GDoN “Ultimate DC Foursquare!” edition (reader request)

725 Fern Pl NW

This house is located at 725 Fern Place, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Ultimate DC Foursquare! Metro so close! Walk Score 84! Hardwoods, dreamy front porch, party sized deck and private fenced yard, lush! 3 beds up plus cool den w/closet and window-poss 4th bed! Great room sizes-original charm with fabulous condition. Huge kitchen with real dining space! Glass door to eating and lounging deck! Full finished basement with rec/bath/laundry. E-Z to add rear parking.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $669,000.

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  • Nice house, well-located – too bad someone sacrificed most of the dining room to create an awkward, too large kitchen.

    • Funny how this is in the eye of the beholder. I was thinking how perfect that arrangement looked.

      • Seriously. I have little need for a formal dining room but would much prefer a large kitchen.

        • My issue is that it isn’t well-designed for comfortable cooking. That wall between the range and sink would be a pain to work around. A somewhat smaller footprint is easier to cook in. And while I don’t need a formal dining room, and have no problem with them taking down the wall between the two, to me having a bit less kitchen, with a powder room in there, too,) and a little more dining space would be ideal

          • Agreed. I’d love a big kitchen with lots of counter space. But yesterday I was standing in the middle of this one and thinking what a pain it’d be to cook in it.

  • Foursquare?

  • I feel! Like! I Need! To Post my Comment! With Exclamation Points! to be Consistent! With the listing! That said, I really like this house. I wish the kitchen cabinets went to the ceiling but otherwise this seems like a good deal on a nice home.

  • I went to the open house yesterday. It’s a nice house in good condition. The kitchen seems recent and well-done, but awkwardly laid out (large but long). Three real bedrooms upstairs and nice old wood floors throughout. Pleasant yard and deck. Downsides – only two bathrooms, and one is in the basement. No space to build a powder room on the first floor, unless you build out the house. Not great closet space. 11 minute walk to the Takoma metro, but most of the walk is along Blair Road, which is a narrow sidewalk along a busy road. I think it’ll go for about $20-30k over asking.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I also went to the open house, and agree with all of this (see notes about walk to metro, though).
      I would love to have that porch, deck, and back yard. I am haile envious of those and would be tempted to buy it just for that if I could afford it (not even close).
      “Not great closet space” is an understatement. The closets were tiny. I also noticed that a few of the boxes for outlets and light switches were not secured to the wall. That itself is easy enough to fix, but also hints to me that some electrical “upgrades” were done by somebody who was either very lazy or didn’t know what they were doing. That made me want to look at the electric panel, but I got distracted and forgot.

      Regarding the walk to the metro, you can also walk down 7th or 8th to Dahlia and take Dahlia to Blair, in which case you can reduce the portion of the trip that is on Blair to about 100 yards, or you can go around or through the school and continue down Cedar (by the Takoma library), eliminating Blair altogether. Each of those alternatives makes the walk about 2 minutes longer but much more pleasant, compared with walking all the way down Blair. (I live very close to this house.)
      I’m sure this house will get multiple bids and go for well above asking. A house roughly across the street (same size, about equally nice, different style though) went for $750K last summer, which was $100K over asking for that house, and another around the corner on 7th went for only slightly less than this despite being slightly smaller and having an unfinished basement and no A/C. The open house was a madhouse, too. There were probably about 12 couples/families there all at the same time while I was there.

    • Yes, one of my (many) issues with that large, awkward kitchen renovation is that the inhabitants would be better served if they’d used some of that kitchen space to carve out a power room.

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