Whoa! Check Out the Plans (and History) for this Alley Garage Off 18th Street

Rendering via CoLuca

Thanks to John for writing:

“Maga Garage held a community meeting last night to inform neighbors of their plans.

Rendering via CoLuca

18th St. Garage Rehabilitation – Maga Design (www.magadesign.com) has created a web site (www.colucadc.com) to keep Adams Morgan residents apprised of their plans to rehabilitate the garage located in the alley between 18th St and Columbia Rd. that has been sitting unused for years. The creative design agency plans to transform the garage into additional office space to complement their headquarters based at 1838 Columbia Rd. (in the former Design within Reach space). The structure, built between 1906-1910, was originally used as a luxury car parking garage and more recently as Archival Art Services art restoration shop. Maga Design is working on the project with CORE architecture + design, inc. (CORE).”

current state via CoLuca

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  • This looks promising! And the current building certainly looks to be in need of repair/restoration.

  • MAGA Design? Ahh right, this is where they’re putting Steve Bannon’s new nightclub.

  • Did the old lady who currently lives in the building agree to sell it? She’s a bit kooky, but pretty nice. She sweeps the alley, which is always a damn mess on Saturday morning.
    She bought the building decades ago with her husband. I think lots of developers have tried to low ball her over the years but she was always holding out for more money. I guess she got it?