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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: TMI, but I am freaking the hell out this morning because apparently someone from a place called Capitol Processing Services has been looking for me. I looked it up and they’re basically a place that serves people — as in like, legal documents. I have literally no idea why they are looking for me. I’ve never done anything wrong! I don’t owe anyone anything, etc. What the hell? Does anyone know anything about this place or have any guidance or advice?
    Rant: My family is a mess, my mom has cancer, I have a million other things going on — I can’t deal with this now.
    Rave: A big thank you to That One Guy who treated me to bingsoo this weekend, which soothed my anxious soul — at least temporarily.

    • It could be a subpoena, where someone ELSE is in trouble, it could be a long lost relative, insurance, etc. Don’t avoid service, esp. if you’re not aware of anything negative. The likelihood of being served at work/other public/inconvenient place grows if you avoid at home.

      • Thank you. Best case scenario is that I’m the wrong person and they’re looking for a previous tenant — my front desk said they couldn’t confirm it was for me since they’re not allowed to give out personal information including my name or apartment number (which is comforting, at least). I guess I’ll figure it out when I get home. They left their number and other info.

      • I am not going to give legal advice over the internet, but if I were, it would not be this advice.

        • Thank you. I get what you’re saying.

        • Care to explain that in the generalized, non-legal advice over the internet way? Avoiding service is a huge headache and waste of time for all involved, and does not prevent a lawsuit from progressing. Not sure why someone would avoid it, especially when they can be served by mail in DC. Not looking for an argument, just genuinely curious as to why you think that.

          • Personal waste of time? Getting embroiled in something unpleasant that doesn’t directly involve you? Waste of my time?

          • I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed that it has nothing to do with me and they have the wrong person, since I’m supposed to be out of the country for a month coming up…. -_-

      • I got served with a subpoena once where the govt just wanted info about a previous employer. Over the next 6 years I had either one or two free trips to NY to either provide info or testify. It was a nice way to keep in touch with my college buds.

    • Hi FG–sending continued virtual hugs. Feel free to drop me a line at mtpresident.popville at gmail if you need another source of non-anonymous support. Hang in there.

    • That One Guy

      Yes, hang in there.
      The mind can create monsters out of shadows so try not to let it race too much with speculations regarding the process server.

    • Thinking of you and sending hugs, FG.

    • Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry. All I can do is offer hugs and if you need to get coffee sometime, let me know?

    • It’s not something to worry about. And agree with others – pointless to avoid service. It’s either for you, in which case you need to deal with it, or it’s not for you, in which case you need to know that and move on. There are several ways to serve someone in district, so avoiding in person service at home will just prolong the inevitable. If they want to serve you, they will find a way.

    • Update: I haven’t spoken with the server yet, but my desk sent me the note they left and it appears it’s not for me. (Nor for the former resident of my new-ish building, whose mail I sometimes get.) So who knows how they got my address. I’ll call and take care of it…

  • binntp

    Rave: Laughing myself silly at yesterday’s Nats game. It was like an episode of Oprah: And YOU get a home run! And YOU get a hit! And YOU!
    Rave: My new kitty has proven to be like a catnip addict, jumping two feet into the air, running around like a crazy woman when she inhales her little mouse…although I hope the downstairs neighbors don’t think an elephant has moved in when she clomps all over the place.

  • Rant: Temporary no parking signs. My neighbors put one out yesterday afternoon….effective for tomorrow at 7 am. I know it’s only required to have 72 hours notice – but this is not even 48 hours. These seem to be utilized more and more over the years – the 1/2 block in front of my house has them once a month. I know street parking is not meant to be long term parking (which street sweeping helps), but I feel like 72 hours (if you’re lucky to get that) is pretty short as well. You could be gone for a long weekend and come back and have your car towed…..I’m sure dealing with ticket/tow in this situation, especially if proper notice wasn’t given, is NOT enjoyable.

    • In theory, they can’t have that enforced (since it’s been less that 72 hours). I don’t know if I’d bank on that to the point of leaving my car there, but that’s the rule, as I remember.

      • I wouldn’t risk it personally.

      • Yes, it hasn’t been up that long – but the ‘authorities’/towing do not know that….
        I’m just saying 72 hours is pretty short notice in general. But I’d guess most of those moving ones are not up a full 72 hours in advance….

        • The authorities do know, actually. To have the signs enforced (at least by ticket since I’ve never had towing come in time), you have to call in to ask for verification when you post them. The permitee gets a confirmation number.

      • For what it’s worth – when I was moving I accidentally missed the deadline for 72 hours by 20 minutes. You’re supposed to have someone from DDOT come verify they’re hung and the refused, which meant anyone parked in those spots during my reserved time would not be towed.

        Turns out it’s true. I had 3 cars blocking (even tho they were up 3 days ahead!) where my moving truck was supposed to go and I was SOL. I called and they wouldn’t send a tow because it hadn’t been verified. They also informed me even if they had, it’s basically useless because for a Saturday tow it takes at least 2 hours for the truck to get there. . .

        Lesson learned: don’t pay $55 to reserve spots for a moving truck.

  • Rave: I had a slice of pizza Saturday, and mtpbaby had a cracker-cut slice of cheese yesterday–both without apparent ill GI effects!
    Rant: Though he does have a runny nose–we’re going to give it a few days before dropping the dairy again since it could be a cold.
    Rave: Really lovely weekend, including eating out *at a restaurant* with the kids Saturday night, and schlepping food up to the second-floor deck to eat outside Sunday night. Other than mtpkiddo falling asleep at the table Saturday (seriously, she was practically eating french fries in her sleep), both went remarkably smoothly. We’ll have to do both again soon!
    Rant: Holy hell, Caps, what is wrong with you? Will be watching very nervously tonight. Ugh.

  • Revel: had an awesome birthday weekend. My friend got married and the wedding was a blast. I spent yesterday on the beach and at the pool with fruity drinks. My flight is in a few hours so I’m going to spend some more time in the water before heading back to DC.

    Rant: my friends all left yesterday and I decided to stay an extra day. Kind of lonely but it’s nice to have my me time.
    Rant: can’t find the book I was reading.

  • skj84

    Rant: Was given the ok and funds to attend a conference in June from my job. Found out the conference had sold out when I went to register. I emailed the organizers, who told me to sign up for the mailing list in case more tickets are released, but I really need a more concrete answer if that will happen or not. Especially since I will have to return the funds. I’ve explained the situation to the organizers and still got a generic “sign up for our email list” response. So I tried to sign up for the email list, which I never received any sort of confirmation that I was added(the page said I would receive a link to complete the process. I never did and it didn’t go to spam). So frustrated.
    Rave: Signed up to run the Capitol Hill Classic. Well walk/run. I ran a few years ago, this is the first time i’ve been in town for the race since. I need to get to stepping on training. I bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday, plan on breaking them in this afternoon.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: So sleepy this morning. It’s making it difficult to concentrate.
    Rave: Dinner out with QZ and the the Jefferson Lecture.

  • That One Guy

    Rave/Rant: One of those rare occasions when I’m running ahead of schedule, can sit outside on a park bench sipping my coffee and contemplate. Wondered what the dog and my dad would be up to if they were both alive. (It’s not as melancholy as it sounds.)
    Rave: The brownies at Compass Coffee are huge.

  • Rave: Mr. Artemis stayed home with Baby Artie last night so I could go to a classical music concert last night. It was so lovely, and I think my jaw unclinched for the first time in weeks.
    Rave: I had a wonderful weekend filled with good friends, lovely neighbors, swishy babies, and gardening.
    Rant: I did not grocery shop or do any cleaning so the house is kind of a mess. Oh well.
    Rant: Baby Artie did not sleep well last night. His cough sounds terrible.
    Rave: New mattress arrives today.

  • topscallop

    Rave: back from 2 weeks in central Asia
    Rave: I got a new job! Gave notice late last week
    Rave: I think I can finish up a lot in the remaining 3 weeks at my current job and not leave it for someone else to take on
    Rant: it is so hot and humid here! Didn’t miss the weather
    Rave: jet lag wasn’t too bad this morning. Up at 4 but only for about 30 minutes
    Rave: with the job change I was able to get out of my next trip that was scheduled for this coming weekend (though it would have been a fun one) and now I can get back into my workout routine and hopefully see some changes before I go home at the end of the month and try on my wedding dress again

    • Awesome! How was Central Asia? I would looooveeee to go someday.

      • topscallop

        The people were super nice, but in the city I was working in there was not much to do or see. I would go back if I had time to explore and see the mountains. The exchange rate is insane (in our favor) due to the Russian financial crisis a couple years ago, which cut the value of the local currency by almost two thirds, so food and transport was crazy cheap. I got a great deal on an Afghan rug and also brought back some pretty ceramic bowls as gifts. Getting there and back takes FOREVER though. I strongly dislike Turkish Air after this experience as well, will do my best to avoid flying them again.

        • Interesting. Good to know!

        • Uh oh – I’m off on a work trip with multiple Turkish Air flights (can’t really avoid them) – anything I should particularly due to make sure I don’t get screwed by them?

          • topscallop

            They screwed me over on my overweight luggage, charging me 3x what it normally should have cost, and making me pay in cash, in local currency, at 4:30am so I could get on a 5am flight – so I had to run around the airport exchanging cash, going to ATMs, etc. If you don’t have overweight luggage, you should be able to avoid this – mine was full of work supplies that weighed the same on the way there, but I was not charged for. Just check the weight allowances for each airline you fly with. They also refused to check my bags through to the US, though I was able to check them all the way on my outgoing flight. So in Amsterdam I had to go through customs, collect my bags, re-check them, and get my next few airline tickets from the desk agent. Turkish Air waived this for my colleague who was successfully able to argue that her layover in Amsterdam was too short to be able to do this – so for her they checked her bag through to her final destination – but not for me. Lastly, most of their planes (at least the ones we took) were older, with no screens, so bring a book or Kindle with you.

          • That’s so frustrating! I’m sorry you had to go through that at awful times and with non-helpful airport staff! I’m off on a trip of two+ weeks through four countries with multiple different airlines for work soon so will definitely take your advice and double check weight restrictions for all!

    • Topscallop! Are you the one who recommended Dr. Minovi to me? If so, please get in touch so I can get your full name so you can get credit for referring me 🙂 Incredibly positive experiences with her! Also, welcome back, good luck with your new job and with your workout routine!

      • topscallop

        Yes, that was me! I’m so glad you like her – she is really sweet. How should I reach you? And thanks for the good wishes!

        • Same here – I have an appointment with her this week and you should get credit if it’s an option.

        • hmmm…crap! I need to set up a popville-specific email address but haven’t had a chance – Maybe Dan can put us in touch? or if you have an anonymous email you use for popvillle, let me know and I’ll reach out!

    • Hi! Were you in Kyrgyzstan? I am going there in two months and any recommendations/advice would be awesome!

      • topscallop

        No, sorry! Different “stan” (Tajikistan). Have a great trip though! I’d bet you could also buy cheap but beautiful Afghan kilim there, and hopefully you will also have access to delicious and inexpensive dry Georgian red wine, as we did.

        • Mmm – dry Georgian red wine sounds fabulous. Any suggestions on brands/types to try out? I’ll be in Georgia soon!

          • topscallop

            Saperavi is the most common one we had on this trip. I went to Georgia for work a couple of years ago and remember liking the white wines as well, but there aren’t any specific ones standing out in my memory. Their white wines are much more yellow-looking than others because they leave the grape skins in for a long time during the fermentation process. Some colleagues of mine went a different time and actually did tastings at vineyards- something I would love to do if I had the time!

  • Rave: Back in town for the next two weeks!
    Rant: Everyone looks so pretty in their spring clothes, and it’s a challenge to my ‘don’t shop, save money’ moratorium. I need to organize another clothing swap to get this bug out of my system.
    Rave: Excellent trip, and some exciting things slated to happen in the next few weeks.
    Rave: Coffee.

    • Love the idea of a clothing swap! I end up just selling my all to current boutique and using the credit I receive to buy new (to me) clothes, but I always end up purchasing/falling in love with too much and spending waaay past my store credit.

      • I love the idea of selling my clothes to Current — I never thought about that before!

        • It’s consignment, so you only get credit/money after it sells, but it’s worth it. My clothing expenses have gone done exponentially since I started selling there. Whatever they don’t take, I schlep up to Crossroads Trading who will buy your clothes for cash (or store credit) and if it’s a weekday, will also donate any clothes they don’t take. Or, I would walk across the street and donate it to Martha’s Table.

  • Rant: Weekend was way too short.
    Rave: Plans in place for work trips coming up that are in exciting places and will allow weekends in Bali + Hong Kong.
    Rant: Medical bills. I’m trying to pay you – why do you make it so difficult?!
    Rave: Rolex Three Day last weekend, Badminton this weekend. incredible equestrian feats – so thankful for livestreams 🙂

    • Agree that the weekend was way too short! I think I nearly overdid it with the fun, but it was worth it (and there is coffee for those rough Monday mornings)

  • Rave: My soccer team won 1-0 this weekend, and I just happened to score the winning (and only) goal! Sometimes this old lady still has it (especially when we were playing a team that had some college kids on it)!

    Rant: This old lady needs a full week to recover before her next soccer game! I miss my 20s and 30s!

    Rant: Our 17 month old isn’t sleeping well. Waking up at 4AM and wanting to play and hang out! Argh! I know it is a sleep regression due to a developmental milestone, but at 4AM I forget this most of the time!!!!

    Rave: Been to this rodeo before with our first son, and we know it won’t last!!

    • Oh man, that stage was brutal with my daughter. Thus far, mtpbaby hasn’t had a similar regression, and I’m just crossing my fingers that he’s skipping it. That said, I worry that the language delay just means he’s going to have a delayed 18-month regression. Good luck getting through it!

      • Thanks mtpresident. Yes, the sleep regressions are the worst! Our little guy is babbling, but emphatically. He is going to talk one of these days. We are hoping that once the words come, the screaming will stop! Ha!

        • I really hope his big sister just decided to take on the regression task for him since she’s been struggling on the sleep front for the last few months. I have a deep fear that her sleep will get sorted and his will go to pieces. We eventually tried a crib aquarium when mtpkiddo went through that stage, and it eventually seemed to help a little bit. (we had this one: https://www.amazon.com/Baby-Einstein-Sea-Dreams-Soother/dp/B006YBHE6M) I hope the words start and the screaming stops soon!!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      congrats on the goal!

  • RAVE: My newly installed porch swing. All I wanted when we were looking to buy a house was a porch and a swing to relax on and this weekend my dreams were achieved. It’s the little things.

    RAVE: My friends. Seriously unsure what I would do without them in my life. I get by with a little help from my friends.

    RANT: My allergies have kicked into overdrive and I was miserable all weekend. I had my bridal shower (!!!) and houseguests here this weekend, and I could barely hang on. I was so bummed I couldn’t actively enjoy the weekend celebrations. Also, allergies are making it impossible to enjoy my porch swing 🙁

    RAVE: Much needed day off. I scheduled some A/L for today, and with the allergies and feeling miserable, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • Rant: Lady next to me in traffic honked her horn for 10 continuous minutes mad that a tractor trailer was taking up both lanes to turn right onto New York Ave from North Capitol St…
    Rant: Once we made the turn she took a left and I made the right with the tractor trailer who yelled at me through the window thinking I was the one causing all the racket…
    Rave: I stayed calm and somehow signed to the driver that it wasn’t me and he waved me through.
    Rave: Fun weekend, amazing brunch with friends, then spring cleaning!

  • Rant: gave testimony in a trial recently. asked the prosecutor out for beer, which I think is a no no. Made me feel better that he didn’t respond. Ugh.
    Rave: sunny weather means running outside!

  • Rave: Had a LOVELY weekend! Stayed at a cute hotel on Chincoteague and took the Jeep up and down the beach on Assateague. Saw the wild ponies just chillin’ on the ocean front. Grabbed 20 oz cans of margaritas and drank them on our balcony overlooking the (red) moon and the marina. As I said, LOVELY.
    Rave: Bought the annual National Park pass, which is also good for Great Falls. Can’t wait to do some hiking, and also get back to Assateague, hopefully for some camping!
    Rave: My sister-in-law is in town for two days this week! I know it’s been asked, but any ideas for good gluten-free restaurants in or around the Hill/H Street?
    Rave (I guess): Appointment with a Sports Medicine doctor tomorrow morning…here’s hoping he can figure out what’s wrong with my hip.
    Rant: I have this secret fear that it’s leukemia or something awful. Must be more positive.

    • May I ask for the name of your hotel? Was thinking of heading there for memorial day weekend!

      • It was the Marina Bay Hotel & Suites. Recently redone, and has an awesome nautical theme. Really nice experience overall! (Also helps that my husband randomly knows the manager, so she upgraded us to the room with a view!)

    • skj84

      Maybe Fare Well on H Street for gluten free options? Its fully vegan.

    • Mind sharing the name of the hotel? Will understand (mostly) if you prefer it to be a well-kept secret.

  • Rant: Work. It’s been a rough several months now, and the work just has not let up. I’ve gone from working through lunch to get stuff done, to staying late/coming in early, and now coming in on weekends. Something has got to give and hopefully it won’t be my sanity.
    Rave: All this overtime. Maybe at some point I will actually be able to enjoy it.
    Rant: Upcoming birthday and Mother’s Day bringing out usual celebration anxiety. I have this weird fear/sense that people don’t actually want to celebrate my birthday or Mother’s Day and only do so out of obligation. This makes me want to not celebrate at all, yet I also want to be celebrated in equal measure. It’s effed up, I know, but now I just want to speed through May and get it all over with.
    Rant: Realizing that I’m ranting about a lot of shit and am just generally unhappy today.

  • Rave: I think – hope – I’m over one particular hump at work and things might get a little less stressful.
    Rant: I woke up with such an awful headache – not sure if it’s allergies, the humidity / storm fronts moving through, grinding my teeth, or some combination thereof. Took my new migraine medicine but it hasn’t helped as much as it usually does. Coffee isn’t helping much either, just making me feel nauseous. Looking forward to picking up my new night guard later this week and hoping it helps!
    Rave? I’ll also be seeing my headache specialist again for a follow up to see if/how the medicine is helping. At least I didn’t have to wait 8 months to see her again!
    Rant: It was so flippin’ hot and gross this weekend, I refuse to turn my ac on before May, but I broke down last night and ran the air just enough to cool the house down a few degrees so we could sleep!
    Rave: My other roomie finally moved in yesterday!
    Rant: Please someone fix my head!

  • Rant: I am a Mets fan. I would like to not be, but it’s been too long. WTF?

  • Rave: Run 4.5 miles on the weekend, in this heat. Thinking about signing up for a half marathon in the fall, but ive never run so much. Other runners out there know how long it should take someone to ramp up to that level?

    • There are some excellent (free) online training programs out there. I love Hal Higdon’s website, I followed it for my first marathon and completed it in 4:30, which I never expected. Average training is 12 weeks, YMMV depending on how much you currently run.

    • If you can do 4.5 already then you should have no problem ramping up to a half marathon by the fall. Of course, you’ll have to train somewhat through the summer heat. But I think there’s more than enough time, it’s more a question of will you or do you want to. If you’re looking for a pleasant, fairly low-key half-marathon I would recommend the Parks Half Marathon, usually in early September. It’s got all the bells&whistles of a good race but it’s mostly just a run through the Montgomery County parks.

    • binntp

      Good for you! The Air Force/Navy Half is in September & is quite flat. There’s also the Army 10-miler in October and the Jingle All the Way 15K in December. If you build mileage slowly over the summer, you should be good for any of those.

  • Rant: I am currently in a fight with Sprint and “upper management” has until tonight to give me a call before I continue the fight.

    Rave: The Galaxy S8 is a nice phone, though.

    Rant: My condo was 83 degrees when I left this morning. This weekend was miserable and I am exhausted because all the fans running did nothing to cool me down or allow me any kind of comfort. A/C gets turned on 5/15.

    Rave: My doctor is very pleased with my initial weight loss results and told me to just keep doing what I’ve been doing!

    • Nice work on the weight loss!
      I can’t remember… were you using a particular program or monitoring thingy, and if so, which one?

      • It’s through my doctor’s office, but basically, it’s Atkins/South Beach esque (no/low carbs, no alcohol, high protein). This program has been very helpful. It’s Serotonin Plus and it was like it was made for me because I had to make only slight tweaks to what I was eating.

  • Rant: Air conditioning hasn’t been turned over in my building yet so this weekend was tough. Pup was overheating and I haven’t slept well in a few days. Looks like the rest of this week will be cooler.
    Rave: Really enjoyed W. Kamau Bell’s show on CNN last night and the interview with Spencer was as sickening as expected. But, I really enjoyed the short piece with Casa Ruby!

  • rant: I missed the MARC train to Baltimore both Saturday and Sunday for a conference I wanted to attend this weekend. The latter time, I was so close that I was able to have a conversation with the train attendant who was on the train as it was slowly pulling away. Both times, I didn’t feel like waiting for the next MARC train or getting an Amtrak ticket. These are the times I regret no longer having a car…

    Rave: Moon Duo on Saturday night at DC9. Fun, fun show! Also, although I’ve been going to shows in DC for several years now, it was my first trip to this particular venue. I’ll be back…

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Great meeting in Ontario, though I did not run in to any Real Housewives of Toronto.
    Rave: Got to listen to a Q&A with Martha Nussbaum this morning. Based in that, I think tonight’s Jefferson Lecture is going to be great.

  • Rant: For those working for government contractors…how many days do you get for jury duty? I just got called for Federal petite (10 days) and my employer only gives three days. I know I might not (and probably) won’t need to report daily, but the 3 day policy sounds pretty unreasonable–I was told I could use PTO (which we get very little of).

    I think I’m one of the few employees that lives in DC (company is in MD) so HR said it’s never come up. I figure I can ask for something if it does exceed the three days, but just curious if you’ve had the same

    Revel: Good time at the Climate March although it was REALLY hot…

    • I believe mine is 3 jury duty days also, but I’ve never had to use them.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think we get 5 days, which is surprising since they give us so little PTO.

    • I also live in DC and work in MD. We used to have unlimited Jury Duty leave(!!), but I am the reason we capped it. At least that’s what I tell myself because I sat on a panel for a few weeks and the change in policy occurred shortly thereafter.

      • I think it’s crummy that employers would put a cap on leave for jury duty — they shouldn’t put you in the position of going unpaid because you’re fulfilling your civic duty. Or the position of trying to get out of jury duty when summoned because you won’t get paid after x days.

        • I could not agree more. We need to encourage people to fulfill their civic duty.

          • Agreed–figured I’d take it up w/ my employer if it extends more than 3 days. I understand that Federal grand jury is 2 days a week for 18 MONTHS. I wonder how companies deal with that!

  • Rant: Jeez louise — this time, Kusama passes were all sold out by 12:01 p.m.
    Rant: That was the end of advance passes, since it was for next week and the exhibition ends Sun. 5/14.
    Query for the PoPulace: So I guess my only option now is same-day timed passes. Any tips on getting those? I imagine I should avoid Fridays? What time in the morning should I aim to be in line?

    • maxwell smart

      Having recently went (was lucky enough to score 1 pass mid-week) I have to say, it’s a bit of a letdown. Don’t get me wrong – the work itself is interesting, especially in context with reading about her life and experiences – but it’s really hard to appreciate when you only get 20-30 seconds per room, grouped 3 at a time, and are essentially herded like cattle. There’s also no limit to how many times you can view the rooms which means that the lines quickly balloon with repeats – I would have preferred more time allotted but only being able to view the rooms once.

    • I’m sorry to hear this, textdoc!

      • Thanks, FridayGirl. I felt like smacking the (presumably well-intentioned) people who were saying on the other thread that all it took was some diligent refreshing. GAHHHH.

  • Anyone else see the Resist/Persist Mural on 11th near Garrison Elementary? I’m curious if anyone knows when it went up. I couldn’t quite get a good picture due to my height…