04/15/14 3:45pm


From DC Brau:

“April 15th, starting at 5pm – A big THANK YOU from DC Brau with $3 pints of Public, Citizen & Corruption all night!

Also on draft:
9th Gate, Bete Noire, Brainless Corruption, Exaltation, Heurich’s Lager, Natas, Natas Nitro, Pauncy English Stout, Penn Quarter Porter, The Tradition, Everyday Junglist, Catoctin Creek Barrel-Aged Citizen, Red Wine Barrel-Aged Yonder Cities, Maple Syrup Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Heurich’s Lager, Plus two special casks! $3 Public, Citizen and Corruption ALL NIGHT!”

Meridian Pint is located at 11th and Park Rd, NW

@mayorvincegray tweets:

“Happy 3-year anniversary to @dcbrau – were the first brewery to operate within the District since 1956.”


03/30/14 10:22pm

1412 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“This new (maybe 2 weeks old) sign for ‘Craft Beer’ has me intrigued, though I may be getting ahead of myself as I can’t find any information on what this might be. New signage appeared at 1412 Pennsylvania SE, the old location of Indigo Frenzy which closed a few months ago, but I see no permits in the windows & cant find anything online. Any ideas? In a peek through the window there do seem to be stacks of boxes of 750mL bottles.”

Anyone know if it’s a bar or store? I’m getting some google hits for a sports bar called Shooter’s but can’t see any details. 1412 Pennsylvania Ave, SE is located right near the Potomac Ave metro stop a few storefronts down from Trusty’s and Wisdom.

Update – reader finds their facebook page: 1412 Hops & Vine

“Local wine and craft beer store, with a selection that will make your head spin. We’re glass half empty kind of people, come see why…

Here at 1412 Hops & Vine, we think a full glass is overrated. A full glass means you haven’t tasted anything yet, it means you’re still missing out on the good stuff. At 1412 Pennsylvania Avenue, we believe in grabbing life by the growler handle and chugging deeply. Don’t know what a growler is? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you, that’s what we’re here for. Well, that and to quench your thirst. 1412 Hops & Vine has over 250 unique beers and wines. That’s something for everyone, from the newb just wetting their whistle, to the guy or gal that’s brewing at home. No matter where you fall in that spectrum, you’ve come to the right place.

So go ahead and drink up. After all, we’re “glass half empty” kind of people.”


03/26/14 10:22pm

923–925 5th Street, NW

Some details about the second planned Dacha Beer Garden coming to Mt. Vernon Square from a liquor license application:

“New Tavern, The establishment will offer a choice of draft beers and light fare. 
Food will be pre-cooked offsite and reheated on site. It will be outfitted with a 20’-foot x 8’-foot pre-fabricated building that will be connected to public sewer and water supply and will have the following functions; 1. To provide service counter space, 2. Store and refrigerate beer kegs, 3. Reheat remotely prepared light fare on a gridle, 4. Wash beer glasses in a code compliant three compartment sink, 5. Wash glasses in an automatic glass washer, Store a supply of bottled water in an under counter refrigerator.

Total Occupancy load #35. Summer Garden-Seats #150. With Live Entertainment

Hours of operation are listed as Sunday through Saturday: 8am-2am. Though live entertainment in the summer garden (occurring or continuing after 6pm) is listed as Sunday through Saturday: 8am–8pm.


03/25/14 5:00pm


From an email:

“This month’s version of Vintage Game Night at the President Woodrow Wilson House will feature Beltway Brewing Company of Virginia. The Sterling, VA brewery serves as a host for partner and contract brewing, professionally producing high quality craft beer for those who cannot build or expand their own breweries. Vintage Game Night will feature their house brand IPA and Amber Ale at the bar.

Vintage Game Night is a monthly happy hour at the President Woodrow Wilson House, featuring games from the 1920s, 30s and 40s.  Every first Wednesday from 5:30 to 8:00pm, the Dupont area museum partners with a local craft brewery for a vintage gaming happy hour.  Kick back with a local brew where Wilson would have lounged, play games the Wilson family would have played and enjoy a unique game night experience unlike anything else in DC.

Ticket price includes entrance to the museum, 2 drink vouchers, gaming munchies, and all-you-can-play vintage board games.  (Wine and soda also available. Additional drinks may be purchased.)

April 2, 2014,  5:30 – 8:00pm
$15 per person.
Tickets available online here or at the door. [2340 S Street Northwest]“

03/21/14 12:30pm

1216 18th Street, NW at the corner of Jefferson just off Connecticut Ave

When we learned the Sauf Haus Bier Hall + Garten was opening above the Dupont Shake Shack this summer I didn’t realize how big the garten part would be. Though we knew it would have a summer garden with 210 seats I had a tough time conceptualizing that space. But walking by it yesterday you can see how huge it’ll be – this has the potential to be very very awesome:


03/10/14 10:22pm

1216 18th Street, NW at the corner of Jefferson just off Connecticut Ave

Finally an opening date for the former Guitar Shop space located right about Dupont’s Shake Shack.

We previously learned it would be an:

“Upscale tavern serving European sausages, hotdogs, pretzels and popcorns featuring DJ and background music. No designated dance floor – no dancing. Summer Garden with 210 seats. Seating capacity is 60. Total occupancy load is 330.”

Now we have a name – Sauf Haus – coming this summer: