GDoN “THE prominent architect practicing in DC @ the beginning of the 20th city” edition

119 6th St NE

This home is located at 119 6th Street, NE. The MRIS listing says:

“Historically significant home by Appleton P. Clark Jr. THE prominent architect practicing in DC @ the beginning of the 20th city. Highlights begin upon entry w/ a tile foyer brought from the Cap. bldg, gorgeous reclaimed 1/4 sawn pine floors the home of President James Madison, magnificent molding throughout, 3 fireplaces, English basement,equip w/ front & rear entry. Private parking.”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,899,000.

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  • I want (minus the window treatments).

  • really is a beautiful home… some questionable design choices notwithstanding…

  • justinbc

    Nice accents, although I expected to be more wow’ed by the tile foyer. We need more Appletons in the world.

  • With a little paint and some new window treatments this would be my dream home…..if I could afford it.

  • Not that it’d make a huge difference in the value of the home, but I wonder how much of this stuff is verifiable.

  • Lovely overall. I’d like more kitchen work areas for that price. There’s room to add a bit.

  • Currently owned by Katherine Harris, and has been on the market for almost 2 years. Many will remember her from the Florida recount during the Bush / Gore election.

    Wiki – In 1994 Harris was noted for the most expensive campaign for the Florida Senate to date, winning her seat that year in her entry into electoral politics. In the 2000 presidential election, Harris gained national attention for her role in the Florida election recount, certifying George W. Bush’s narrow victory over Al Gore and awarding him the Florida electors, which gained him the national election.

    • In this market, with this neighborhood, and given the low level of inventory it should have sold. This tells me she is asking too much.

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