Burnt Glassworks opens on Georgia Ave in Pleasant Plains near Howard University

2818 Georgia Ave, NW

And if you’re not into the whole vaping thing a bit further east:


Burnt Glasswork’s facebook says:

“Burnt Glassworks is an artist focused glass studio and art showroom looking to foster a sense of community with those working around us.

A retail establishment specializing in glass pipes, bongs and rigs as well as papers and specialty wraps. Custom glass work and repairs.

Art work and clothing.”

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  • Oh how I regret voting for recreational marijuana legalization. That vote was by far my worst vote ever. Marijuana has become ubiquitous in the District without a serious public discussion about the personal and social ramifications of frequent marijuana use.

    • yeah, cause only states with legal marijuana sales have head shops…..

    • It’s regrettable in the sense that more important issues like voting rights were being suppressed while people were pouring money and other resources into this. The promised justice system effects of legalization probably will never occur.

    • right because no one used marijuana in the district before that vote

    • I just regret that DC couldn’t implement it appropriately because Congress.

    • Hahahahahahahahahaha

    • This is public… discuss.

    • I agree. The worthwhile intention of trying create parity among races and classes on mj possession charges was laudable. But the lack of recourse for those exposed to unwanted second-hand smoke, like the experiences of apartment and condo dwellers reported on this site, needs to be fixed by the mayor and city council asap..

  • northeazy

    Sooo it’s a head shop. OK cool. Why the need to present yourself as an art store that fosters community? Imagine a liquor store that had a press release like this?

    • What you’re talking about is a brewery or distillery, a glorified point of sale for alcohol where they marvel at the craft and process of fermenting the alcohol. Seems pretty comparable to me.

      • No, the proper analogy would be a store selling nothing but fancy, overpriced glasses and steins for which to drink your craft beer. Those don’t seem t exist in the way that head shops do.

        • Google “homebrew supplies” and get back to us.

        • Again, no. Home-brew supplies = grow shops (lights, drip irrigation, etc.). Those are functional products for production. The realm of head shops as overpriced fancy toys for consuming intoxicants is unique to that subculture (I mean, I guess there is lots of fancy glassware for wine, but you don’t see places dedicated to selling that and only that). It’s kind of juvenile when you think about it. And this is coming from somebody who smokes!

          • NH Ave Hiker

            Also, there is a homebrew supply store in DC. It’s at 3 star

          • There are plenty of tobacco shops in DC that sell all sorts of devices to consume tobacco, along with the tobacco itself. The reason head shops are strange is because they’re not allowed to actually sell the target substance, which is hardly “juvenile” but rather the current manifestation of our crazy drug laws. A head shop is like a tobacco store in a world where tobacco is illegal. Or think of a williams-sonoma with products for cooking food. It makes eminent sense that there would be specialists in devices for this purpose given how specialized many of the devices are.

    • “Imagine a liquor store that had a press release like this”
      Pretty sure we don’t have to imagine anything. That new store on H/5th (or there about) had a similarly effusive presser from what I recall.

    • Yeah, I thought the press release seemed a little disjointed. The first sentence made me think it was an artsy/crafty glassblowing place. The second sentence made it clear that this establishment is focusing on a very specific kind of glass.

  • Very nice owner. He will be housing glassblowing workshops and classes there as well. A great addition to the neighborhood!

    • That’s awesome to hear! I have no need for pipes, etc, but I love that there’s a closer place for glass blowing classes than out in Mt. Rainier.

  • I’ve been to Burnt glass works, the owner is a very old school glass artist, talented and very friendly. The location has been open for several months and impressive if you like old chunky hand blown glass. They don’t seem to have many customers or a strong media presence, so I’m glad they’re getting some attention.

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