Wawa coming to former City Sports space on 19th Street Downtown

1111 19th Street, NW

City Sports closed back in December 2015. And now it is the future home to DC’s first Wawa!! Yesterday when we first broke news of a coming Wawa some commenters wrote that it’d be coming to the former City Sports on 19th Street. And now that appears accurate after DCist got word from their own tipster:

“One Wawa will be located downtown at 1111 19th Street NW, per a tipster who asked to remain anonymous but was able to provide documentation confirming the address. It will be a “comprised deli kiosk setup,” according to the tipster.”


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  • hello, lunch!

  • hello, drunken late night mac and cheese.

  • this is right near my work. and right next to the dunkin. did my dreams just come true?

  • Don’t get it.

    • Me either. I mean, I like their ice tea, but would someone please explain to unenlightened me why people are so excited. Or rather what I should be ordering?

      • I am not a coffee drinker but I know many people who go there in the morning for their coffees. In terms of food definitely get something made fresh vs. pre-made in the cooler. I stick to the hoagies/sandwiches over quesadillas or paninis. In the fall (sept to dec?) they have a thick sliced turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce sandwich called a turkey gobbler which is ridiculously good. Get that every time or the bowl version which is over stuffing. Don’t go in thinking this is going to be Fast Gourmet/Sundevich/best sandwich shop level. This is quick food, made in front of you, that you can highly customize, that Wawa fans find to be a lot better than Potbelly/Subway/fast food. Lastly their iced tea, as you mentioned, is somewhat well known. The lemonade iced tea is my go to drink. Plus grab some soft pretzels by the register. Not the ones with dipping cheese or stuffed with other crap.

    • just like Dunkin Donuts and other places, it’s mostly driven by nostalgia to where they grew up.

  • This is confirmed. You can check permit status here: https://eservices.dcra.dc.gov/obpat/default.aspx Wawa does come up under 1111 19th Street.

  • Still miss City Sports and Wawa does nothing for me.

    • binntp

      +1. City Sports was my go-to place for buying affordable running attire, with the added bonus that all of their clothes had pockets–real pockets, like, big enough to hold more than a single key.

  • Hoagies before work, hoagies after work. 2017 has just gotten inherently better!!

  • I have no idea about Wawa. But the collective excitement makes me super sad I’ll be leaving my job across the street from here in 3 weeks.

  • bah! Why does west of the White House downtown get ALL of the good places!

  • Philly-style Soft Pretzels.

    That is all.