Update: It’s 945 where work has begun. “Finally Broke Ground at 965 Florida Ave NW”


from a resident of the Floridian building next door:

“Residents –

I’ve received an email from JBG notifying that they have issued a “Notice to Proceed” to their Contractor(s). 945 Florida Avenue, which abuts the Floridian is now officially under construction.

As for 965 Florida Avenue (Whole Foods, etc.) – MRP Realty is looking to tentatively break ground sometime in the fourth quarter of 2017.”

“Dear PoPville,

Walked by the other day and noticed they finally broke ground at 965 Florida Ave. Thought readers would be interested in this. Still hoping for a Wegmans over Whole Foods but I think that’s a done deal.”

Ed. Note: Whole Foods is a done deal.

Updates as construction progresses. This is across the street from the recently closed Darnell’s and very close to Duffy’s as well as 9:30 Club.


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  • northeazy

    I live on H st. And after having cycled through Unsafeway by Benning Rd, then the Harris Teeter in NoMa, then Giant on 3rd, then up to Aldi on Maryland Ave, I have now arrived to Whole Foods. I anxiously anticipated its arrival. All the other stores were lacking in some way (although Aldi, for what it set out to be, a discount market, lived up to its expectations) . Safeway had putrid meats and produce, plus there was a drive-by once when I was there. Harris Teeter was just too pricey for their quality. Giant was great at first, but they are always out of stuff! ALWAYS. But, honestly, I don’t see the attraction to WF. They have weird stuff. Not a lot of variety. Most things are over the top expensive and unnecessarily organic (organic paper towels?!) While great for many things, it sadly cannot be my everything grocery store. It is sort of the reverse of Trader Joe’s for me. Good for a lot, but not for everything. What is this Wegman’s you speak of? Could this be my new everything store?

    • Intellectually, I know that you were writing about grocery stores. Emotionally, it feels like you were describing my dating life.

    • I love the Whole Foods at 6th and H… amazing produce, meat and service!

      • northeazy

        Yeah, and I love those things too. I do. Second to none in the grocery store game. And I would purposefully stop there to get meat or produce. I get that. But, my questions really is, Is that WF is good for? I am a single dad and do not have time to hit up multiple grocery stores to curate a weekly handcrafted grocery list. My grocery bill is about an extra 50-60% higher when I go to WF (Giant is about $60 vice $100 at WF). And while some of that is reflected in the superior meats, I just don’t like that my only option for oatmeal is a $5.99 organic option. I want to pay $3.00.

        • WF oatmeal in the bulk section is $1.99/lb. Pretty reasonable.

          • Agreed. Seems like OP could use some pointers..

          • Bulk section is incredibly reasonable for lots of cooking staples.

          • northeazy

            Ohhh, OK, yeah I am a total WF noob. I have not checked out bulk section. It is scary to me. I tried to stop by there once but one of the tubes inexplicably had bulk candy, and my 4 y/o son went nuts for it, so I avoid that section now. Ill check it out next time.

        • you can with their 365 brand – you can get a decent bargain at WF. I’ve even seen standard items (like Annie’s mac and cheese) far cheaper at WF than at Giant.

        • WF’s housebrand packaged goods are mostly mediocre and rarely a good buy. Many of the brand name packaged goods (canned, frozen, or in the bakery) are available at Giant or Safeway and much cheaper there. The baked goods and deli are a mixed bag. the hot and cold bars are basically leftovers. The bulk stuff often is a good value. Much of the produce is supplied by the same vendors that other chains use. The best way to use WF is to figure out what they do well and ignore the rest. Even though the produce turns over faster than Safeway and Giant, you can get junk there (or at farmer’s markets) if you don’t know how to shop. The snobbishness about about WF is laughable–you don’t to spend that much if you’re willing to learn how to shop.

    • Sooo…basically no grocery store can satisfy you in the District? I think it might be time to make your peace with it lol.

      • northeazy

        Well, none of the grocery stores in my neighborhood. I imagine there exists a Giant that doesn’t run out of onions or rice somewhere in DC. Just not the one on H st.

        • I have kind of the same issue. And WF is often out of certain things. Related question–where does everyone go for meat? I went to 3 stores last week in search of lamb shoulder.

          • Harvey’s Butcher in Union Market.

          • I love Harvey’s but going to Union Market on the weekends once spring hits is worse for crowds and parking than P Street Whole Foods on Christmas Eve.

          • saf

            I get flour, etc at a regular grocery store or at Yes!.
            I get meat at the farm market.
            Vegetables and fruit – depends on the season.

        • The Giant at 8th and P doesn’t seem to run out of things.

    • Can you get to the MOMs in Ivy City. I know I have said this before, but MOMs is the best grocery in the area. Yes it is all organic, and so costs more than conventional. But as far as pricing for organic things is concerned, it is cheaper than all the rest. It also features tons of local items. the produce and meat are always ridiculously fresh. And it is super dependable. It is always well stocked. Plus the staff is super friendly,and the store is never crowded. I hate shopping anywhere else, and I love shopping at MOMs.

  • Thanks for the post. I, for some reason, thought the construction on 907 Barry Place was the construction for the whole foods. speaking of which, has anyone heard anything about any businesses that are going to occupy the retail space there?

  • Sorry to throw water on this, but Urban Turf reported last week that construction wouldn’t begin until Q4 of this year: http://dc.urbanturf.com/articles/blog/whole_foods_a_church_and_970_units_the_shaw_dev_rundown/12422

    (delivery anticipated in 2020).

    Ive seen cranes out there for the last few months, but not sure theyre yet finished with the design….

  • Is this going to be a full service whole foods or a 365?

  • Maybe just site grading and prep?

    • Probably breaking up all that old concrete, asphalt, and other detritus that litters the site and then hauling it off. The site still needs a bunch of work before they even begin digging.

  • I would so love to see a Wegman’s there. The Whole Foods on P Street is what, like a half mile away??? Are they becoming the Starbucks of grocery stores?

    • There’s definitely enough people living in the surrounding neighborhoods to support two grocery stores (I’d prefer something besides WF, but that’s neither here nor there….)

    • maxwell smart

      Foggy Bottom – Glover Park – Tenleytown – Friendship Heights – Bethesda. 5 WF along a 7 mile stretch. So basically, yes.

      • Also, H St. But I feel like we should get rid of the Glover Park one for now until they reopen. (Are they already reopened? Did I miss this?)

        • maxwell smart

          They haven’t reopened – I’m guessing it will be a few months, assuming they are actually remodeling and not just waiting for the whole rodent issue PR to blow over.

    • I would too. But rumor has it, Wegman’s is going into the old Fannie Mae building in Tenleytown.

    • I would also prefer a Wegmans but I will take the Whole Foods. The one on P St. is about a mile away(ish) from this location — and while it’s not that far, have you stepped into the P St Whole Foods recently? Hellish.

    • And I want a pony barn right here too. WHY CANT I HAVE A PONY BARN ON FLORIDA AVE?!?!

  • What is going in at 945 Florida?

  • Will the building be as ugly as the other newish buildings around there?

  • I love MOM’s, the produce is phenomenal, wine selection is great and I’m in and out in less than 30 min. I’m curious to know for those of you who have shopped at WF, Yes and Mom’s which you think is best.

    I’ve shopped at WF and never really got the appeal – I grew up with Wegmans so I was already disappointed in the DC grocery options when I moved here. I would only stop at WF if I was in the vicinity and even then I still walked to TJ’s.

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