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  • Morgans is one of the most disgusting eyesores on Georgia Ave. How is that building not condemned?

  • I loved getting crabs from Morgans! I heard Romeo has moved out of the area. It would be nice if his storefront could get fixed.

    • Funny because in a 2016 interview Romeo bashed back against gentrification and said, “I ain’t going nowhere…” then shortly after put the building on the market for several million.

      I wonder if he is still the chair for the GA Business Alliance, definitely not the person to lead an effort for facade improvement along the corridor

  • Does anyone know what is happening to Morgan’s? It hasn’t been open in months.

    • I swear I saw it open pretty recently!

    • I ordered a crab cake platter there just last weekend and stayed to chat with Romeo and his sons for about 40 minutes. I don’t think they keep regular hours at this point. That was the first time I’d seen any activity in there in months.

  • That building is so sad. Whoever buys that property when it goes for sale should definitely just fix it up because that is the oldest building on Georgia Avenue if I’m not mistaken.

  • oh man! The first couple times I saw him I thought for sure I was hallucinating! Glad ol’ Bear looks happy up there, surveying the bizarre shantytown that seems to exist beneath him.

  • I’ve often wondered what the deal is with this pup!

  • I wondered what had happened to Romeo, his place was always open and friendly but not since the “renovation” began – don’t be fooled by the eternally-illuminated “OPEN” sign. So he’s around but not operating. As far as fixing up the building – why? so another Maryland driver can crash into it?

  • I miss Romo the Adams Morgan dog since he decamped for Arlington. This is a nice substitute.

  • Without a collar, I can’t help but think that dog is not being properly cared for. Does anyone know if the dog does, in fact, have access to shelter?

    • My dogs don’t wear collars and I can assure you they are more than properly cared for.

      • I am not at all trying to be antagonistic with this question; I just am curious for my own education. What happens if one of your dogs were to get loose or lost?

    • Yes, PoP checked with Animal Control a while back and they confirmed that the dog is fine. There is a ramp that’s not visible to passersby that allows the dog to walk to and from his rooftop patio. I have to say though that it seems weird to me that you questioned the welfare of this dog *because it’s not wearing a collar*.

  • He finally gets the debut he deserves! Hes our favorite.