Moving Forward on a Third Floor for the Black Cat?


Thanks to a reader for sending: “Looks like construction is back on the agenda for the Black Cat.”

Back in August 2014 we first reported plans for a possible third floor expansion. Looks like plans could be back on:



[Ed. Note: Whenever Stay tuned is written in all caps it should be read in an Ira Glass voice (host of This American Life)]

1811 14th Street, NW

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  • So essentially, this would be a pop-up? I hope they take the same care in its design as they have with preserving and restoring the current façade.

  • All this and more, when the Black Cat’s story continues.

  • are there any renderings? I feel like this place is never that packed as is (especially shows in the back stage…or first floor. I have been to some big shows on the mainstage. A roof deck would definitely do well…but more music space is probably unnecessary

    • I’m with you – not sure they actually need any more space unless they want to make a rooftop deck/bar.

      • I’m pretty sure this would be a rooftop bar.. not an additional space for music. I think it would be nice, especially if both mainstage and backroom are having events, you can take a breather/ hang out and chat up there with some nice weather on a summer night

        • That would be great. But I agree with the poster above that the number of local and touring acts have been spread a little thin with the number of new venues that have opened up since the Black Cat was in its prime.

  • I really wish this place would spend a bit of money on their sound systems, every time I have been to this venue the sound quality was unbearable, with at least a few blown speakers blasting along with the others , none of them properly adjusted.

    • They are legendary for their bad sound system. I have to wonder if it’s one reason why they don’t book nearly as many good bands anymore.

  • I wonder if they might used a third-floor addition to shift everything up one floor, and then rent out the first floor to a restaurant.