Remember compact discs? Remember DVDs? Remember Tower Records? Remember Stetson’s and Millie & Al’s? Wait, what the hell am I remembering? Ah, Fye Music and Movies in Union Station. Yes. Some pretty good sales for those who do like that stuff. And random, random clothing and assorted bric a brac. Anyway you got till mid-late January to get some deals:


660 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Thanks to a reader for passing on from Sapore:

“Sapore is moving…to the Internet! We’re evolving to e-commerce, and we want you to come along. We want to express our gratitude to all of our customers who have supported us for five wonderful years on Capitol Hill. It’s been a very rewarding experience and we appreciate your patronage.

Our storefront will be open and we’re here for your cooking needs and holiday gift giving through Saturday, December 31st.

After that, we invite you to continue to shop for all of your favorite oils and vinegars from our website.

Ed. Note: Sapore opened up near Eastern Market back in March 2012. They were the pioneers of the District’s brick and mortar Olive Oil craze.

located upstairs above the old Mixtec space at 1794 Columbia Road, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was going to book some classes at Bits of Thread, a sewing shop in AdMo that offers great how-to classes, as Christmas gifts but it looks like they’re going under. I’m so bummed! Wishing the best for the owner and all the staff.

“In a creative business like this where overhead is high and margins are low, going through such a slowdown pushed things underwater very quickly. I tried as much as I could to keep things afloat for the sake of our students and the creative community in DC, but unfortunately these efforts were not enough and it is time to let go. Our last day of classes will be December 17th, 2016.”

1770 Columbia Road, second floor

But nearby… “Bristle Hairdressing, opened in August 2016”

1300 Connecticut Ave, NW

This is the former Riccardi Clothier space that closed back in March of 2015.

Jenni Bick’s website says:

“Jenni started making books in 1990, crafting pretty handmade journals and photo albums on her kitchen table, and toting them up and down the east coast to sell at independent bookstores and craft fairs. To improve her craft and learn more about the art of bookbinding, she started importing the magnificent leather bound books she found in little workshops in Italy. When we began to learn about personalizing these books with names and logos, we knew we had found a business we could love and sustain for life.

25 years later, the business has grown to include Jenni’s husband Robby, a crew of 14 dedicated fellow book-lovers, and a tribe of almost half a million satisfied customers. Together, we work hard every day to share our passion with you. We are dedicated to bringing you the best books we can find, decorated as artfully as we can manage, and chosen just for you. After all, you are the one who will fill it, who will give it life; our job is just to make that possible.”


1517 Connecticut Avenue, NW

I keep forgetting to post this (thanks to all who sent word) but in case you haven’t heard Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe is under new ownership and they’re expanding into the old Willie T’s/Marvelous Market space next door. The Washington Post reports:

The new owner and co-founder of &pizza Steve “Salis is taking over an 800-square-foot space next door, most recently inhabited by Willie T’s Lobster Shack, and creating a children’s book annex that is expected to open next week. He plans to build a new coffee bar, add more events space and beef up the store’s lineup of cookbooks, history and nonfiction.

The renovation will continue over the next 18 months, while the store stays open.”


And hey – a free beer if you buy $50 worth of books through Dec. 31st: