“reliable contractor with experience building brick or stone retaining walls?”

retaining wall
Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

“Dear PoPville,

Petworth homeowner with a question: Can anyone recommend a reliable contractor with experience building brick or stone retaining walls for row house front yards? Thanks so much.”

Also for those who’ve had it done, how much did it cost?

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  • Cesario Esteves, C & N Construction, 703-207-7030. They did this type of work for us and we are very pleased with the result. Cost was +/- $12,000.

  • Acclaim Home Services is my go to, they are super professional and their work looks amazing. You can check them out here:

  • I’ve seen a company called “Stone Garden” doing stone retaining walls in Mount Pleasant. Don’t know anything else about them, but their work looked nice. They spent a lot of time with hand tools getting the stones to fit in, and the walls look just like the older ones in the neighborhood.

  • Edgar’s Masonry. I got his name off this blog a few years ago.

  • Brick by Brick! Awesome people, reasonable prices and they do phenomenal work. Basically everyone on my block has brought them in for small projects after they saw the awesome work they did on our front stairs.

  • We are currently using Sandoval Landscaping to put a new patio and brick retaining wall in our (pretty suburban) backyard. So far the work looks really nice and they have total professionals. $10K and that’s for the new patio and 20 or so feet of brick wall.

  • A-Pro renovation built me a gorgeous retaining wall for my backyard in 2013 or so. It was part of a larger project, so I’m not sure of the standalone price for a wall.


  • We used David Ricard Masonry for re pointing and repairing our Petworth front yard retaining wall ($800) and for completely demoing and replacing our front steps and walk ($3800). Would recommend time and again!! http://www.davidricardmasonry.com/

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