially different career path moving forward. I’d love any input on what resources- like a career counselor- might be available as I continue to navigate these next few months and my career.

Photo by PoPville flickr user William E Heaton IV

“Dear PoPville,

On New Year’s Day around 6 PM I made a u-turn at 3rd and D Street NW and nearly hit an SUV. The driver and I both got out of our cars and there appeared to be no damage to either vehicle. There was a group of guys standing on the corner who started to yell out and it didn’t feel like the safest place in DC to be. I asked the other driver if everything was okay and he said yes so with that I got in my car and left. When I got home there was a very light scrape (no dent at all) on the front left side of my car. I obviously want to cover any damage to the other vehicle but not sure at all how to find the other driver. Can you post and connect us if the driver responds?”

Per the usual, email [email protected] and I’ll connect you with OP.


“Dear PoPville,

This car parks nightly, illegally, in front of my building. I called and spoke to parking enforcement today. They told me that if a person can’t find parking and has a zone sticker, they are allowed to park in a no parking zone. That’s insane! It really isn’t difficult to find parking around here, and after seeing this car dozens of times in this spot over the last year, it’s obvious that they’re treating this as their own personal parking spot.

311 routed me to parking enforcement today, and they routed me to a supervisor – who is in vacation until mid-January. That supervisor’s voicemail gave a another for another supervisor, and that number is of course disconnected.

Have you or anyone else heard of this unwritten (maybe it’s written??) rule that parking restrictions only apply some of the time?”

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I love mysteries like this – for the past week or so I’ve been getting numerous tweets and emails from Adams Morgan, Woodley Park and now Glover Park asking:

“Wondering if anyone else heard the national anthem this morning. I walked out of my building (in Glover Park, a few buildings north of the Russian Embassy) at 8am, and distinctly heard the Star Spangled Banner. It wasn’t very quiet. Not sure if it was coming from the Russian embassy, but it sounded like it was coming from that direction.”

Has anyone else heard it (if so what neighborhood?) and have you been able to pinpoint the origin?


“Dear PoPville,

There has been a homeless man living in a bus stop near our house (in Brookland). He’s been there for quite some time (weeks if not a month or more). With the weather turning really cold this week, I went to Walmart and bought him some warm clothes, gloves and a few other things. I gave them to him two nights ago (in a small rolling backpack/suitcase so he could travel with it). He was there this morning when I passed the stop, but this afternoon, he was gone, along with all of his stuff (blankets, etc). The area had been completely cleared out. Does anyone know if the city or WMATA goes around and clears out these areas? I’m afraid that he left for the day and someone came through and took/threw away all of his stuff. Seems unlikely that he packed up all of his things (after weeks) and moved somewhere else.”

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“Dear PoPville,

A contractor is beginning work on a row house next door to me in Columbia Heights. He has requested a meeting for this evening. They plan on popping up and popping back and asking for roof access. Are there steps I should take or negotiate with the contractor to make sure my property is protected?”