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  • I recall a short-lived burrito joint in the space as well. The old 7 Eleven seemed to benefit from being on the busy corner of Porter and Conn and near the metro entrance. Not sure how much better the foot traffic will be for them down here or how their light grocery prices will be able to compete with Brookville or CVS just a few doors down. Dino was great for sure; Yanzu was an overpriced mess. CP desperately needs a Ted’s Bulletin type of spot.

  • I hate to nitpick but I think it was Yanyu, not Yanzu

  • Why did the 7-Eleven up at Porter Street close in the first place? It was always handy to have around.

  • Tom

    I can’t wait to get my taxes done at 7-11

  • They really need to powerwash that building.

  • How did this not get picketed by the local busybodies?!?!

  • Located next to a supermarket, which is next to an organic food market, which is next to a liquor store. I guess the business plan is Slurpees and 2 am.

  • As a resident of Cleveland Park, I am really interested to see how sustainable a 24-hour business model is in this neighborhood, specifically during the week.

  • maxwell smart

    On one hand, I would have preferred to see a great new restaurant open in this space. On the other hand, this block deserves 7-11.

  • There is a 7-11 right across the zoo….

  • I live down the street from this, and I’m not happy that it’s a 7-11, but I actually really like the art deco-style signage, and it’s better than that massive space sitting empty and papered over. As others have said, I’m not sure how well it will do with two grocery stores, a liquor store, and two drug stores, and Firehook (basically covering everything 7-11 sells) within two blocks, but it may do well with the zoo hoards walking from the metro and an occasional late night snack from people at Atomic, CPBG, or Nanny’s.

    • +1 the signage is definitely an upgrade over the long-defunct SunTrust bank clock/sign. We’ll see how we feel when the neon gets switched on though..

  • Does one need to specify that a 7-11 is “24-hour”? Are they not that way by default anymore?

  • I live in Cleveland Park and agree this is disappointing. I am not sure why we cannot get a decent restaurant in there or at least some of the trendy fast food options like Cava, District Taco, a salad place, or something like that. Perhaps it is tied to the zoning laws. Same holds for the old Palena spot. How is that still empty? Not only are there two grocery stores and two drug stores nearby, but there’s also the gas station convenience store a block away which I imagine greatly overlaps with what 7-11 sells.

  • northeazy

    NONE of these places ppl list, Yes! Organic, Brookville, CVS, Walgreens, Firehook, etc, NONE OF THEM, sell cheeseburger hot dogs or Taquitos. So, at least for me, I am ecstatic.

  • Everyone calm down please this will not last. Most likely this is a corporate location which eventually 7-11 would like to sell to a franchisee. Van Ness had a 7-11 and it was opened and closed in under 2 years they couldn’t get their sales up so no buyers.

  • Jesus H Christ all I can think of is some idiot at corporate decided that the 7-11 next to the zoo was so busy they could use another one 2 blocks away without realizing that the Zoo 7-11 is unique and totally irrelevant to neighborhood demand. This will fail.

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