Today’s Rental is “Amazing, cozy 1-bedroom” (reader request)

518 Hobart Pl., NW

This rental is located at 518 Hobart Pl., NW. The Craigslist ad says:

“$1349 / 1br – 350ft2 – Amazing, cozy 1-bedroom townhouse apartment


Amazing 1-bedroom basement apartment at 518 Hobart Pl., NW in Columbia Heights/Park View. Townhouse built in 2013. New stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer, modern bathroom, security system, much sunlight. 350 sq. ft. Near Georgia Ave bus line, Columbia Heights Metro, Howard University, MedStar, Petworth and Shaw.

Contact me to schedule a time.

$1349 per month, plus $1349 security deposit. $50 for application. Includes background check, employment check, credit score check. If accepted, an additional $50 processing fee. Available for 12 to 36 months.

Landlord asks for a minimum household income of $47,215 ($1349 monthly rent x 35= $47,215) and credit score above 650.

No smoking, pets ok on case by case basis. $300 non-refundable pet fee. No fees for move-in/move-out.”

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  • NH Ave Hiker

    Wow 350 sq ft is tiny.

  • WOW, $2800 before I even put a box in the apartment.

  • “$50 processing fee”. Does the landlord work for Ticketmaster?

    • Ha! I too thought that sounded a little bogus. A $50 application fee sounds a bit steep — SmartMove does a credit/criminal check for $30 — and then another $50 after the tenant is accepted?? Just call it a $50 “move-in” fee and be done with it.

  • At least it’s posted on Craigslist and doesn’t have a broker fee, as well. DC is still pretty well insulated from the standard three-four month payout required (first and last month, security deposit, broker fee) to rent many places in other cities. Fees for background checks are also typical. Not to say there aren’t rentals that can be exceptions in any city, but two months of rent and some fees is not insane to me.

    • I don’t think you can require first and last in DC (only 1 month’s rent as a deposit would seem to preclude requiring pre-payment of the last month’s rent). Brokers are uncommon here, and when used by a landlord, are usually paid by the landlord (usually just a property management company that does the renting and gets the lease signed for a one-month’s-rent fee). The fee for the background check is fine, but the additional processing fee is stupid. What exactly are they “processing” for the basement of a single-family home?

      • Maybe something to do with paying someone to execute the lease for them, but could be anything including money toward cleaners…it does seem randomly tacked on and I would probably ask if I were interested.

  • Pet peeve: Fridge opens the wrong way.

  • This math seems really odd… “Landlord asks for a minimum household income of $47,215 ($1349 monthly rent x 35= $47,215)” I mean, I can see x36 since that means that rent doesn’t exceed 33.3% of your income (although that is also pretty arbitrary), but where does the 35 come from?