From an email:

“The District of Columbia Sexual Assault Response Team (DC SART) is launching a public awareness campaign to improve public response to sexual assault.

The campaign is called Start by Believing, because a friend or family member is typically the first person a victim confides in after an assault, and each person’s reaction is the first step in a long path toward justice and healing. Knowing how to respond is critical—a negative response can worsen the trauma and foster an environment where sexual assault predators face zero consequences for their crimes.

Research documents that rapists attack an average of six times, which means that one failed response can equal five more victims. Start by Believing will lead the way toward stopping this cycle, by creating a positive community response, informing the public, uniting allies and supporters, and improving our personal reactions. The goal is to change our community and outcomes for victims, one response at a time.

The Start By Believing campaign was developed by End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI). DC SART is comprised of the following organization and government partners: DC Office of Victim Services, DC Metropolitan Police Department, United States Park Police, DC Forensic Nurse Examiners, Network for Victim Recovery of DC, Wendt Center for Loss and Healing, Georgetown University Health Education Services, DC Rape Crisis Center, DC Department of Forensic Sciences, DC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, and United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.

The agencies listed are involved in launching the campaign in the District and are prepared to respond to survivors in our region.  If you or anybody you know has been sexually assaulted, help and resources are available at or for campus specific resources, www.uaskdc.orgTo report a sexual assault, call 911. To obtain resources without reporting to police, call the DC SANE Call Center at 1-800-641-4028.

For more information about the campaign, please visit   For more information about DC SART please visit

1300 block of R Street, NW

Last week we mentioned the standard ways to report a pothole. Soon Potholepalooza will kick off with more:

“Through April, DDOT, the agency responsible for the repair of potholes for the District, will work to repair identified potholes within 48 hours of the request (normal response time is within 72 hours).

Residents and commuters are encouraged to call, go online, tweet, or e-mail to submit requests for pothole repairs (see details below).

Residents can also Track Pothole Repairs.

How to Report a Pothole

Residents and Commuters can notify DDOT in a variety of ways:

Residents can also Track Pothole Repairs.



From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department announced today the deployment of new photo enforced locations beginning on or about March 23, 2015. The deployment locations for the Photo Enforcement Units will be sites where speeding has been identified to be a problem.

The 30 day educational phase, or “warning period”, will commence on or about March 23, 2015. During this period, violators will receive warning citations. After the 30 day warning period, MPD will begin issuing live moving citations to violators. The new photo enforcement locations are [above].”

You can see all locations after the jump. (more…)

IMG_0669 (1)
Photo by Susannah McPhelim

From DDOT:

“You can request pothole repair services by calling the Mayor’s Citywide Call Center at 311 or by completing a service request online using the District government’s Service Request Center.. Please Indicate the pothole location (i.e. address, intersection) and describe the severity of the problem (i.e. depth, width, number of potholes in one location). A service request will be put into the tracking system, and you should receive a service request number.

DDOT’s standard is to repair potholes within three business days (72 hours) of the time they are reported.

You can call 311 or (202) 727-1000 if the pothole hasn’t been repaired by the specified date of completion. Please reference your service request number.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kevin Wolf

“Dear Popville,

I have a tenant who is also my roommate in a 2 bedroom condo. I collect rent from her and all is honky dory, I don’t anticipate any issues and I am always fast to resolve maintenance concerns. It has come to my attention that, although I am only renting out one room, and I live in the unit, I still might need a basic business license. This makes no sense to me, as rooming houses (group houses with multiple occupants) do not require a license. I would really like to not do this for a number of reasons. 1. It seems stupid and unfair. 2. It requires an inspection. 99% of my condo is perfectly fine. However, there are grates over the window in the rental bedroom. My building is a registered historical building with the L’Enfant trust and I cannot make changes to the facade without special permission, which I will be unlikely to get in time for the inspection. I know the reason for the grate regulation is to be able to escape in case of a fire, but the bedroom is pretty much right next to the front door, and the window is probably too small and high up for someone to climb through anyway.

So, do I really need a business license? If I chose to not get one, what is the worst case scenario I might face? If I chose to not get one, should I still report rental income to DC?

I could really use some advice! Having had some shitty landlords myself, I am really dedicated to being a good and attentive landlord, but this just seems excessive.”

750 Park Road, NW

From MPD:

“Good day all, I need your assistance spreading the word to your constituents, readers and neighbors announcing an emergency PSA 407 meeting to address the recent concern for sounds of gunshots & gun violence in the Petworth area. The meeting will be Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 10am, at the Fourth District Substation located at 750 Park Road, NW. The main phone number for the substation is (202) 576-8222.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

Ed. Note: You can add your name to this letter here.

“Dear Mayor Bowser,

In view of the recent shootings, we would be grateful if your office could share a specific plan for addressing gun crime in our neighborhood. A list of gun related crime in the Brightwood/Petworth neighborhood over the last three months is listed below—this list should be considered conservative rather than comprehensive since MPD does not alert citizens to many incidents of “shots fired”. I am certain you agree that this level of violence is unacceptable.
At the end of December, when you “toured” Ward 4, you promised additional resources would be coming to the neighborhood.

Have these resources been deployed? Can you provide us with more information on what these additional resources are? Do you think the existing strategy is working, and might you consider other options? Are as many MPD resources being dedicated to our Ward as possible? (Side note: there are routinely 3-5 squad cars being used to direct traffic in the Costco parking lot in NE. Surely these limited MPD resources could be better used elsewhere, even if not re-directed to Ward 4).

While your attention to the situation in December was appreciated, residents would feel more reassured by a precise strategy—not ambiguous letters to the neighborhood, “tours”, and calls for us residents to be “mindful of our surroundings”. One of the shootings last Thursday was in broad daylight at 2:30PM; what is the suggestion for being “mindful” of this kind of violence? In December you said that “no resident should expect to live in fear in Washington, DC”. You are right. We need more information from your office about the action plan for “stop[ping] violence before it starts”.

• March 16, 2015—Multiple shots fired, 3rd and Upshur, NW
• March 12, 2015—Shooting, 5300 Block of 4th Street, NW
• March 12, 2015—Shooting (Homicide), 8th and Jefferson, NW
• February 23, 2015—“Car shot up”, 400 Block of Kennedy, NW
• February 16, 2015—Multiple shots fired, Illinois and Farragut, NW
• January 25, 2015—Multiple shots fired, South of Petworth Metro Station, NW
• December 28, 2014—Multiple shots fired, 700 Block of Varnum St, NW
• December 26, 2014—Shooting, 13th and Gallatin, NW
• December 25, 2014—Shooting, 700 Block of Emerson
• December 24, 2014—Shooting (Homicide), 3900 Block of 14th St, NW
• December 23, 2014—Shooting (Homicide), 900 Block Delafield, NW
• December 23, 2014—Shooting, 9th and Jefferson NW
• December 18, 2014—Shooting, Georgia and Quincy, NW
• December 15, 2014—Multiple shots fired, 9th and Quincy, NW
• December 14, 2014—Shooting, 800 Block Emerson, NW
• December 14, 2014—Shooting, 4600 Block of 9th St, NW
• December 12, 2014—Shooting, Georgia Avenue and Park Rd, NW”


Ed. Note: On the Shaw Listserv ANC 6E02 Commissioner, Kevin L. Chapple, says: “DPW has already been notified and will be collecting the debris today.”

“Dear PoPville,

It looks like one of our neighbors on Marion St got evicted late last week, and all their belongings were put on the sidewalk. Initially I figured they had a trash pick up coming, but after the garbage bags were ransacked, the Friday night rainstorm and the wind today, the street looks like a warzone. Does anyone in PoPville have a good recommendation on who specifically to call?”


Another reader adds:

“Not sure if The District officials care at all. But this has been the scene outside on Marion Street NW (between Q & P streets). It’s an eye sore. On the way to work Friday morning (3/13), I noticed the a few men wearing US Marshall coats and several others that looked to be just labor workers.

The labor workers began moving things from maybe one or more units at 1544 Marion Street NW. By the time I came home from work (approximately 6pm), this was the scene and has been since.”


Photo by PoPville flickr user number7cloud

From DPW:

“Finally, it looks like the weather will cooperate with mild temperatures to allow the Department of Public Works to start its residential mechanical street sweeping program Monday, March 16. This seasonal sanitation program is scheduled to run each year from March 1-October 31 but the start has been delayed because of weeks of wintry weather.

Signs are posted that identify the days of the week and hours of the day when parking restrictions will be enforced so the sweepers can clean the streets effectively. The fine for violating this restriction is $45. Street sweeping parking restrictions will not be enforced until the sweeping program resumes March 16.”