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  • Have we discussed the oddity of them both going up in flames previously?

    • Seriously. I’m confused. Are these two restaurants both owned by the same people? Did the both burn down at the same time in October 2016? And they are both opening up a week apart, freshly remodeled? Do I have that correct? Wow. That’s some luck.

    • It’s quite common for a small business to do this to get insurance paid for renovations.

      • I didn’t want to be accusatory. But if I was the insurance carrier, I would take a close read of the fire report. Of course, could totally be a coincidence. Or these could be unaffiliated restaurants – the name is just similar.

  • Happy Happy! This is where we lived after Omega burned down. (why did our fav restaurants keep burning down?)

  • from WaPo:

    El Rincon Espanol
    1826 Columbia Rd. NW
    Closed March 29 because of insects, rodents and other pests. Reopened April 4.

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