UPDATE: Found! Monty Missing from Georgia and Kennedy St, NW – Keep Your Eyes Peeled


“Monty went missing this morning (May 6), last seen at Georgia Ave and Kennedy St NW. She is a 20lb brown terrier mix, and is very scared.

She is microchipped but slipped out of her collar.”


“Monty was found this morning! Huge, huge thank you for your help getting the word out. Our hearts our full of gratitude, and we have nearly drowned the poor pup in happy tears.”

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  • Saw her running down 14th street earlier around last caprice my husband went running after her but couldn’t catch up. Hope you find her 🙁

    • Thank you! Do you remember which direction she was headed?

    • Just saw Monty crossing North Capitol at Adams. NE people keep your eyes peeled.

      • Been keeping an eye out in NE on our walks. Distinctive tail. Any luck finding the gal? A good reminder to people that chasing skittish dogs is usually a bad tactic. Try sitting down, calling the name (if you know it) calmly and open hands, palms up… as if you have a treat for him/her. That said, if anyone else has better advice to share for how to approach a loose & scared pup… would appreciate it!

        • The post was just updated to say she was found!

        • Just saw owner’s note below. I remember another thread where owners had coordinated with maybe the humane society so people could call 911 and report the location of the most recent sighting. Do we know if that’s something that’s easy/typical to coordinate?

  • Poor little guy. I’ve said a prayer for his safe return. Have faith.

  • Thank you to everyone who has helped look for Monty. We are still looking for our girl, so please continue to keep your eyes peeled and give us a call if you see her.

    • Owners – where was she last seen? Any idea if she might be hiding or still on the run? Suggestions for approaching if anyone happens to spot her?

  • Saw what could have been her running down North Cap this morning at the Sand Filtration site. I hope you get your puppy back soon!

  • Yay, this made me so happy!! So glad that you found Monty…I hope she’s okay!! So glad this had a happy ending!!