251 Florida Ave, NW

Well this turned out awesome.

From a press release:

“Owner Matt Weiss (201 Bar, Barrel, Union Pub & McClellan’s Retreat) is poised to open his latest venture Truxton Inn, a neighborhood cocktail bar. Situated at the crossroads of Florida Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue in Bloomingdale, Truxton Inn is set to debut Tuesday, May 2nd.
Truxton Inn’s cocktail program is under the direction of Brian Nixon, who also runs the bar at McClellan’s Retreat in Upper Dupont Circle.

“First and foremost, we were looking to create a neighborhood bar, with really great cocktails,” explains Nixon. The menu at Truxton Inn is separated into two parts, The Classics featuring six classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Negroni and Manhattan and six that are Recommendations, Nixon and team’s interpretation of those classics. Highlights from the Recommendations menu include the JFK on Vacay with Maui Pineapple Rum, Rhum Agricole, Passionfruit, Lime and House Made Mulled Simple Syrup, the No sé – groni with Ilegal Joven Mezcal, Peychaud’s Aperitivo, Punt E Mes and the Truxton Inn Manhattan with Truxton Inn Select Whistle Pig Barrel 276, Antica Carpano, Benedictine and Angostura Bitters. Both menus will change every other month.


In addition to cocktails, the menu will offer a select list of beers and wine, including local beers like 3 Stars and DC Brau. Nixon also plans on using local spirits, like One Eight Distilling Vodka and their Rock Creek Rye, Republic Restoratives Civic Vodka, Murlarkey Gin, Cotton & Reed Rums and All Spice Dram. Another fun touch are “Snaiquiris,” Nixon’s mini version of the JFK on Vacay, his take on a classic daiquiri.

Like McClellan’s Retreat, Truxton Inn is an warm, intimate space, fashioned to feel like a neighborhood bar that has been a fixture for many years. They will offer small bites like charcuterie and cheese, as well as Texas style Kolaches from Republic, an owner favorite.

Weiss and long time collaborator Molly Allen worked together on the design of the space, aiming to create the feel of a classic Inn or hotel bar, but with a more modern aesthetic. A green marble bar top, antique couches and funky light fixtures complete the space, which seats 50. A patio is planned for the warmer months.”

Tons more photos after the jump (more…)

14th and Irving Street, NW

A couple days we learned that Acre 121 would be closing May 1st in Columbia Heights and a new spot from the Hilton Brothers would be coming to the space in a couple of months. That new space is going to be a biker bar! Not Harley Davidson but more like Public. I spoke with Arturo Zaloga who is the visionary behind the project and he explained that the bar is inspired by European bicycling culture. Think Amsterdam and “French nouveau meets Flash Art”. I don’t really know what “French nouveau meets Flash Art” means but I do know there will be Doner Kebab and that is very very good news indeed! And knowing the Hilton brothers other spots, I’m pretty confident the decor will be pretty sweet as well.

Oh yeah I almost forgot the Belgian beers. The bar will be “very beer oriented”. The vision is to have the menu split between Belgian beers and cheap local beers. That way there is “something for everyone.” There will be cocktails as well but this is a beer spot – so of course there will be beer cocktails too. Did I mention the Doner Kebab? Stay tuned for many more details as they get closer to opening in a couple months.

acre 121
14th and Irving Street, NW

End of a mini-era – Acre 121 took over the former Commonwealth (remember Commonwealth?!?) space back in 2011. And May 1st they will close for a couple months for renovations. When they reopen, there will be a completely new restaurant bar collaboration with the current owners and Ian and Eric Hilton. Ian and Eric have one or two other spots around town. Stay tuned for many more details but in the meantime get your last taste of Acre 121 this week!

acre cohi

franklin hall
1346 Florida Avenue, NW

Last week when we spoke about Maydan, from the owners of Compass Rose, coming to the Manhattan Laundry building – some folks noted that there was major construction going on Florida. They were looking at the space that will shortly be Franklin Hall. Back in August we learned Franklin Hall would be a:

“New Tavern. Serving a fine selection of draft beers, wine and craft cocktails. The food will be selections of sausages, giant pretzels and fries. Entertainment Endorsement to provide live entertainment, dancing, and cover charge. Total Occupancy Load is 232. Summer Garden with 40 seats.”

Gotta be days away from opening:


You can see more (better) photos of the interior on Tin Shop’s website. Tin Shop are also partners in Smoked & Stacked, Big Chief, Lost & Found, Penn Social and others. Stay tuned for an exact opening date.

Eleanor ivy city

Holy mackerel – my dream is becoming a reality!! For those still doubting the hotness of Ivy City – behold The Eleanor from Adam Stein and Nick Freshman:

“The Eleanor will be a Bar and Restaurant from several of the city’s industry veterans. Located at 1900 Kendall Street, Washington, D.C. in the Ivy City Neighborhood, the space is just under 7000 square feet to accommodate four bowling lanes, event/music space, movie screen, bar, arcade, large outdoor patio, and kitchen. From bar stools, to high-top seating, couches/lounge areas for seating at the lanes, and outdoor patio, we are expecting an occupancy of around 300 people. (more…)

midlands block
3333 Georgia Ave, NW (left hand side)

Thanks to a reader for the heads up in this morning’s rant/revel – from The Midlands:

“Since we opened in November we have met many wonderful people in the community and we love that The Midlands has become a gathering place for the neighborhood. Watching the garden filled with adults, dogs and children is a wonderful sight. Sadly, we need to change our rules regarding children. We didn’t come to this decision lightly because we understand how difficult it can be for parents to find a place where their whole family is welcome. We know this because some our best friends and employees are parents. We know all you want is a relaxing place to bring your kiddo and enjoy a drink with your friends, but unfortunately there are safety concerns that have been brought to our attention. (more…)

hill country bm 401 f st nw
401 F Street, NW back in 2103

A liquor license placard for Hill Country Summer Barbecue at the National Building Museum says:

“New “C” Tavern with 250 seats and a Total Occupancy Load of 499. Applicant has requested a Summer Garden endorsement and Entertainment Endorsement to include Dancing.”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Saturday 12 pm – 11 pm. In previous years (2013/2014) the set up was described as:

“The immensely popular outdoor experience will open Thursday, May 1 and run through Labor Day weekend. In addition to award-winning Texas-style barbecue and ice-cold Shiner beers, the Backyard Barbecue will offer live music from local and touring artists.”

I assume they’ll aim to open May-Labor Day again – updates when they issue their full press release.

3655 Georgia Ave, NW

Major progress at Reliable Tavern!! Their facebook page says opening Winter 2017 – looks like it’ll be worth the wait:


“Reliable Tavern aims to be your classic, professional, neighborhood tavern with two floors, pool tables, live music and dedicated nights for the science and queer community of Petworth and greater DC. Food will be provided by Republic Kolache, an amazing and delicious pop up food vendor who will have a home with us. Keep an eye on our social media for updates!! We look forward to serving our community!”

black rooster pup popville
1919 L Street, NW

With Mackey’s moving and yesterday’s post about the Black Rooster Pub it got me wondering about the best happy hour spots downtown these days? If you work downtown and want to grab a drink with colleagues after work, where do you go? Do you usually stay downtown or do you all go to another neighborhood? It had been years since I stopped by Black Rooster – but they were as solid as I remembered (with Golden Tee too!) Is Bottom Line still popular? The Exchange?