Banneker Pool Filled! Can you taste it?

2500 Georgia Avenue, NW

Per previous years – the outdoor pools should start opening the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, which is May 27th this year. Mark it. Updates when the official DPR announcement is made.

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  • Soooooo Excited!!!

  • Don’t taste that pool water!

  • Kind of off-topic, but swimming noob here. If I go to the Hains Point pool on say, a Saturday morning for some leisurely laps, will I just be surrounding by intense swimmers and triathlon trainees who’ll be annoyed by my snail’s pace? Are there slow lanes? I’d like to get in somewhat of a workout, so don’t want to be in an open area with kids and such, but again, not a great swimmer. Would there be a lot of people at like 8am?

  • has any one else thought to change pool season to account for climate change? open earlier and close later since it’s #sodamnhot

    • It would cost the city more money so, while they’d probably like to, the city will probably try to avoid getting criticized for spending additional money on pools.

    • DPR relies on high school kids for a lot of their pool staffing. Hence weekend hours starting Memorial Day, and most pools won’t be open weekdays until school is out.

  • Do they have lap hours during this pre-summer season? Looks like Banneker only does lap hours during the week currently.