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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Will someone explain this T-Rex thing to me? I keep seeing people on social media of people going gaga over videos of people dressed as T-Rexes and I don’t get it. It’s funny once or twice, but they’re all over the place. What am I missing?

    • yeah it was funny a few times but its pretty tired at this point, people prob just have the costumes laying around and use them for random things like this?

    • Can’t explain it, but it is never not funny to me. Put a person in a T-rex costume and have them romp on a beach, do the Thriller dance, ride a Paso Fino to the Jurassic Park music…I’m cracking up just thinking about them.

      • I marched alongside the three T-rexes who brought up the tail end of the march for a while; they had so many photo requests, they could barely move. It’s all about the tiny hands!

      • +1 – yeah, people dressed as T-rexes doing anything makes everything a little brighter. Like putting a cat in a shark costume and having it ride a roomba. Never not at least a little bit entertaining!

    • i gave a friend of mine a costume for her birthday last year and she has never been happier. That’s all i care about.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Emmaleigh is going to cry, but we ordered a new sofa for the family room.
    Rant: It’s not the color I’d prefer (but it’s fine).
    Rave: Emmaleigh, I promise it’s comfy!
    Rave: Tomorrow, I’m going on my first ever international business trip. That sounds ever so glamorous.
    Rant: I’m headed to exciting King City, Ontario. I think the best one can say is that it’s Toronto-adjacent. (but really, that’s the point; it’s a retreat-y kind of conference)
    Neutral: Apparently, I have the babbles today.

    • King City is where the super rich people live. Well, the people who want a compound for their mansion. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I know Joan from Real Housewives of Toronto lives there.

      • Quotia Zelda

        Wait, there’s a Real Housewives of Toronto?

        • Yes! It’s on right now. Haha, it just started a couple weeks ago.

          • I Dont Get It

            Aren’t Canadians too nice for a compelling Housewives franchise?

          • No, you should watch it. There’s this one crazy b!tch on it, Kara Alloway. She’s a real piece of work. Besides after living here for 18 months now I think it’s sort of a myth that “Canadians are so nice.” Yeah, they’re nicer than your average American, buttttt they’re passive aggressive, which I find to be so annoying.

          • A Housewives franchise I didn’t know about?!?! WHAT!!! I just googled and it doesn’t appear evident that we can watch in the US. Any tips???

          • Oh no, really?! That’s not fair! Do you have an android box? I’m pretty sure you could watch it on that.

          • Nooooo :((( I don’t have an android box….I have a Roku lol, not sure if that’ll help. So ya’ll are both in Canada?! Well, I’m at least glad Bravo airs the Melbourne housewives, love that show!

    • Emmaleigh504

      But your sofa is soooo comfy! And held up so well during the young child years!
      Have fun on your work trip!

    • Wait wait wait… didn’t you just recently get a new sofa that you’d mentioned on here — a tufted leather model, I think? Or was that for the living room rather than the family room?

  • rant: science march. I went. BUT WTF was with the security checkpoint?? is that what we all have to look forward to now? before we protest, we gotta now stand in line?? (which, i think i was in line for about 3 dang hours) so ridiculous. the weather didn’t make it better either.
    rave: signs. so many hilarious signs.

    • The checkpoint was not for the March though, just the activities leading up to the March. We came from Federal Triangle a few minutes before 2pm and walked right into the March.

      • ok, but even for the activities leading up to it….still ridiculous. did the women’s march have one? or the tax march? if that is the new normal, then i guess i just somehow missed it….

        • skj84

          I think technically the women’s march did have security checkpoints. I say technically because while it was on the website, and there was a big thing about not bringing bags because they would not be allowed in the secured area and I never once saw any sort of checkpoint. It may have just been in the section I was in though.

          • The Women’s March did have one for the speakers, from what I’ve heard. But I joined the march when it got so big that it was no longer behind the security checkpoint.

          • skj84

            That makes sense. We were so far back from the stage area, thats why I never saw the security area.

          • I was perplexed by that too. I specifically swapped out my regular purse for a smaller, less convenient one because the guidelines said my regular purse was too big… and came to the Mall only to find there was no security enforcement re. bag size or other issues (wooden stakes being used to hold up posters, etc., etc.). I was a little annoyed.

    • Anytime someone gets a permit for the Mall, there are checkpoints, I think. I seem to recall a checkpoint when the National Book Festival was there but that could have just been a very long line.

    • Wow. I got there around 9:30 am and didn’t stand in line for more than 10 minutes. Breezed right through, was able to get right up to the stage and it wasn’t particularly crowded. The rally was seriously awesome, so many great speakers and awesome music.

  • Rant: Baby Artie was up at 11 and 2. WTF? I really thought we were past the mutiple night wakings. And of course if happens on a Sunday night when I have to work the next day.
    Rant: Night sweats. I’m going to ask my doc to test my thyroid when I go for a check up in June.
    Rave: All the coffee.
    Rant: I forgot to take my allergy meds before bed last night, and I am paying for it today.
    Rave: A very busy weekend, but I managed to get a lot of things done, including a lot of food preparation which will hopefully make the week go more smoothly.
    Rave: Despite the lack of sleep, I am tearing through my to do list this morning.

    • Boo–I’m sorry about the wake-ups! That sucks.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I get night sweats. I hate them.

    • For the night sweats, it may not be your thyroid. I had the same problem after having my kiddo, and I’m not talking immediately after. I was concerned, so I talked to my doctor about it and did blood work, and she said it was my hormones and body re-balancing after pregnancy. She said it can take up to 18 months to get back to normal hormonally, and the night sweats are a very common by-product of that.

      • A friend recommend peach skin sheets for night sweats, I recommend them! First sheet had a defect and they just sent a replacement right away.

      • Yeah, I *think* it could be hormonal (especially since I am still breastfeeding), but I figured I would ask my doctor to look at my thyroid just to be sure.

        • I had the same thought. It started for me a few months after my kiddo turned one, so it didn’t even cross my mind that it could be related to post-pregnancy stuff. I was convinced it was my thyroid as well.

        • As someone with thyroid issues, it’s worth having them check, especially if you can catch it early. It’s not at all uncommon for the thyroid to get all wonky during pregnancy and the months thereafter. I’d still think getting the blood test is worth the time/money.

      • i had miserable night sweats the entire time i breastfed. i would sleep on towels so i didn’t have to remake the bed every day. gotta love hormones!

    • I get night sweats when I eat sugar shortly before I go to sleep. Watch what you’re eating to see if that has any effect.
      I also liked the night sweats pajamas before I figured out what was causing it. (just google it and you’ll get multiple results). I used Vermont Country Store pajamas and they really worked!

  • Rant: Waiting for official news this week about deveolpment coming to the Anacostia Metro.
    Rave: Wait, there is development coming to the Anacosta Metro?!

    • Ooh! What is the scuttlebutt about development coming to the Anacostia Metro?
      The other week while trying to find a particular late-1990s article on the D.C. rat problem, I ran into an interesting City Paper article about Anacostia, Hillcrest, and Congress Heights, and their changing racial and economic demographics — how they’d suffered from the flight of middle-class whites and middle-class blacks to the suburbs. Although the article somewhat imprecisely uses “Southeast” to mean “east of the River,” it’s an interesting snapshot of those areas from a time when D.C. was at a pretty low point, a year before Anthony Williams became mayor.

      • Last weekend, a member of my neighborhood posted on our HOA homepage that a member of Bethlehem Baptist told him that the church had sold the big vacant lot that it sits next to, across from Thurgood Marshall Charter school. Saturday, a trustee with Bethlehem Baptist told me that the church had just piinned a development deal to bring housing and retail to that lot. (The rumor is/was that the retail is a Wegmans, but the trustee told me that no final decision had been made and would be up to developer. He was kind of coy abou it, honestly).

  • Rant: Potential dates who cannot get it together to actually follow through. Thanks for making it easy on me.
    Rave: Good weekend with friends, and I invented a new sandwich (scrambled egg with hummus on toast). It’s going to play a big role in my life.
    Rave: Work travel to a new place this week, and then a friend’s wedding next weekend. Looking forward to all of it.

  • binntp

    Rave: Adopted a kitty this weekend! She’s a polydactyl calico/tricolor tortie and sweet as can be. (And I already submitted a pic to the Animal Fix.)
    Rave: Caps win! Nats sweep!

    • My mom has a Hemingway cat! He’s obsessed with kneeding her chest/stomach with his giant paws EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. It’s like his ritual. Around 9 pm, while my mom is watching the tv, he’ll wait at her feet for her to clear whatever she’s doing so he can hop on (he’s pretty fat too btw) and do his thing.

    • !!!!!! Congrats, that is so exciting! Can’t wait to see the pics

    • Emmaleigh504

      yay new kitty!

    • Yay for kitty!!!

    • Aw yay! Can’t wait to see pics!

    • Yay for new kitty!! Looking forward to seeing her pic.

    • My first kitty was a poly and I still think that a little extra love came with those extra toes.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Yay Kitty!
      Related rave/rant, which you may be able to look forward to once your kitty learns your routine: My Behemoth Kitten (found teeny tiny at age 1-2 weeks, now 8-month-old 10+ pound Maine Coon!) reliably jumps into bed and lays on my belly (heavy!) and kneads me with her needle-like claws (ouch!) and purrs (cute!) when I get back into bed after I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. She’s so cute that I can’t bring myself to evict her from the bed, even though it is admittedly not super comfortable and interferes with getting back to sleep.

      • Awww and hahaha!
        Maybe time to start clipping Behemoth Kitten’s claws?

        • HaileUnlikely

          It used to be very easy to clip her claws back when she was small and reliably purry. She’d just lay there and knead on my lap and let me clip them with no resistance at all. Now that she’s the size of a smallish fat tiger it’s not so easy any more.

          • My cat hates having her nails clipped, but will tolerate some degree of clipping while she’s eating wet food (which she loves).
            I also give her a treat for each nail or two that she’ll let me clip. But I think either she hasn’t yet made the connection that clipping = treats, or she has but still dislikes the clipping enough that she’s not sure the treats are worth it.
            Interesting that your kitten went from permitting nail-clipping to objecting to it! Fickle feline.

          • Maybe we need a PopVille nail clipping club? I’ve used up every trick and technique with my two over the years, now even tuna doesn’t work. It’s basically hold her down with all my strength and have a friend clip.

          • A PoPville cat-wrangling club, eh?

          • I find that with my least-interested-in-being-handled cat, the best solution is to just get a claw or two every once in a while while she’s sitting relaxed in the cat tree or lying down somewhere. I do it as least-obtrusively as possible – so I don’t hold her entire paw, just the two joints that help pop the nail out, and then I clip! If I’m lucky, I can get an entire paw in one sitting, but usually just get 1-2 at a time and then come back for more later 🙂

          • lalaru, that’s exactly what I have to do with Giant Grey Kitty. She HATES me touching her feet, despite having tried to get her acclimated to that since she was a baby.

          • Yeah, the stealth clipping of one or two nails while relaxed on my lap worked for a little while. So did treats for each nail clipped. So did chunks of tuna for each nail. I borrowed one of those containment bags and tried that – yeah – no. Bottom line is they’re just bastards.

          • HaileUnlikely

            The clip-one-or-two-claws-while-kitty-is-sleeping strategy is exactly what I do for Good Little Kitty. She’s a good little kitty, though, so even if she wakes up, she won’t really do anything besides whine, which is sufficient to make me back off. Behemoth Kitten is not as good as Good Little Kitty, though. She will scratch/bite/rabbit-kick etc. with the ferocity of an obese juvenile tiger.

          • People always talk about the stealth claw-clipping, but if I try pressing Textcat’s pawpads, she IMMEDIATELY goes from sleepy to fully alert… and suspicious.

  • Rave: trip to NY was awesome. Kids did great in the car, which was a huge relief. And no family drama!
    Rave: Came back Friday, so we had the whole weekend to get back in the swing of things. Took the kids for a walk, and even the 1.5 yo walked pretty much the entire mile-long walk! They had a great time checking out bugs and walking/running through the woods.
    Rant: Mtpkiddo still struggling a bit on sleep. Going to see if things improve with a stricter approach over the next couple of weeks. Going to couple that with the kids’ meditation books that should arrive this week–thanks again for those recommendations!
    Rant: Are we really potentially headed for a shutdown over border wall funding????
    RAVE: CAPS!!!!!

    • Oops, two other raves: had a great time at a friends’ baby shower over the weekend. And once he warmed up, mtpkiddo was quite the charmer–running around and hugging every pair of legs he came across. AND, he finally seems to be outgrowing the dairy allergy! We are taking it super slow, but he’s up to full-meal portions of mac & cheese (subbing soy milk/margarine for milk/butter in the prep–but using the regular cheese packet) with no problems! And he’s enjoyed small amounts of yogurt with breakfast! And thus far, no overnight discomfort. So thrilled to start to reintroduce dairy into both of our diets 🙂

  • skj84

    Rave: lowkey weekend, moderated a history bee in Crystal City on Saturday. It was fun, but a bit draining. Ran errands yesterday.
    Rant: My obsession with taking on side gigs. I think because I was not in a great place financially for years, I feel I need some sort of back up. I had to force myself to turn down a gig yesterday that I knew would exhaust me and probably not pay that well. My current job pays decently, and I have opportunities for bonus, I just wish I was getting maybe 10k more? I would feel so much more secure.
    Rave: booked an appointment with therapist so I can discuss this issue and the many more that are plaguing me right now.

  • Rant: Drank too much Saturday night. I’m getting too old for that.
    Rave: Didn’t have to do anything yesterday so I just lounged around my apartment all day.
    Rant: Trying to book flights for work trip + vacation is so confusing. Like I’m sending things off into the ether and just hoping they come back to me with some sort of steps on how to proceed.
    Unknown: Briefly got up the motivation to start dating again. Lost it just as quickly. (On a side note, I really like that new First Dates show on NBC on Friday nights!)

    • ah! my friend from college and one of the co-hosts of the “Ghosted Stories” podcast was one of those dates! I don’t know when her episode is coming up, but neither does she, apparently the series has been sitting in NBCs back burner for a while until they needed something to show!

      • Hahah oh man! I wish I could somehow apply to be on it. Hahaha… it’s so good I’m surprised they didn’t air it sooner. I was worried it would be kind of skeevy, but it’s actually so cute!

  • rant: my dad’s having surgery tomorrow. they’re taking out a kidney laparoscopically, which apparently isn’t a big deal, but he will be under general anesthetic and they’re 99% sure it’s cancer. the doctors don’t seem worried though? is this just… one of those things that happens?
    rave: at least my parents live in the area, so I can go to the hospital and help my mom through all of this.

    I Don’t Get It – verdict on the cleaning!?

  • Rant – If you’ve just moved to Capitol Hill, welcome. If you’ve never ever, ever, ever, heard or seen a helicopter before, this city is home to the US Government which includes many, many, many Police departments and military services. There are always helicopters flying around DC so please stop asking on listserves or FB, “what is that helicopter doing flying so close??”. Don’t panic and so head to the nearest cocktail bar.

    • skj84

      WORD. I feel like there is a “why are there helicopters flying around?” post at least once a week on the Hill East FB group.

    • I did think yesterday’s was particularly random in that it was super low and was hovering for a while. I’ve lived on the Hill for a few years and am usually used to helicopters too. My partner and I were out for a walk with our baby and literally debris was flying it was so close and it seemed to be “following” us creepily… and then later that evening it reappeared and was hovering creepily literally right above our front door. Looked like a news/television copter so we didn’t think too much of it, but we laughed about it since it really did seem to be following us!

      • Yesterday’s helicopter came from Manassas and was a private helicopter. By the flight pattern on FlightRadar, it was flying in almost straight lines around the Hill which would either mean filming or surveying of some kind. And yes it was super low!

      • Agreed – we were on the roof of my Navy Yard building and watched the helicopter hover right over us. Weird and a little unnerving as for the most part it was unmarked.

  • Rant: Neighbor’s yippy monster woke me up at 6:30 on Saturday and SIX on Sunday. I have never hated an animal so much in my life.

  • Rant: Rainy days and Mondays
    Rant: Sooo tired and so overwhelmed. Too much to do
    Rave: Weather was beautiful for a walk I did on Sunday, and then got to meet up with my uncle for lunch, it was really nice

  • Rave: Top Scallop and her fiance once left a bag of cinnamon swirl bagels at my place after watching DOG and I don’t think they know exactly what kind of affect that has had on my life. I didn’t know you could get cinnamon bagels without the raisins y’all. It’s life changing. I bought a bag this weekend. It’s a good thing I rarely go to Giant (they’re Giant brand in the packaged bread aisle) because I’m be a giant bagel by now.
    Rave: aside from the line, I had a great Science March experience
    Rave: I told my nieces I’m a scientist and the 4 year old yelled “I’m a scientist tooOOooo!” So cute
    Rave: CAPS!!!!
    Rant: there’s a lot of good stuff, but also a lot of stress right now

  • Accountering

    Rave: Andie finished a half-marathon this weekend in Rehoboth. She has worked so hard and I am oh so proud of her!
    Rave2: Caps! YESSSS!
    Rave3: Finalized our architect for the Hill East renovation. They are a great firm, and very conscious of making sure that their work fits into the surrounding neighborhoods. Now the fun begins!

  • Rave – eaglet 2 is back!
    Rave 2- turnout for the science march was awesome. Proud to be among so many.
    Rant – starting Monday tired.

  • Revel: Fabulous visit in NYC with my friends from college. It was like we last saw each other last week, not ten years ago. I really need to get back over to the UK soon.
    Rave: The bus ride up was actually pretty good. For the price, I would absolutely do it again. I’m planning on taking the oldest to NYC soon for a visit to Ellis Island and the Tenement Museum, and we will definitely take the bus.
    Rant: My friends are British-Asian, and the guy was selected for “extra screening” when they arrived in the US. He said he expected it, but it irritates the shit out of me.

  • Rant: Rumor mill swirling about the contract I am working on at a govt agency…. ending or being reduced or revised or this or that. (This is separate from the CR and shut-down issues.)
    I am not completely blasé about it, but am trying to not fret until there is real information from reliable sources. It helps that I am not all that excited about the job, though I don’t want it to end, yet.

  • Revel: Two very cultural weekends in a row with New York friends, one here and one there: Yankees, Koreatown, Whitney Biennial, Fun Home at the National Theater, Ballet at the Kennedy Center, and incredible drive-by at the Sackler to see “Inventing Utamaro” which, if you have even a passing interest in traditional Japanese are seems to be a must-see.
    Revel: Ready for a day or two of trash — TV, books, whatever…I’ve earned it.

  • Rant: This weekend got lectured/yelled at by some guy about white people messing up “real” DC and how his family has been there since ’68. Apparently all because I didn’t say hello as he walked by because I was in the middle of picking up after my dog and didn’t see him? Buddy, if that’s the game we are playing my family has got yours beat by about 100 years & this neighborhood was Italian and Irish before Chocolate City even existed.

    Rave: Despite the fact that he caught me completely off guard and got a bit aggro, I managed to just smile, say “have a good day” and continue on my way instead of losing my temper.

  • Rave: Leaving for Lisbon tomorrow for a week.
    Rant: Trip may get extended by a week for work in Brussels which has still not been decided.

  • Rant: Got distracted, wasn’t paying close enough attention to the time, and missed the magic noon moment for issuance of Kusama advance passes. (I’d loaded up the screen and gotten it ready around 11:35.)
    Sour-grapes compensatory rave: I’m telling myself that it doesn’t matter because I wouldn’t have landed tickets anyway.
    Up until now I was feeling reasonably rave-y. 🙁

  • Rant: Dr’s office staff. Why would I want to wait 6 weeks to see a dr with something that’s possibly urgent? My alternative is to drive a bajillion hours? UGH

    • Yes, there’s clearly something wrong with our system that makes waiting days for weeks for appointments that are necessary to have sooner. I’ll be happy to see our system move more to walk-in places were you can get care immediately.

      That won’t solve the issue where you have ongoing issues and want to see the same (your chosen) doctor, of course, but it would help with a lot of problems.

      • I have a slight preference on doctor, but honestly would go to anyone qualified for this, if they could do it promptly. I checked with Cigna and can’t find any option, though I don’t blame offices for not catering to new patients as much. My regular doc should make this a priority.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Rant: A recurring situation lingers on for at least two more months. It’s causing me stress and in-fighting with me and a family member.

    Rave: Just reconnected an associate judge with her credentials and “judge ID”. Greatest feeling in the world. Didn’t get to meet the judge but her husband — who was pretty damn cool. DC still has wonderful people. I told him I started to write POPVILLE about the missing item but was able to locate them myself using the Internet.

  • Additional rant: I foolishly read a bunch of user comments on a Washington Post article. What was I thinking??

  • Rave: So happy to find out that you can find trash WITHOUT egg shells by the vegan commune in Logan Circle. Life changin’, ya’ll.

    Rant: Whole Foods’ paper bags really don’t do much to stop rain from leaking into my lean-to.