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  • The McDonalds across the street has been suspiciouslly quiet. The sleeping giant could create a competing burger trifecta

  • I certainly prefer the ZBurger in Columbia Heights to the Five Guys. Five Guys may have the slight edge on fries, but the burgers are just better at ZBurger, and I love the location in the old theater

  • ah

    Noticed this sign is actually for their “Sandwish” shop in the same location

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Z burger seasoned fries are the bomb. Bacon burger with z sauce and the works. 5 guys are good but not the same.

  • Not that I am big on hamburgers, but when I do crave one, I usually make my way to Z Burger in Tenleytown or Columbia Heights.

    I remember when the Tenleytown location used to have $1 milkshakes on Mondays; I also still have a poker-chip like thing I received from that location for a free burger.

  • I like the Tenley Z Burger. Everything is great with the exception of the terrible onion rings. Has anyone ever actually eaten at that Sandwish? It never seems to be open when I go to that Z Burger location. I’ve honestly never been inclined to eat there but always wonder about it.

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