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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I finally got around to telling my grandparents that I’m married…to a woman…and that I’m pregnant. It went well! They were happy, and my grandfather was giddy that he will have his first great grandson!
    Rant: My mother, who is the reason I didn’t tell them sooner. She basically forbid me from telling them all that, and a bunch of other stuff that is inconsequential (e.g., that I’m moving to CA, that I changed jobs, etc). My mother is the only person I’ve ever came out to that had a negative reaction – and it was very VERY negative. (“They euthanize gay animals” – what does that even mean?????). She then spent a decade forbidding me from telling my dad that I’m gay (they are still married) and even refusing to let me talk to him on the phone so I couldn’t tell him before law school graduation (“I’ll let him know you called. You don’t need to talk to him”) and deleting emails I sent him asking to talk (“This is your mother. I read your father’s email”). She is not religious or conservative, so it really makes no sense. She is just a very difficult person. Two separate friends of mine in the past have said they think my mom is gay – and I thought that was crazy. But now I wonder. Her irrational fear – spanning decades! – that anyone will find out I’m gay has no logical explanation. She’s afraid of how it reflects on her – and the question begs: WHY?
    Rave: I’m old enough now and well adjusted enough to realize my mother is just freakin’ nuts. And my mother-in-law is warm, supportive, loving, and non-judgmental – so I have a good model of how I want to be as a mother to this soon to be baby boy.

    • Emmaleigh504

      wow, your mother sounds like a piece of work. I’m glad your grandparents took your coming out well and are excited about your baby!

      • Yeah, I was realizing that about my mother as I typed it all out. It’s really just recently that I’ve realized how out of line her behavior is – when you grow up with something, you tend to think its normal.

    • Wow, that’s a lot. How’d your father react when you told him? And how’d your mother react when she found out you told your grandparents (if she has found out)?
      Rave: Yay for open-minded grandparents. Were you surprised by their reaction?

      • My dad was wonderful. He started crying – he said bc he felt bad that I felt like I couldn’t tell him for all those years. Then he asked if I needed his help telling my mom – how do you tell someone their spouse of 40+ years has know for a decade and never told them? I just vaguely said that she already knew and then changed the subject. Now, dad is great – LOVES my wife.
        I wasn’t sure what to expect with my grandparents. I started googling how to come out to grandparents, and everything was talking about what to do with conservative or religious grandparents. I realized I was being silly, because my grandparents are neither of those. So, I didn’t really know what to expect, but in retrospect, there is no reason I should be surprised by their reaction.

      • Oh, and I have not told my mom that I told my grandparents. But she will likely react as she always does – a short angry statement of some sort that immediately ends the conversation.

    • Ha, your mom sounds similar to my mom except my mom is a level 2 while your mom sounds like a level 8. She took about a year to come around and I specifically sat down and told my parents together. But still to this day she doesn’t want to tell my DAD’S mother. My dad was going to tell his mom and my mom said no! She was like she is so old, what’s the point? I mean they do live in Kansas and are conservative, but I still don’t think they would have cared much. I don’t care either way because I’m not very close to my grandparents since we always lived so far away.

    • wait a second… your mom refused to let you speak to your dad for a decade? that’s so far out there… that’s mad…

      • It’s not quite that crazy – she pressured me not to tell my dad, and at times when she knew I was going to buck her demands, she screened his calls or prevented me from communicating with him. And eventually, I would lose my nerve again and go back to the path of least resistance. But no doubt, some of its on me. I’m an adult. I could have got in my car and driven the 7 hours home and told him. I could have told him at Thanksgiving dinner. (I really only see my parents on holidays – and I just didn’t want any drama ruining my holidays.) I could have told him the morning he showed up for graduation – and risked that he’d have a bad reaction and ruined the event. (I wanted to tell him in the weeks before graduation, so he wouldn’t be confused about why I shared a queen sized bed with my “roommate” – but instead my mother just made it so my father didn’t have “time” to come to my house.)
        My mother made it difficult. But I was a coward. I’m an adult and I own my role in this.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Decided I need to wear light foundation every day to hide my age spots and splotchy redness. I’m vain about my skin and this new development pisses me off. I’ve worn sunscreen daily since age 15! wtf with these age spots! damn genetics.
    Rave: The pink Dogwood at my country home looks particularly beautiful this year.

    • Allison

      Well, I for one think you have gorgeous skin! Nevertheless, if you’re feeling self conscious about it, have you tried azelaic acid? It both lightens hyperpigmentation and reduces redness. (They use it a lot for the redness that comes with rosacea, but lots of people who don’t have rosacea use it too.) The relief from redness comes pretty quickly, but it takes a few months to see improvement in dark spots.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Ooh! I’ll have to try it. Do you have a brand you recommend?
        BTW the CeraVe cleanser your recommended works great for my newly oily skin.

        • Allison

          Glad you like the CeraVe! I am currently using an over-the-counter cream with 20% azelaic acid called Melazepam. However, if I had the money/time/inclination, I would probably go to a doctor and get a more cosmetically elegant prescription gel version (brand name Finacea or Azelex) instead. The Melazepam has an odd texture, but I’m getting used to it. Or, if you wanted to start with a lower concentration, a lot of people are raving bout The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%, which is over-the-counter and can be purchased online.

    • What are you using for foundation? I have been using It Cosemetics CC Cream, and it covers my red amazingly. recentkly though, I had to go with a drugstore brand because I was out and didn’t have itime to go to Ulta, and found that Maybelline Velvet Matte Foundation covers great too.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m using Olay-Cover Girl simply ageless. It’s pretty light weight; I don’t feel like I have stuff on my face.

  • Rant: This a.m. just east of the Capitol, I saw a biker get hit by a truck. Now, this wasn’t a full-on smash, but rather the truck was turning left on green, and the biker was going through her green light, but both were hitting their brakes. So, it ended up like this; *bloodcurdling scream*, screech of brakes, *pow, silence, woman screams she had light, man in truck rolls down window and screams he had green light, woman bikes on- fairly shaken up.


    Rant: Male privilege. You don’t get to yell at a woman you just hit with your truck that was on a bike after you were in the wrong, man.

    Rant: Not exactly related- but tangential; Perhaps the scariest thing in this world is seeing men that get embarrassed easily blame a woman, and then either do something horrible to said woman, or someone else. This needs to stop.

    I don’t have much of a rave this morning, i’m sorry.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I agree with everything you said except the “male privilege” part. Do you doubt that the driver would have said the exact same thing to a male cyclist who he had just hit? We hear about drivers of unspecified sex treating male cyclists the exact same way all the time. If anything, more like motorist privilege, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he would have said the exact same thing to a driver of a car if he had crashed into a car. I absolutely do not question the existence of male privilege, but this strikes me as a particularly dubious illustration of it.

      • Good point. We cannot know what was going through the man’s head at that moment. I’ve just seen many experiences that point to “male privilege” in my life and I viewed this situation through that specific lens.

        • There are a lot of things going on in this situation, way too many variables to control for, but I think it’s important to point out that people don’t consciously think about their privilege. It’s called “unconscious bias” for a reason.
          This is not to say I think either of you think the guy stopped, thought “she’s a lady, I could take her, so I’m just gonna unload on her.” But the idea that we don’t know what he was thinking gave me pause. We don’t know what he was thinking is correct, but we know the culture he lives in and the framework it has given him to act unconsciously.

      • We can’t know what he was thinking, of course, but it is true that men are less likely to yell at men for the simple reason that the yeller is more likely to get his ass kicked by a man than a woman. It’s a basic self preservation reaction.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I don’t disagree with this, but I think it largely goes out the window when one of the parties is a vehicle occupant and the other is a pedestrian or a cyclist.

      • HaileUnlikely

        In the context of vehicle occupant vs. pedestrian/cyclist, I don’t think that applies to anywhere near the same degree. As a white guy I’ve had non-white drivers of both sexes yell at me after nearly mowing me down in crosswalks when I was on foot – I can’t bring myself to label it “minority privilege” or “minority female privilege” though. I think “driver privilege” or “asshole privilege” likely suffice here.

        • dcgator

          Part of owning our male privilege is recognizing that even though in the past, female drivers have yelled at you, a male pedestrian and/or biker, it does not discount the unconscious safety and feeling of power our masculinity provides us in most situations. That is still very real and something we benefit from, whether we know it or not.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I don’t question that. I don’t think it is germane to the present discussion, though. All I’m saying is that I think it is *overwhelmingly* likely that the driver in question would have yelled at the victim in this scenario no matter who the victim was or what the victim looked like (unless the victim was conspicuously armed or built like a linebacker or something). Again, no question male privilege exists and that I benefit from it, but given the dynamics of the situation here (truck strikes cyclist), I think this is a well-below-average candidate to illustrate male privilege in action.

        • Having lived all my life as a woman, I can tell you that male privilege certainly comes into play in situations like this ALL THE TIME. Men DO unload differently onto women, because they can without fear of being challenged, in situations where they don’t with men – I’ve seen this over and over again. It isn’t your experience, so your refuse to see it, or to believe women when they tell you that it IS our experience. Maybe you should start listening – otherwise, your denial becomes part of the problem.

          • Oh, good, a more refined version of the old “you wouldn’t understand, you’re not a woman/minority/white/christian/jew/muslim/male/rich/poor/insertwhatevergroupyoulike” argument, commonly trotted out when someone not in your particular identity group doesn’t agree with you and has well-articulated reasons for that disagreement that you either can’t or can’t be bothered to rebut. It’s always a crowd pleaser (when you’re preaching to the choir, that is), but never ever actually persuades anyone. Condescension rarely does.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Have you ever been a male bicyclist yelled at by the driver of a truck? If not, how do you know that how the same driver would yell at a female bicyclist differs from how the same driver would yell at a male bicyclist in the same scenario? (You may well be right, but see how that logic works?)

      • When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    • maxwell smart

      I have to say, some of the bike lanes in this city or SO poorly thought out. L Street is a prime example – drivers and cyclists have to weave in and out of the lane every block and I always see someone who doesn’t get it and makes the left from outside the bike lane. This sounds like a similar example.

    • Were they traveling in the same direction or opposite direction. I am trying to get an idea how this accident even occured?

      • Sounds like from the description, say, truck was going south and turned left, while bike was coming north going straight. These are always my most nerve-wracking interactions using any mode (even driving, if on a multi-lane street and I’m in the right lane…DOUBLE if the right lane is straight/right turn) given the general IDGAF, get out of my way attitude of drivers here. I was almost hit by a tour bus (on foot) under these circumstances several years ago, and had words with the driver, and I also think he escalated to the point he did because I was a woman. He was…kindly, not a burly man…and given how mad I was (I actually had to jump out of the way and it was still a *very* narrow miss, and was in full-on, top-of-my lungs sailor mode), I don’t think he would have parked and come after me if I were a dude.

        • Ah, I was under the impression that both were going the same direction and truck turned across bike lane to turn left (similar to the 15th & U St intersection — but I am not at all familiar with where jaseguy saw this so I could be wrong).

          • The last two times I have biked on the 15th St Cycletrack heading north, I have come within three feet of being hit by someone turning left. It scared the heck out of me; in each case, it was a car behind me to my right who very suddenly flashed across my path giving me just a split second to react. Between that nagging fear, the awkwardly timed lights going south, the overcrowded lanes, and the generally poor condition of the road (full of debris), I generally avoid biking on 15th and stick to 11th instead. It seems weird but I feel safer there (and the hill is much more manageable).

          • Yes, I hate 15th Street generally — even as a pedestrian. On more than one occasion I’ve seen drivers turn left even when they’ve had a red left turn signal. Ugh.

          • The cycle tracks are a whole other beast. I use the 1st St. one often, and the couple of streets that cross it are a bit anxiety-inducing (and rights are just as big of a problem as lefts, given that’s a 2-way street). They’ve tried to fix this with turn arrows and the like, but, again, so many drivers here just do. not. care. I find the decision not to stop for an oncoming vehicle or pedestrian to particularly reek of “I’m more important, and don’t care.” Everyone knows that pedestrians, cyclists, and cars going straight have the right of way when you’re turning. There is absolutely no way to claim ignorance on that. FTR, that bus driver saw me – while he initially claimed he didn’t, he slipped up during the screaming match and said something that revealed he had seen me – and just went anyway. It flows directly from there to the situation from a few days ago, with drivers wishing death on pedestrians and cyclists because the latter were “in their way.”

          • maxwell smart

            In some cases, I find it safer to ride on streets without the bike lane – by taking a full lane, it forces drivers to notice and acknowledge I am on the road. So many of the bike lanes are continually used as the Uber/Lyft/Cab pick-up/drop-off, delivery, parking, driving lane and/or are hidden behind parked cars, it’s just not worth the added stress of using them.

          • I hear ya 86, and there are other places where a cycletrack would be really, really good. I live in Brookland and take the MBT home. If I time it right, I can get a lead on the cars on Franklin (never been so grateful for a left-turn signal in my life), but that’s not always possible. And since people tend to drive 40+ on that stretch, it’s nerve-wracking (and the sidewalks are too narrow to make that a viable option at rush hour). 3 lanes cause more problems than they solve in that stretch, so there should be a cycletrack from 7th to 12th (ideally from 4th (bike lanes on 4th), but the people who live between 7th and 4th would throw a fit about giving up their street parking). As a bonus, the lanes are also really wide, so there’s also room to widen the sidewalks. There’s just no good reason we’re deeding so much space to cars in that area that they can nearly double the speed limit (for 2.5 blocks) in a stretch that connects a trail to roads with sharrows, without even bringing up the fact that they’re driving that fast on a road that crosses between an elementary school and a park.

          • Should clarify that…I take the MBT to where it joins 8th, then ride up to 7th, turn right on Franklin, and head into Brookland proper. From there, I can cut through the parking lot of the Stone Straw building onto Girard or go up and turn onto 10th. In either case, I’m on Franklin for only one (long) block or less. If I catch the light green or turn *right* when the light for 7th turns red, the cars going east on Franklin are still stopped for the cross traffic OR the left turn arrow for the westbound traffic turning south, buying me a 30+ second head start. Of course, 50%+ of the time, someone turns behind me, so I’ve got a driver looking to gun it on my heels. The only alternative to that is to ride all the way up to Monroe before coming over. That’s over a mile out of my way. All because drivers know there’s 2 blocks they can speed and I’m keeping them from doing that for a block or less, where there’s plenty of room to make (SAFE) space for pedestrians and cyclists.

      • Biker was heading west with green light, driver was heading east with green light but was turning left (north).

        • Yeah, I was hit on my bike in this very situation years ago – we both braked and I swerved into a right turn so I wasn’t hit bad and just banged up (nothing my chiropractor couldn’t’ fix), except my bike frame was hit and so it never balanced after that, so that was a casualty of the encounter and I sold it to a guy for almost nothing for parts).
          Luckily, it was a woman who hit me, and was (properly) totally apologetic and felt terrible that she hadn’t seen me in time – yelling at someone you’ve just hit is adding insult to injury. I didn’t realize the extent of the damage to me or to my bike, at the time, and waved her off.

  • RANT: the new “no kids” at the the Midlands policy. Disappointing for me, but I’m sure many will love it.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      What’s the policy? All hours?

      • Kids only allowed 4 – 8pm Mon. – Thurs, not at all on weekends. It’s pretty much impossible for my family to visit under those hours.

        • Actually it’s anyone under 21yo outside of those hours. While kids were mentioned as a catalyst, they’re excluding a larger chunk of people. It sucks that bad apples ruined the bunch, but if you really want to visit, you’ll make the necessary arrangements to do so or go elsewhere.

          • Was their a particular incident that sparked this?

          • probably underage howard students?

          • I was there last night and someone mentioned they were doing it since they had a lot of underage kids there before.

          • Agreed. I know there’s going to be pushback, but I feel like they probably did the most reasonable thing in this case by restricting hours rather than just telling everyone under 21 to leave completely all the time.

          • Check ids before serving alcohol like everywhere else or even go to a wristband system

          • HaileUnlikely

            bizzinger – to clarify, if you know, was it stated or implied that the concern was basically about older teenagers, I mean as opposed to small children? On a semi-related note, I wonder if there is a way to legally implement a restriction on patrons within a certain age range with both a lower and upper bound (e.g., ages 13-20 – just made that up to illustrate what I meant no strong feelings about 8 vs. 12 vs. 15 for lower bound)

          • stacksp – all the times i’ve been there, I have been ID’d consistently. I’d guess this was a realization that there were lots of fake IDs, and they didn’t want to get in trouble if something were to happen and it were to come out that people were there using fake IDs…..

  • Revel: Got my butt to a group exercise class last night
    Rant: I haven’t made great use of my gym memberships lately
    Revel: AC tomorrow!
    Rant: Signed up for a charity walk, had difficulty recruiting people, and the ones I did recruit have somewhere to be immediately after and it makes me wish I had never signed up to be a captain.

  • Rave: The weather outside.
    Rant: The face that my office has begun to freeze us out everyday.
    Rant: Contractor my office is working with who yelled out “Where are you from? What family you got in DC?” at me out of the blue prior to a kickoff meeting that my unit had with his company yesterday . The conference room was not big enough where you had to yell at anyone. I had never seen the man before. I was mortified cause my boss was in there and I didn’t know how to respond so I ignored him. I’m a bit shy and I like to keep my personal life and my work life separate. So I don’t talk about my personal life a whole lot. Especially to folks I barely know.
    Rave: Got a little more sleep last night.
    Rant: Woke up with back pain even though I did my stretching exercises last night.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Really horrible evening on the home front–you probably overheard it.

  • Rave: Decided to just embrace my inner stress snacker and keep fruit at my desk. I now have an enormous bowl of apples that I’m sure I’ll eat by the end of the week.
    Rant: The ‘situation’ with North Korea.
    Rave: This weather is my favorite.

    • I’m trying to ward this off, too. Last week I brought in my roasted chick peas, today is carrot sticks…although I haven’t needed them yet!

    • I find celery (cut into small pieces) is really good for a stress nibble – its tough to chew (so it lasts awhile), and has a mild flavor.

      little carrots are my jam though too (+1 to hip hop below)

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Tire pressure light came on while I was driving to Metro. By the time I parked, it was about halfway flat, and now I’ll have the fun of changing it when I get back this evening.

  • Rave: Bermuda was amazing! Perfect weather and such a carefree, relaxing vacation.
    Rant: Still don’t have a job and no real prospects right now.
    I saw Midlands posted on FB that they will be restricting when kids can be at their establishment.

  • Rant: Performance review is today. Why do I always get so anxious?

    Rave: At least I genuinely enjoy my HR Director.

    Rave: I booked my first musician at a brewery near my house in May!

    Rant: Concerned that they don’t have a music license there but wrote them to ensure they do (and offered my firm’s help if needed)

    Rave: Going to see a musical tonight with a good friend

  • skj84

    Rave: Lovely 3 day weekend. I attended a friends wedding on Sat, and spent the rest with my family.
    Rant: Still really anxious and on the edge. Talked to my doc today about finding a therapist. I always get recommendations, and never follow through on making an appointment, which just makes me feel worse about myself. My mother is very worried about me, though her nagging on certain subjects didn’t help my mood.
    Rant: I really wish I had rented the upstairs studio. My house is so small, especially with 3 ppl living in it. After this weekend I realized I really just need my own space. I know I can afford a studio, but I don’t want to go through the struggles of finding a place and moving.
    Rave: I have no plans this weekend, so I will probably just get my hermit on. I need to recharge.

    • Actually finding and scheduling an appointment is the hardest part for me. I recommend making that first appointment and going from there. Therapy is so helpful and I am so lucky to have been able to find one during my biggest life struggles.

  • Rave: Today is my Friday because I’m going HOME tomorrow!! This will be my longest vacation since I started my job and I get more pumped by the minute. I’ll be home in time for my best friend’s birthday and she’s picking me up at the airport so we can go straight to the pool and then it’s dinner with my Nana, the sweetest person on earth WOOHOO oh Texas, my Texas.
    Rave: Rerouted my long run last weekend to go to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. I was on the Anacostia River Trail when I saw the signs for it, and after hearing so much about the place here I figured I’d check it out! Got some beautiful pictures, and it was just cool to be there for a bit. Plus it was such a beautiful sunny day.
    Rant: So sunny that I got a hilarious sun burn/tan line mimicking my tank top. So now I have less than a month to erase that before I stuff myself into a bridesmaid’s dress for my sister’s wedding.
    Rave: Whatevs. HOME.

  • Major Rave: I get to work abroad for part of the summer. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
    No rants today.

  • Question – Is anyone a member of VIDA? Is it worth it? I’m trying to figure out my next gym journey. I was a member at Flywheel for 7 months and LOVED it, but I moved recently and it was too expensive to justify (I used to work/live next to the studio so could go all the time). I’ve tried Classpass but didn’t love it (too many restrictions/not enough available classes I wanted). I do have a nice gym in my apartment building, but I get bored out of my mind on the treadmill, etc. so I pretty much only use it for weights. I need classes to keep me motivated. Any suggestions?

    • I love VIDA — their spin classes are the only I’ve found to be anywhere close to Flywheel / SoulCycle for a more reasonable price.

      • Thank you! This is what I was hoping to hear. A friend goes to the CityVista location and says she loves their spin.

    • FtLincolnLove

      Not sure where you are located but I would highly recommend Ambitious Athletics! It’s on 20th and K, and is small group classes. Some days are weightlifting and others are conditioning- no matter the day, the workouts are awesome. I’ve been going for over a year now and absolutely love it. It’s not your typical gym either- everyone is super friendly and we are all one giant family. The workouts are intense, but addictive and motivating, and you leave feeling awesome.

      • skj84

        Not the OP, but I’ve been on gym hunt myself, and that is right by my office. What are the membership rates like?

        • FtLincolnLove

          skj84- it depends on how frequently you want to go! 3 classes a week (12 per month) start at $189, and range all the way up to $279 a month if you want unlimited classes a month. Classes are offered in the mornings and evenings. WELL worth it! Like I said, I’ve been going for over a year and I can definitely see (and feel!) a difference in my energy, strength, body, and overall confidence. I travel a ton for work and I’ve been able to translate some of the workouts/exercises done in class to hotel gyms, which is really great.

      • I live on H Street (2nd & H) and work on the hill so I doubt I’d make it over there. There seems to be a real big box gym desert in the H street area.
        Thanks for the suggestion though!

    • I am not a member of VIDA but I’ve been in the U St VIDA about a dozen times to go to Sweatbox and it’s super nice in there. I feel like people love VIDA, and they seem to have some great class options – although not sure that all of them are included in the cost of your membership. But if you are looking for a gym + classes I think it’s a good option. personally, I’m addicted to Elevate but that’s a very specific type of class workout (HIIT) and only has one location in DC at 14th and Belmont.

  • Rant: Caps are down 2-1 and didn’t look great outside the first five minutes of the game last night.
    Rave: Mercifully they lost quickly in OT so I could get to bed. I managed to turn off my alarm instead of adjusting it and I took a benadryl, but I was less than 10 minutes late to work after oversleeping by almost an hour. That’s a win in my book.
    Rant: I’m worried I smell because I did not shower in order to make up the time.

  • rave: Even though I moved last year, my DC tax refund was direct deposited into my bank account without issue!

  • Rave: Beautiful weather! I ignored the pollen and slept with my windows wide open last night – ahhhh! The house is finally cooling down after all that oven-running on Sunday!
    Rant: So much to do and so stressed. I just want to sleep for like 5 days straight.
    Rave: My little brother is out of the country on business so his girlfriend decided to go spend the weekend with my parents in Philly – just because! My mom is super surprised but really excited, she’s never met this girl before and I think this is actually a pretty cool – and brave! – that she’ll have some time to form her own opinions and thoughts (mostly) without my brother’s input right away. This could be interesting!

  • Rave: Tea! Thanks to Emmaleigh for getting me hooked on Lady Grey tea and now Paris tea
    Rave: Harney & Sons tea and free shipping ==> ordering five different kinds of tea
    Rant: The security guard who was snapping gum (snap snap snap in my face) while she was scanning me. UGH
    Rant: Melted processed cheese food on my sandwich – I could taste the chemicals. UGH
    Rave: Fresh greens from my garden (no chemicals!), still harvesting mushrooms from my indoor mushroom farm-ette, all the things in bloom

  • Question for those that recommend Xyzal for allergies: Is it supposed to have an immediate effect, or does it take a while to build up in your system? For the first time in my adult life I am saddled with allergies, and my eyes are bright red. I look possessed. I started the Xyzal last night, and also picked up some antihistamine eyedrops, but no dent has been made in the redness. (Also, it is definitely not pink eye – I’ve had that before)

    • Hm. Odd. I have taken allergy medicines so long I don’t remember. I would give it another day or two and keep using the eyedrops, then maybe talk to a doctor if you haven’t already.

  • Rave: Just finished my year end review and it was a much easier process than usual. Funny–the less I care about my job, the better I became at it.
    Rave: I work on a beautiful campus – cannot WAIT for lunch! (Speaking of, I’m super hungry…)
    Rant: I know it’s not his fault, but husband never wants to come outside with me due to allergies. It’s kind of a bummer, as I want to play!
    Rave: My Mini-Harvest has given me 2 ugli fruit and 3 cubanelle peppers – not sure what to do with these! But will use giant head of cabbage for a lo mein! Makes things interesting.

    • Same with my Hungry Harvest! I just sectioned the ugli fruit and ate them with breakfast. They were delicious. Regarding the peppers, I’m going to stuff them with taco-seasoned beef and onions and cheese and eat them with rice (since they’re a little narrow to fit everything in together). I just cut mine in half, removed the seeds, and stuck them in a bag in the freezer to make them later this week.

  • Rave: yesterday was the perfect night for a few miles out in Alexandria. Joggers and Lagers at Port City, it’s the only way I know how to get myself to workout on a Monday. Good convo with good people afterwards, we had a smaller group than usual, but it was good to catch up with those who did.

    Rave: New Orleans last week filled my soul back up with thick gumbo, great music, and happy people wandering about.

    Rant: tonight after work a networking thing, then scramble to workout, then a concall on way home from workout, then scramble to change before a date, then arrive at date and try not to let on how frantic this long day was.

  • RANT: Yellow SafeTrack continued AGAIN. Seriously?

  • So, yeah, families can be tough. When one of my sisters realized I was gay (I had brought my girlfriend home with me for Christmas for a few days), her immediate response was that I couldn’t tell my parents (notwithstanding the fact that we were staying at my parents’ house at the time – serious catholics, and I’m sure others, can maintain this state of denial indefinitely.) I’m not sure why my sister thought it was any of her business who I told anyway – perhaps she did have some issues with her own attractions – that never occurred to me before, as she has aways been ostensibly straight. She certainly doesn’t think she is homophobic, though I think she is still entirely uncomfortable with it – I’m kinda sorry neither of her kids turned out to be gay so she’d have to actually deal with it.
    Truth is, I was afraid to tell my parents – I was afraid of them hiring those kidnappers to make them straight that people hired back then decades ago (perhaps altogether irrationally, but the fear that my abusive parents would reinsert themselves into my life years after I left home was real, a leftover from my childhood.) When I got a job a few years later working for a gay rights organization, one of my sisters (I’m not sure which of them, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was that same one, making mischief), who told them I had a new job. So when they called me and asked me where I was working, I told them. Their response was to not talk about it – ever – over the decades.
    Now in her older age my mom is losing her filters, and starts on rants against gay marriage in front of me when I visit when her (which is very infrequently) when her relatives start the crazy bitching about various groups – when I call later on this behavior later, she says she doesn’t think of me as gay. Go figure – she’s only known for over three decades, easy to forget, I guess.
    So, yeah, you were always free to tell whomever you wanted, but I totally understand the f***ing with you that family members like your mom do – I think my mother hasn’t told her relatives, and actively pretends otherwise. People like that seek to control your relationship with others based on how they want to be perceived, and it entirely selfish of them.
    People think the battle for acceptance has been won because a majority of younger people support equality, but that’s not everybody, and it certainly isn’t the majority of older people that many of us have to deal with in our own families. So I feel for you – you aren’t alone in dealing with family members like your mom.

  • Rant: Egg sandwich at Pleasant Pops yesterday was awful. Hardly and substance to it, and cost five calms. I normally don’t gripe about food but — I want Pleasant Pops to succeed and found this an aberration.
    Rave: Today is about as good as it gets, weather-wise. I bottle it up and save it.

  • Does anyone know what is going on with the unfinished construction on the stretch of the Brentwood Pkwy between the 9th St Bridge and 6th St. NE by Union Market?

    It’s been untouched for weeks since construction initially started and it’s pretty awful terrain that will eventually cause some damage. I think it’s ridiculous that construction can just be left uncompleted like that in such a high-traffic area, while other projects in DC begin.

    Any advice on who to contact regarding this or info, in general, would be great!

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