1334 U Street, NW

Well, they put up a good fight

Vivid’s Facebook page says:

“Vivid Lounge will quickly become your favorite destination this summer! We will bring some new flavor to the District by catering to a diverse crowd and offering great deals on drinks & food. Also, did we mention we’re located at the heart of DC’s historic U St. Corridor? More info coming soon.”

Handsome Cock (formerly Touchdown, and Momo’s sports bar), above the Codmother, is now Vivid Lounge.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

1220 H Street, NE

This could be very cool – the liquor license placard for Dynamix Lounge, right next door to Sticky Rice, says:

“New Class “C” Tavern featuring poetry and spoken word and offering alcoholic beverages. Total Occupancy Load of 75. Offering Live Entertainment, which includes Dancing and Cover Charge.”

Stay tuned.

3632 Georgia Ave, NW

From an email:

“Join neighborhood activist group and Women’s March Huddle, Petworth Persists, for a “Hear Our Voices” Postcard Party at Walters Sports Bar from 5-7 pm on Saturday.

While D.C. residents don’t have voting representation on the Hill, we do have voices – and we’re louder together. Stop by on Saturday to send a collective message to Congress while meeting like-minded neighbors and enjoying Happy Hour specials on the back patio.


courtesy St. Yves

From a press release:

“St. Yves, a newly opened clubhouse, presents an intimate setting steeped in sophisticated glamour. Owned by David Chung and Ki Jun Sung—the team behind some of DC’s most defining nightlife venues of the last two decades including Capitale, Chinese Disco, Mason Inn, George, K Street Lounge, and Daedalus—St. Yves is an instant, Instagramable stunner.

The 150-seat, two-story, historical landmark located at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Jefferson Street, assumes a hybrid occupation of daytime corporate happy hours and special events with evenings and weekends taking on the energy of a late night hot spot. “We have learned so much about the nightlife culture of the DC metro area and have pivoted in a unique way. We present an intimate, elevated social setting that is not a waitlist-restaurant or crowded, delirious bar. It’s providing a place where everyone wants to be,” says co-owner, Ki Jun Sung. (more…)

1720 14th Street, NW

One of the first pioneers of 14th Street 3.0 is closing later this year according to the Washington Business Journal:

“Cork will combine its wine bar and market businesses into the latter’s building at 1805 14th St. NW, according to a source with knowledge of the changes.”

Cork Wine Bar opened up in the former Sparky’s cafe back in 2008. They were also one of the first to start the District’s wine bar craze. Updates when more is known about the move.

1805 14th Street, NW. RIP Pulp too.

Good Silver 2
courtesy The Good Silver

And by “very soon” they mean tomorrow!!

Check out the opening menu: The Good Silver Grand Opening Menu (PDF)

From a press release:

“The team behind Ivy and Coney (Josh Saltzman, Chris Powers, and Adam Fry) and new partner, Carrie Dzwil, are excited to announce The Good Silver, at 3410 11th St. NW in Columbia Heights, will open Tuesday, May 9th at 5pm.

Remember when you were a kid, and mom would break out the “good” plates? It pays homage to a time when the everyday was elevated, simply by caring a little bit more. Don’t expect the finest forks or vintage China, but instead, a focus on quality food and drink in a casual atmosphere.

On the drinks side, Dzwil has incorporated some of her favorite seasonal flavors into a variety of shrub-based cocktails which bring out the best of local produce for some refreshing, tart and not too sweet offerings. A spring highlight is her Lemongrass Ice Pick, which combines lemongrass-infused Civic Vodka from local distillery Republic Restoratives, honey-ginger syrup, iced tea and fresh sage. It has kept everyone sane and hydrated after (or during) long, hot days of construction. The drink menu also includes a sparkling shrub punch for four, and a concise but excellent liquor and craft beer list that includes local distilleries and breweries. (more…)

3410 11th Street, NW between Park and Monroe

KBC’s replacement, from the owners of Ivy & Coney, The Good Silver is nearly here!! Have a sneak peek inside and get ready to go “very soon”:


“While we still believe hotdogs are a primary food group, The Good Silver will focus on simple seasonal ingredients, pickled veggies, cured meats and a certain banquet beer combo. Think local heirloom tomatoes in August, or strawberries in June, but when Winter arrives a BLT featuring tomato jam or rum punch spiked with a best-of-the-season strawberry shrub will be on the menu. We will also be adding some cutting-edge technology such as credit card machines, bar spoons, and level floors. What a time to be alive!


The Good Silver is all about getting the best out of life without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Remember when you were a kid, and mom would break out the “good” plates, or grandma would take the plastic off the sofa and let you sit on the “good” part? It pays homage to a time when the everyday was elevated, simply by caring a little bit more. Don’t expect the finest forks or vintage China, but instead, a focus on customer service and quality ingredients for both drink and food. No need to dress up here; we welcome anyone who’d like to have a Manhattan in their footie-jammies.

The Good Silver was designed by The Knights Who Say Ni architecture firm and features a large reclaimed oak bar, wallpaper, and two shrubberies (one slightly higher than the other, with a little path between, and not too expensive). The space will feature 18 bar seats, a few tables, and a 16 person patio.”

Couple more shots after the jump. (more…)

no dacha

Whoa thanks to John for sending:

“The Dacha backlash has already started. I counted 17 “No Dacha on S Street” signs during my walk down S Street, NW.”

Yesterday we learned about Dacha’s plans for the current parking lot at 14th and S Street, NW (1740 14th Street, NW):

“New Class C Tavern serving American fare. Sidewalk café with 150 seats and a Summer Garden with 450 seats. Total Occupancy Load of 600.”

Update from Greg Pulscher: “I found this yards sign combo far more entertaining.”