Video of Protest Violence outside the Turkish Ambassador’s Residence at Sheridan Circle


Update: “Today, Mayor Bowser issued the following statement regarding the violent confrontation outside of the Turkish ambassador’s house on Tuesday, May 16:

“What we saw yesterday – a violent attack on a peaceful demonstration – is an affront to DC values and our rights as Americans. I strongly condemn these actions and have been briefed by Chief Newsham on our response. The Metropolitan Police Department will continue investigating the incident and will work with federal partners to ensure justice is served.”

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  • I’m confused about the multiple witness accounts (although clearly it just happened so I’m sure it will become clearer later). Was this Turkish Embassy security that caused the injuries? Or was it Park Police or DC police (I can’t tell exactly who is in the video)? They seem to be helping though……

  • Lion of LeDroit

    Welcome to the Middle East. Some of the shittiest governments on the planet. 🙁

    • Just curious, have you been following American politics lately?

          • Lion of LeDroit

            On its worst day, the government of the United States is still 10x more decent to the vast majority of its own people than most of the governments of the Middle East. A lot of folks here have very little sense of perspective; we should (and do) strive to compel our own government to constantly improve and to not succumb to our collective worst fears (as this current administration is prone to doing), but let’s not overreact and remain grateful that, at least in the modern era, our government doesn’t engage in acts of utter cruelty, barbarism and wanton disregard for the rule of law that is the hallmark of so many governments around the world, and especially those in the Middle East. On the whole, we still have it really, really good, even under this absurd joke of an administration. If you need a reminder of how good you have it, I’d welcome y’all to a family reunion where my relatives can recount to you the extent of the sadistic cruelty exacted by the government of Iraq upon its own citizens for decades. Perspective folks.

          • +1, Lion of LeDroit. To the other posters, talk to people who have lived under dictatorships (like my parents). Talk to people who are from countries where, today, there is no rule of law. At all.

          • Or talk to a black person in America, we beg to differ

      • Just curious, have you ever heard of the war in drugs? Just asking.

        • Lion of LeDroit

          I’ll take it as a sign of just how adorably oblivious U.S. citizens are that some believe that the worst excesses of the U.S. government are comparable to those of the government of Iraq’s, or Turkey’s for that matter. I guess we all live in our little fantasy land.

          • I don’t think anyone’s saying that. I think the point is that despite how good the Middle East thinks we have it, we also have our own problems to worry about, in addition to changing the Middle East’s dirty diapers.

          • Funny, I’m a foreign aid worker who has lived in: Iraq, Indonesia, Russia, Kosovo, Philippines, Yemen, Afghanistan, and yes, Turkey (plus about 20 more) and Americans of color are as afraid (justifiably, in my opinion) of police as anywhere else I’ve ever been.

  • Thank you POP for this news! I am so glad I checked your site before heading out to pick up my kids via car. They goto daycare near this area. I would have been stuck in a massive traffic jam. Instead I was able to jump on my bike and grab them with a bike trailer.

  • This is what happens when Trump invites dictators to the US

  • I work nearby and saw the whole thing. The Kurds/anti-Erdogan protesters were on the grassy parts and sidewalk of the circle and the pro-Erdogan/Turkish gov/hired muscle were on the other side of the street in front of the residence. The protesters were loudly chanting and yelling, and I think threw a couple of water bottles, but otherwise peaceful. Suddenly a bunch of men from the pro-gov’t side sprinted into the circle and started violently beating as many people as they could. You can see in the video there are some guys in suits and some guys in greenish khaki pants and jackets. The former are probably embassy staff and the latter I think are strictly there for things like this. They were definitely the most violent, and at around 25 seconds in you can see them waving another one of their guys back. The Secret Service and MPD were not at all a part of the violence. They were unprepared for what happened, but I think they did a fairly good job getting things under control. It was an absolutely crazy thing to witness.

    • Didn’t a similar thing happen a little while back when a pro Turkish government thug tried beating a reporter but DC police stood in the way and protected her?

    • The Post is reporting that only two people were arrested (and didn’t say which side they were on). That seems insufficient for what I can see in the video. Could diplomatic immunity protect the attackers?

      • I’m almost positive the two people arrested were protesters. The police and secret service seemed to just let the embassy thugs run back over to their side. I doubt anything will happen to them, despite there being video evidence of them committing assault with a deadly weapon (kicking people in the head while they are on the ground). Diplomatic immunity is the worst.

  • Wow. If you look closely at the second video, you can see multiple guys in suits (who charged the protestors and overwhelmed the cops that were there) just mercilessly kicking a woman and elderly guy who are lying on the ground. If those are Turkish embassy staff, they should be charged with assault. That is shameful..

  • Sounds like DC gov should schedule an incredible amount of sidewalk work right in front of the ambassador’s residence. We’re talking jack hammering at 7am for, say, six months. Just a gentle reminder that the ambassador is a guest of this city, and doesn’t get to use the same thuggish tactics that seem to fly in Turkey.

  • Nobody shot, nobody tasered, loads of people committing assault in broad daylight and almost no one arrested. All of the criminals involved were white. Yay for colorblind justice! Oh, wait…

    • This is the result of the blatant and egregious abuse of diplomatic immunity by the Turkish government, not racism. Absolutely apples and oranges.

  • This was likely coordinated and done as a show of force to his people back in Turkey. Its was a brilliant move by Erdogan.. just as his fake coup.