More than 7,600 potholes were repaired during Potholepalooza


Ed. Note: Last year more than 16,500 were filled. Difference because of our milder winter?

From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has wrapped up its 9th annual Potholepalooza. Mayor Muriel Bowser kicked off this year’s campaign on April 3, 2017, and the numbers are in.

More than 7,600 potholes were repaired during the four-week initiative thanks to engagement from District residents across all eight wards via 311 and Twitter. District residents generated more than 1,200 service requests.

Thanks to investments by the Bowser Administration, DDOT crews had four new “Hot Boxes” to recycle asphalt for the 2017 Potholepalooza. The new equipment enabled crews to make pothole repairs more efficiently. During Potholepalooza, crews strive to make repairs in 48 hours instead of the regular 72 hour turnaround time for fulfilling service requests.

While Potholepalooza has come to a close, residents and commuters are encouraged to continue reporting potholes by contacting the Mayor’s Call Center at 311 in any of the following ways—calling 311, visiting online at, or by using the DC311 smartphone application.”

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  • They must have missed the five block pothole that is known as Macomb St NW between Nebraska and New Mexico…

  • Sheesh, they also missed Columbia Rd. NW between 13th and 16th.

  • second the comment on columbia road, nw between 13th and 16th. i haven’t seen that road paved or filled in once in the past 5 years!! taxation without representation by our very own anc members and councilmembers. shameful!! E-mail Brianne Nadeai at bnadeau[at}dccouncil[dot]us to request paving road or filling in potholes.

    • I wish they would correct the parking restrictions too! As Columbia Rd. is a major east-west route for emergency vehicles, it was always – (well, since I moved there in 1987 anyway) – like Irving and Kenyon, daytime parking on only one side. They replaced the signs a few years ago with wrong parking restrictions (I spent many hours talking with DDOT, they acknowledged it was wrong) and it can take 7-8 minutes for an ambulances to go from 14th to 16th.

      • I actually talked to a parking enforcement officer about this. I brought him to two incorrect signs on Harvard and 15th and he too said whoever posted these signs posted them incorrectly as they contradict each other. I called 311 and reported it and they did fix the signs.

  • + Arizona Ave right before Canal road. They are getting so big, I am afraid they are going to eat my car.

  • Missed Independence Ave, NC Ave, 8th Street SE, and on and on…..

  • DDOT are truly shameless for putting out this press release. The District’s roads are literally crumbling. Other commenters have rightly mentioned Columbia road, but that’s not an outlier. Roads all over the city are starting to resemble gravel tracks rather than paved roads.

  • Two things to note. First potholes and road repaving are different. I have found pothole requests to actually be addressed quickly, to my pleasant surprise. I use SeeClickFix to submit photos and track and on average have found them to be resolved in 1-5 days. I also find that neighbors will tell me that potholes are not being repaired but when asked for a 311 report number so I can follow up they have not ever reported them.

    Road repaving is a whole other challenge. What I can tell you is that the road conditions are graded and prioritized by that score. There is a set length of road that is collectively scored, so one or two blocks that are terrible might be balanced out if the same road is decent on the next few blocks. Second some roads are be funded through Federal funds which have its own set of challenges with budgeting and funding cuts. If it is a Federally managed roadway the District may not have any options.

    You can see the schedule for road repairs for this fiscal year here:

    • Upvote this comment! Lots of people complain, but don’t do anything. I finally started sending in potholes I regularly see, and they’ve all been filled within days. It’s not a great job, but it’s better than the gaping hole they were before. The 311 website lets you submit the requests…the whole thing takes 30 seconds.

  • As someone who rides a scooter and thus pays great attention to potholes, I thought the city has been doing a much better job than in previous years of repairing potholes. The weather might have caused fewer, but the ones that did appear were fixed much more quickly than in past years (at least on my ~10 mile daily scooter circuit).

  • They must have missed the 4567.5 million potholes on Columbia Road NW. better luck next year i guess.