“Roof Deck Hot Tub – Legal or Not?”

hot tub
Photo by PoPville flickr user Erin

“Dear PoPville,

I can’t find any information on DC government websites about regulations for putting a hot tub on a roof deck. Structural engineer has given the approval, but I don’t want to run into any problems after I’ve already bought the thing. Any thoughts?

In other news, the “Housing and Property” link on the DC website doesn’t work!”

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  • As long as you invite your neighbors over to use it, I’d say legal!

  • My old neighbor had one, and I’m pretty sure it was legal.

    • Ditto. I’ve seen quite a few throughout the city (including my old neighbor), but have not looked into it personally. Safe to say it’s legal, but you know what happens when you assume…

  • if someone can put a pool on top of their garage, I think you can do this.
    I’d be more worried about structure (which you seem to have under control), as well as things like mosquito habitat, access from inside, drainage, etc.

  • It’s legal. I recently had a project approved with a hot tub on a roof deck. You do need to conform to setback requirements. Setbacks for mechanicals and other things on a roof (penthouse, railings, other) are 1:1. So one foot off the edge of the roof (so the junction of the roof and exterior wall) for every foot in height.

    If you’re still nervous, call DCRA Permits at 202-442-4589 and ask for the zoning technician on duty.

    Have fun!

  • My thought is that you rock. And popville rocks.

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