Dacha Hoping to Open Huge Beer Gardens in Logan Circle and Navy Yard!!

14th and S Street, NW

Ed. Note: Some days, it’s teacher parent conference day and your kid only has a half day of daycare. Some days you’re in charge of the kid for the half day they have off. Some days you go to the zoo on a beautiful day and have a super fun time. Some days the liquor license applications for one of the biggest most popular beer gardens in DC are released. So I’m a day late but the carousel ride alone was worth it!!

I believe the expression is – boom!!!

The liquor license application for Dacha Beer Garden at 1740 14th Street, NW (the parking lot at 14th and S across the street from the Garden District beer garden) says:

“New Class C Tavern serving American fare. Sidewalk café with 150 seats and a Summer Garden with 450 seats. Total Occupancy Load of 600.

79 Potomac Ave, SE in May 2016

And back in March we learned that Dacha was also coming to Navy Yard “sometime in 2018”.

The liquor license application for Dacha Beer Garden at 79 Potomac Ave, SE says:

“New Class C Tavern serving American fare with 350 indoor seats. Sidewalk Café with 250 seats and a Summer Garden with 550 seats. Total Occupancy Load is 900.

STAY TUNED for updates on all fronts.

Dacha’s original Shaw location 7th and Q St, NW

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  • Never met anyone that doesn’t love Dacha so fantastic news! I was at a Nats game recently and when we tried to grab a beer after our options were limited on a hot day. The 900 (!!!) person occupancy is awesome and hopefully it will compete with the bullpen. Plus cheaper/better drinks than there.

    For the Logan Circle one the area already has Garden District, which I’ve heard good things about, but competition is healthy, right?

    • I don’t love Dacha. Not my crowd and just in general, its completely overrated. Maybe once they expand that will alleviate the crowds at the current location. In general I just think beer gardens are pretty overrated concepts, its really no better than drinking the same beer inside. Which you can do almost anywhere else in DC without the crowds associated

      • “its really no better than drinking the same beer inside.”
        I beg to differ on this. I like to be outside as much as possible during the few months that are actually nice here in DC.

        • Agree with fridaygirl. There is nothing more glorious than drinking a good beer outside in nice weather.

        • agreed…its not bad but when its so crowded that you can barely hear the person next to you speaking. Its tips the scale. Theres also plenty of places with indoor outdoor spaces that are not ‘gardens’

          • There’s plenty of places indoors that I also can’t hear people talking. Haha. I think it’s just personal preference.

          • justinbc

            Inside Ghibellina is louder than any beer garden I’ve ever been to.

          • I understand what you are saying. Won’t knock other people for loving it. But you were answering the “never met anyone who doesn’t love Dacha” comment. I also don’t for the same reasons–too noisy and crowded *for me*. Now, if I worked different hours or had a week day off…

      • justinbc

        How often do you actually interact with “your crowd” at bars that you do like to go to? Almost every bar I’ve ever been to in this city in 10 years, barring a special event, people stay in their own circles from the moment they arrive until they leave.

        • Often. Believe it or not some people go to bars to actually hang out, meet, and talk to people outside of their friends group. Unsure why this is so difficult to imagine? I love shooting the shit about whatever with random folks I meet at bars so long as they’re respectful and pleasant.

        • What SaraEP said. But also “crowd” can mean more than interacting, I suspect. Like, I might say a place has “not my crowd” if it caters to, say, seriously drunken bottomless brunch crews, because that impacts my experience even if I’m not interacting with them. Also, as I get older, I might describe some places with really really young crowds that way. Sometimes I just feel out of place, whether I ‘”should” or not.

      • maxwell smart

        “its really no better than drinking the same beer inside” – Alternative Facts alert

    • ledroittiger

      Hugely dick move, but Dacha IS better. I hope they continue with the dog-friendly vibe, as a further FU to Garden D.

    • Accountering

      Meh, I live on the same block with Dacha, and am only so-so on it. Good food, drinks are massively overpriced for DC though, and I am not waiting in line for a half hour to get into any bar in DC. Weird vibe too – lot of Clarendon Bros.

      • Waiting in line for a bar has always seemed odd to me. But, I’m sure many people think I’m nuts to wait in line for great food at certain restaurants, too.

      • Did you check their IDs or something? Believe it or not, the type of person you describe is no longer geographically confined to one small section of Arlington County.

      • Good food, but overpriced and super crowded? How is that not be a perfect fit for 14th Street?
        Maybe a new location on 14th would lessen the crowd at the original a bit.

    • skj84

      You can check out Bardo behind Nats Park for outdoor beer drinking before and after the game. Right on the water and plenty of space!

    • justinbc

      “Never met anyone that doesn’t love Dacha”
      Oh, just hang around this post enough and you’ll be inundated with people complaining about it.

      • Yeah you sure are right! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but with decently priced drinks, good happy hour, good food, GREAT atmosphere, plenty of seating/standing areas, and PUPPIES, what’s not to like?

        • “Decently priced drinks” – nope. I don’t really have anything against Dacha and go there occasionally, but the drinks are definitely not “decently priced” compared to most other bars, pint-for-pint.

          • Outside is better, but I do feel like we’re often stretching the word “garden” when we describe these places.

            Living right next door to Dacha, I do appreciate it, but rarely go (I’m too cranky for crowds/lines). Though the back area with the tables does seem kind of nice.

        • I’ve always seen people with dogs at Dacha, but I’d be so hesitant to bring my own. It’s always so crowded there, I can’t imagine how dogs don’t get stepped on or overwhelmed. Nice in theory but maybe not in practice.

          • Yeah, that gives me pause. Not everyone has as good judgment as you seem to have about what their dogs can handle.
            As someone bitten twice as a child, I’m a little skittish about dogs, and dogs+crowds make me uncomfortable. Plus, I’m highly allergic. So to the person above, who asked what’s not to like: PUPPIES! (Also have differing opinions on “GREAT atmosphere” and “plenty of seating/standing areas.”)

  • Garden District still wins in my book, honestly. Dacha had a good beer selection the few times I’ve been but I just never felt particularly comfortable there for some reason.

    • I had a really bad experience a couple years ago with some of their patrons. It was really weird. Basically you know how your pants can come down in the back some when you sit down (at least they do for me b/c I have thicker legs, but smaller waist). Anyhow, they took that as an opportunity to try to throw a quarter in my pants. And I could hear them whispering and talking about me. I went to the bathroom and realized they did get one quarter in my pants! So I confronted them and asked what their problem was. One of the girls started calling me a whore and get pants that fit better and shit. It was CRAZY and my friend was not having any of it. She got all up in their girl’s face and it was HEATED. I was just in shock and trying to hold my friend back because I thought she was going to punch the girl. We ended up leaving and I haven’t been back since.

      • I am really sorry that happened to you, and that it (understandably) left a bad taste in your mouth about Dacha. Some people really suck.

        • Didn’t happen at Dacha, it was Garden District! But thanks Something Like Anonanon and FridayGirl! In all my years in DC though that was really my only bad experience!

          • OH! Weird. I always feel like Garden District patrons pretty much leave other people alone and stay with their groups.

      • Geez, what is wrong with people?! I’m so sorry that happened to you. That’s really unacceptable. And yes, people really suck.

      • That is insane – what jack asses! I would have told management and had them thrown out. I’m really sorry – I’m super pissed that this happened to anyone.

        • I know, but it all happened really fast. In my experience when I confront someone they usually feel dumb, apologize, back down, etc., but they doubled down!

  • I actually think this could be good for Garden District (or at least not bad). It’s a pretty small space, and I really enjoy the vibe there, but sometimes on nice days I don’t even both heading over there because I assume it’ll already be super crowded. If that corner becomes a beer garden destination of sorts, I could see people coming more often knowing that even if one is full, the other likely has space. My mom used to work at Starbucks and would tell me that the intersections in Seattle that had a Starbucks, Tully’s, and Seattle’s Best on three of the four corners were actually great for each business because people knew it as THE place to get coffee.

    I’m excited for this!

  • Happy for those who like this place but I won’t be going to any location. I haven’t been in a few years. My last experience felt like a vineyard vines filled frat party and nearing 40, that ain’t my crowd.

    • justinbc

      It’s completely possible to go to a beer garden with friends and not pay the slightest bit of attention to what clothing store the people around you shop at. But to each their own.

      • hahah that was to give you a nice visual which clearly was unappreciated… I can’t ignore annoying people when one comes up to me and says “hey babe want a slice pizza?” with slurring drunken speech. Normally I really don’t give af about appearances but thanks for cluing me in about ignoring what people are wearing. I never really thought about that.

        • justinbc

          So, “drunk guy hits on girl” … not sure how that’s exclusive to Dacha, but sorry that it’s framed your experience there. I’m not trying to convince you to like the place, I have no dog in the fight, I just always find the “crowd” comments on PoP laughable because it’s the last thing I would complain about in a city with an exponentially increasing and unavoidable millennial population. Those same people are at every other bar in Shaw, but somehow Dacha seems to get an unfair share of the scrutiny on this site.

          • It’s not exclusive to Dacha and yeah I agree that most bars in Shaw have the same type of crowd and I avoid those too. This post is about Dacha and expanding that’s why we’re commenting about only Dacha. I also noted my age group… so maybe I am getting older and crankier wanting to avoid the “exponentially increasing and unavoidable millenial population”.

          • That’s because Dacha gets an unfair share of Clarendon bros.
            But I’m hopeful the new locations will alleviate the crowding at the original spot.

          • justinbc

            I’m in that same age group, so I can sympathize. I find a lot of them intolerable, but I’ve come to accept that’s just now part of going out in DC (especially so in Shaw). I just don’t recall hearing similar complaints when there are posts about Ivy & Coney, All Souls, and of the DB3 bars, etc. I can’t figure out what it is about Dacha that drives that narrative, I’m genuinely curious.

    • yup that is pretty consistent with my last visits. Most of which consisted of a one in one out 20 minute wait where I said ‘F-this’ after about 5 minutes.

  • Instead of parking lots for undeveloped lots in DC, beer gardens.

    or homes, but nah.

    • justinbc

      Perhaps you missed the dozen or so huge buildings filled with apartments and / or condos that went up on 14th Street in the last 5 years?

      • https://districtmeasured.com/2017/05/03/single-family-housing-values-in-the-district-have-risen-much-more-over-25-years-than-in-the-metro-area-or-the-us/
        [blockquote]Housing market dynamics involve both supply and demand factors. Without trying to fully explain these, it should be noted that DC’s household growth since 2002 has been at a pace comparable to that in the Washington metropolitan area and faster than in the US as a whole. DC’s supply of single family housing, however, is relatively fixed. When growing demand from demographic change and rising incomes meets a relatively inelastic supply, prices can be expected to rise.[/blockquote]
        Not that I don’t love a beer garden, but I’m feeling like…priorities….

        • I mean, any city’s supply of single family housing is relatively fixed, though. They can’t be built upwards.

        • You think a single-family home would be built on these plots? LOL

        • andy

          There are other ways to get family housing besides one-story 1250 SF wardmans. DC is densifying, even for families. And many would like an apartment – Navy Yard is full of families. Beer gardens are great, I’m just trying to balance needs vs. wants in DC.

          • Blame the landowner/developer, not Dacha. They clearly seem to be sitting on this land in wait for a bigger payout. I’m sure Dacha will go as soon as they decide to develop that lot.

        • justinbc

          I’m not sure what you’re actually advocating for here. You think some family should have bought that parking lot and built a SFH on it? I guess that’s good for the 3 people who might live there, and surely someone could have if they truly wanted. If your argument is that housing in DC is expensive, I can’t imagine anyone here who would disagree with that, but I don’t know what that has to do with Dacha.

      • Sure, but not enough to meet demand. Around 800-1000 people move into the District per month, and we building housing for maybe 200-300 in a great month.

    • beer garden seems to be more profitable!

  • The people complaining about the fratty/”Clarendon bro” atmosphere at Dacha clearly haven’t been on a Sunday when the crowd is basically indistinguishable from a gay bar.

  • where exactly will a 550 person summer beer garden go near dock 79?

  • neighborhood resident. thrilled about this. dacha is great, and better than garden district.

  • But will kids be welcome? At all hours?

  • Can’t believe that “white people cage” has not come up in the discussion yet. That’s what all those bars with half-hour lines look like to me too, and I’m white!


    • justinbc

      No clue who that Twitter user is, but I read that article the other day and it’s beyond asinine.

      • I agree that the article went out of its way to paint millennial Shaw residents as maliciously clueless without acknowledging that a lot of it is making the most of a tough situation (themselves being pushed by higher prices to the west).

        • +1 – mixed feelings. It was odd that the article danced around the crazy rise in housing prices in the city over the gentrification period….

      • Wesley Lowery is a Washington Post reporter and the author of “They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America’s Racial Justice Movement.”
        He was an on-camera commentator in at least one PBS documentary; that’s how I first heard of him.
        The article he refers to in his tweet is by a different Post reporter — Robert McCartney — and is titled “‘Black branding’ — how a D.C. neighborhood was marketed to white millennials.”

    • “white people cage” is pretty funny though

  • What is the difference between a summer garden and a sidewalk cafe? They both sound like outdoor spaces. Why is there a different category for the liquor license?

  • Wonder if they’ll start yelling at each other from across the St? “We have saison, yes we do, we have saison, how ’bout you…?”

  • For the beer garden near Nat’s Stadium, is it essentially going to be next door to Bardos? As that beer garden takes up a huge plot of land there on the water. Just trying to visualize where this new Dacha location will be. Thnx.

    • I believe they’re going to be one of the ground floor tenants in that new apartment building across Potomac Ave. from the ballpark, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

  • time to kick the cars out of rock creek park, and open a proper english gardens style beer garden.

    • A hundred times this. I lived for years in Prague, and while in theory I’ve welcomed the US move to beer gardens, they can’t hold a candle to the genuinely park-situated beer gardens in Riegrovy sady or Letná. But honestly I don’t see anywhere in the downtown core that such an environment would ever have a chance of ever happening.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure – I could totally see the Orange One trying to privatize public parkland. That said, P Street Beach beer garden would be pretty, pretty sweet.

  • Just how is Dacha going to seat 500 people in that parking lot? Is it taking over the building next door (which I thought was supposed to be some sort of whiskey/chicken concept such as Rye & Fry) or just cramming people like United Economy Minus?

    Given the amount of noise generated at peak weekend and evening hours both at the current Garden District and by the Dacha location at 7 & Q (not a patron, just a passer-by), one wonders about the din that will be generated at 14th & S at 7 pm on a pleasant Friday evening.. Glad I don’t live in one of those apartments above Doi Moi and Little Leaf!

  • Lol the Anti-Clarendon Bro sentiment is hilarious. They just want to get hammered and have a good time.

  • 900 people? That seems like a lot but *shrug* Go Navy Yard?