Alley behind Simms Place, NE

“Dear PoPville,

Kenyan, you committed to my neighbor on the other side of this property to having this cleaned up last week. She has since reached out on Twitter and you have stopped responding to her.

This garbage has been in this alley for MONTHS behind the north side of Simms Place. The District continues to fail proactive homeowners that want basic services. Multiple 311 requests to Mayor Bowser’s call center have all been closed out as “completed” without any action having been taken.

Not only does that do a disservice in the short-run when trash isn’t picked up, but it cheats reporting. Any honest review of City services can no longer be accurate, closing out these requests so quickly without any action having been taken makes the reporting deceptively prompt and falsely successful. You are setting the Mayor and her administration of services up as a success when in reality nothing is getting done.

The District’s continued neglect of basic services on blocks like this, when residents ask and ask and ask for a fair share of their tax dollars be applied to basic services, is probably why there were multiple shootings in broad daylight on this block last year. Clean up some trash and start enforcing blighted and abandoned buildings. Clean up slums of properties whose landlords have let slide into unsafe and structurally unsound condition.

This is an easy fix!! Can you commit to coming out and getting this pile of trash cleaned up and citing this and very illegally and unsafely kept rental property via DCRA?

Is anyone able to help get this trash moved and this property owner cited? We have given up hope of action from DC 311 and our Council Representative’s office after multiple conventional and unconventional attempts.”

interactive map popville

From a press release:

“On Friday, January 20, the Washington, DC Government will be closed in observance of Inauguration Day. To prepare for the upcoming inauguration, DC Government launched an interactive geographic information system (GIS) map that provides transportation-related information on the National Mall. The map features data such as street closures, parking restrictions, walking routes, ADA shuttle stops, DC Streetcar stops, reunification centers, warming stations, bike amenities and more.”

Due to street closures and parking restrictions for the Presidential Inauguration, specific city services will operate on an alternative schedule: (more…)

1005 North Capitol St, NE. Photo by Tony T Goodman

From a press release:

“Today, Mayor Bowser joined U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro, U.S. Secretary of Veteran Affairs Bob McDonald, and a host of public and private sector partners highlighted the District’s progress in ending veteran’s homelessness and the opening of the John and Jill Ker Conway Residence at North Capitol Commons. With support from local and federal partners, this housing program will help to advance the goal of ending homelessness among veterans in the District.

Named after the late World War II veteran and his wife, the John and Jill Ker Conway Residence includes 60 units of permanent supportive housing for veterans experiencing homelessness and 64 units for District residents who meet the income requirements for affordability. The building has 12 floors and 124 efficiencies – 60 of which are fully furnished – and residents will receive assistance with health needs through case managers. (more…)

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser joined Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Interim Chief Peter Newsham to share Washington, DC’s 2016 crime statistics and announce MPD’s transition to a sector patrol strategy.

Under the Bowser Administration, the District of Columbia has seen a nine percent decrease in total crime, with violent crime down seven percent and property crime down nine percent. In addition, over the past two years, burglaries are down by one-third and car thefts are down by almost one-quarter.

“It is clear that our efforts to create a safer, stronger DC are paying off – over the past two years, property crime has decreased by nine percent and violent crime has decreased by seven percent ,” said Mayor Bowser. “In 2017, we will not let up. Through new initiatives and through enhancements to the programs we already have in place – like the transition to a sector policing model, we will continue making our streets safer and our neighborhoods stronger.”

In 2016, the District saw substantial reductions in almost all categories of crime. Citywide, the District saw a ten percent decline in violent crime, including a 17 percent reduction in homicides and a 13 percent reduction in robberies. The city also saw a four percent decline in property crime, including a 17 percent reduction in burglaries and a 13 percent reduction in motor vehicle thefts. (more…)


From an email:

“D.C. Spent $41 Million in Emergency Contingency Funds Responding to Winter Storm Jonas, and Could Have Saved Money Through Negotiation and Improved Management of Retainer Contracts,” from the Office of the D.C. Auditor.

The report’s major findings include that the District:

· Paid contractors differing amounts for the same services, including evidence that contractors charged D.C. substantially higher than normal rates for emergency snow removal services with no evidence that D.C. employees sought to negotiate better prices.

· Paid at least $93,000 in credit card surcharges as a result of using purchase cards for payments, despite a policy against paying such fees.

· Violated federal procurement law by allowing agencies to purchase subsistence, including $145,193 on food and $521,857 on hotels and lodging.

· Could have saved money through better management of its retainer contracts.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Pablo Raw

PoP-Ed. posts may be written about anything related to the District and submitted via email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail please include PoP-Ed. in the subject line.

“Free Wi-Fi For All of DC

Brandon Todd
Council of the District of Columbia, Ward-4
Chair, Committee on Government Operations

Today, I will be introducing the Wi-Fi Task Force Act of 2017. This bill would create a task force to provide comprehensive policy recommendations on how the District can efficiently provide free wireless internet access thru the construction and operation of a municipality broadband network. Communities across the United States are already successfully operating municipal broadband networks and it is time for the District to foster the development of advanced broadband facilities and services for our communities, residents and visitors.

The District government has forged ahead with inclusive and diverse policies such as increasing the living wage, the minimum wage and expanding the Marion Barry Summer Youth Program with the aim to improve income equality for all District residents. A municipal broadband network providing free wireless internet to the entire District is the next step. (more…)

Photo by PoPville flickr user Susan Bird

From a press release:

“In an effort to provide dignified facilities for residents experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable populations, Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Brianne Nadeau introduced legislation today that would create a plan for the District to provide public restroom facilities, and create incentives for businesses that make restrooms available to the public. Nadeau is the Chair of the Human Services Committee which has oversight of the Interagency Council on Homelessness. The bill was co-introduced by Councilmembers Grosso, Silverman, White, Allen, and Bonds. (more…)


Thanks to all who emailed about this proposed legislation following the the plight of Momma. Ward Four (home to Momma and Petworth) Council Member Brandon Todd tweeted:

“at the first Legislative Meeting of Council Period 22, I will introduce the Extreme Weather Protection for Animals Act of 2017.”

“Will make it illegal to keep animals outside for extended periods in extreme weather & prevent future dogs from suffering like Momma did”

There is also a petition started to encourage other members of the Council to follow suit/support.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Miki J.

From the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor:

“The primary finding of the report is that D.C. is not doing everything it can to protect the personally identifiable information (PII)—Social Security Numbers, date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name—that it collects and stores, leaving the sensitive personal information of millions of people vulnerable to security breaches.

The report’s findings point to wide variations in how District agencies:

• De-identify records so that enough PII is removed and individuals cannot be identified.

• Determine risks and effects of collecting, maintaining, and disseminating PII to mitigate potential privacy risks.

• Develop and conduct security training consistently across all agencies.

• Encrypt databases and digital storage devices containing PII to add additional layers of protection.”

“The D.C. Government Must Improve Policies and Practices for the Protection of Personally Identifiable Information” (PDF)


While I always delight in August Christmas tree sightings, I also like the environment – so be a good steward and get your tree picked up and composted by the 27th!!

From DPW:

“Holiday trees and greenery will be collected from the curb in front of your home through January 27, 2017 and will be composted. Trees and greenery collected after January 27 will be collected with the trash as space permits in the truck. Please remove ornaments, tinsel and other decorations and put the tree(s) and greenery where your trash and recycling are collected.

Just a reminder, apartment buildings with four or more units are required to provide their tenants with solid waste collections, including holiday trees.”