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Tips for a Keeping a Car in the City:

“Wondering if you have any advice for me- I’m looking to purchase a car and keep it in the city. (I live in Logan Circle.) After more than a decade relying on mass transit and walking (here in and New York), I need to cut back on standing/walking due to a health condition.

How realistic is it to get a car in the city? I live .6 miles away from my employer, where parking 24/7 is offered for $250/month.

Any advice is helpful, but please don’t snark on me for getting a car while living in a walkable area. Trust me, if I could keep doing without a car, I would!”

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The Washington Post reported on Friday:

“A woman swam to safety in the Chesapeake Bay Friday night after her car plunged 40 feet off the Bay Bridge following a collision.”

I can’t believe she was able to, thankfully, swim to safety. Absolutely amazing. And terrifying that it could happen.

She tells NBCWashington:

“Everything around me exploded,” Lake said. “Glass everywhere, airbag in my face and I felt that this was it.”

View more videos at: http://nbcwashington.com.

“Dear PoPville,

Today at around lunch (12:15 ish) I saw an International Limousine Service van back into a car at 13&I NW (This is the corner of Franklin Park, the corner with the greek restaurant). It was a purple box-type car (like the Scion, but I don’t know for sure that it was a Scion). If this is your car, let me know and I’ll give you all the driver’s information that I took down, because he sure didn’t leave it.

I’ve already called to leave a message with the guy’s manager. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have called at all because it wasn’t a very hard hit and might not have even left a scratch. But the driver just had to flick me off when he realized I saw him hit the car. Nail in your coffin, dude. If only I’d gotten a picture of him doing it — hell of a day to leave my phone at the office.”

If this is your car please email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail.com

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Dear PoPville,

A manhole exploded Sunday morning around 10am at 5th and Florida in the same exact instant that a car was driving over it – with the effect of catapulting the car up and forward. The car eventually crashed in the light pole at the north west corner of the intersection. I was returning from the gym so did not see the conditions of the driver but my neighbor reports it did not look good.

The corner was closed for a bit until they took the driver away in ambulance and removed the car… Not a good adventure! I remember these events were common a few years ago but I thought Pepco fixed it at the time! Very scary!