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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Office politics. Someone is lying and/or greatly exaggerating the truth about one of my coworkers to upper management, and I am not okay with it. And I don’t know how to fix it.

    Rave: I went to Volt this weekend and had the best meal of my entire life.

    Rave: The new Beauty & The Beast movie!

    In a late Friday post, I stated that I now cannot do Wine & Bitch this Wednesday. I have alternative dates (please let me know which works best): Wednesday March 29th or Thursday, April 14th.

  • Rave: Got up to do yoga this morning!
    Rant-ish: So did both cats and mtpkiddo. So much for some time for myself.
    Rave: Still more refreshed by far than I would have been had I been wrestled out of bed by mtpkiddo.
    Rave: The Economist. In their Tech Quarterly issue, they note that the time kept by atomic clocks changes if you lift them up a bit–“Nuisance or opportunity? It’s all relative.”
    Rave: picked up lots of bagels over the weekend, including a dozen from Bagels etc. Yum!
    Rave: My parents ended up taking both kids after a Lakeshore event Saturday afternoon, so mtpwife and I got to go for a walk! Awesome!

  • Rave: I ranted couple weeks back about being targeted and repeatedly ticketed for just being out of date with my car inspection. I received a letter from the city adjudication office and they dismissed my tickets. They must have some internal process that reviews issued tickets- because I did not contact or protest any of the tickets.

  • skj84

    Rant: Coming on the year anniversary of my Grandmother’s death and I’m starting to feel anxious and agitated. I got this way, around the anniversary of my paternal grandmothers death years ago, so I was expecting it, but its still off putting.
    Rant: I burned the crap out of my thumb on my hot iron today. I didn’t think it was warm enough and without even thinking tested it with my thumb. It was warmed up!
    Rave: Its finally spring!

    • Sorry to hear about your loss. I totally know where you are coming from. Just marked 1 year for my dad, and will soon mark 2 years for my mom. I think the main thing is to allow yourself to feel these emotions, and remember that however you grieve, it’s OK – everyone does it differently. For me, grief hits in waves and it can hit hard, fast, and extremely unexpectedly. Sometimes it helps to talk about them, other times that’s the last thing I can do. Last year, I took a planned PTO day, and I bought a new plant and put it in a brightly colored pot so that I see it and smile and think of my mom (who would be SO impressed that it is still alive!). A plant obviously in no way makes up for the loss, but it was my way of trying to attribute something positive to the day. Hang in there. Feel your feels. And maybe do something to somehow honor your grandmother’s memory – something as simple as wearing her fave color, cooking/eating a meal or treat that she enjoyed…

  • Rave/rant: My mom’s surgery day is finally here. I’m nervous for her but relieved to finally get rid of the nasty “C” word (she has thyroid cancer). Has anyone else had their thyroid removed/know someone who has? We’re not sure what she’s looking at for recovery time and my sister is a big ol’ flake so I’m not sure if I believe her that she’ll come relieve me so I can pop in to the office at some point this week.

    • I had half mine out for a huge but benign nodule in December. Awesome surgeon and fabulous staff at WHC. Really no pain after, other than from the breathing tube and catheter. RemarkablY tiny incision scar – less than two inches and very narrow. I have a friend who had the whole thing removed years ago for cancer. Your mom’s treatment will have evolved from what she went through. But she’s very healthy some 20 years later. I hope the surgery goes well and her recovery is quick.

      • And I went to a meeting Four days after. Again, no chemo for me. She won’t be able to drive for at least a week, and will have really sore neck muscles for a few days.

        • Thank you! She is having the whole thyroid removed and won’t need chemo either. I didn’t realize driving would be that long, I’ll reserve time for an errand run later this week (we did one this weekend). Do you recall how long before eating solid foods? Googling gives all sorts of vague info (which makes sense, I’m sure a lot of it depends on the person/severity).

          • I was told to eat and drink immediately. I had soup for a couple of days, I think. The surgeon prohibited me from driving until after she saw me a week later, so you need to have another way for her to get to that appointment. I think it’s primarily to avoid the possibility of twisting the neck too far. I was definitely restricted in mobility for about a week.

          • Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but my doctors said to avoid driving for 7 days, I think. In my case, there was no way I was going to be biking until 2 weeks had passed (I was off work for 2.5 weeks- this wasn’t completely necessary, but it was appropriate for me). You need to give your body time to heal- don’t rush it.

          • My mom had her thyroid removed a few years and had a very similar experience to Herewegoagain. She didn’t do much to minimize the scar but it is barely noticeable.

      • Btw, I am very pleased with the Scar Away patches and liquid treatment that I have been using.

    • One of my best friend’s had hers removed a few years ago. She’s obviously younger than your mom but healed relatively fast, and she’s kept a really good quality of life still! And her scar is also very small. You wouldn’t really notice or wonder what it was unless you already knew.

    • Good luck to your mom. The biggest thing is drinking lots of ice water. Water will help with the sore throat and got me up and moving (having to use the restroom!). The incision scar is not painful- but the pain I experienced was from the intubation tube. My throat was icky for days- ice cream, popsicles, and lots of ice water helped. Also, throat lozenges were great.
      For aftercare, her doc will mention this, but no sun on the scar for a year. Great excuse to buy lots of pretty scarves and stock up on the high SPF sunblock. Compared to GI surgery, this really isn’t too bad. I was eating most foods within a couple days, but the throat did hurt. I think I had a lump in my throat for about 2 weeks (probably some minor scarring from the intubation tube). Also, her calcium levels may be out of whack initially. She will take be taking extra calcium while the parathyroid glands get back in order (assuming those aren’t taken out as well). I experienced some shakiness that freaked me out, but I just had to take additional calcium on top of the extra calcium. It all straightened out in the end. Adjusting to levothyroxine wasn’t bad in my case at all, but some experience problems in getting their TSH right. Just think long term and be prepared for problems with the idea it’s going to be worked out if they should occur.

      • Also, while it is essential that you not place your scar in the sun for a year, a dermatologist later told me I really shouldn’t place the scar in the sun ever because darkening can occur even on old scars. My surgeon had only conveyed the 1- year thing to me, but it’s wise to protect your scar (and skin) all the time! My surgeon at Hopkins also recommended Mederma anti-scar cream (kind of expensive, but I trust Hopkins medicine!). Additionally, I was taking little walks twice a day within 24 hours of the surgery. Physical activity aids the healing process. I also drank for a week to get all of the necessary vitamins even though I was pretty much eating normal dinners at night. Lastly, I can’t say this enough- ice water!! I probably drove the nurses crazy because I was demanding ice water all night long when I stayed in the hospital. 🙂

    • saf

      I have – quite a number of years ago

  • Rave – Celebrated 20 year anniversary at the Kennedy Center with the family. We really need to go there more often.

    Rave/Rant Went to the new Whole Foods. The bar upstairs has the best hot dogs and all beers are five dollars. Hope it stays that way. I think we went to soon because that place was insane. Hopong the hype might die down a little but probably not.

    • skj84

      I went opening day and it was crazy busy. Plan on going back today after work, I’m also hoping it will be a little less insane. Can’t beat those beer prices, especially at happy hour. I gave up red meat and pork for Lent so I won’t be able to try the hot dogs for a bit, but I can vouch for the raclette. Super tasty.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy anniversary!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Woke up with a stiff/sore neck like someone judo chopped me. Maybe I need a new pillow. I feel tired and somewhat grumpy right now.

  • Angry Rant: The state of DC roads are ridiculous. I know it snowed, but way too many roads haven’t seen repaving in decades… If the city’s budget is better than ever before and they’re collecting record taxes and fines, city services like street cleaning, repaving, and trash pickup should be done impeccably… They also need to bring back more trash bins on high traffic sidewalks. Damnit. >:[

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Stupid insomnia
    Rave: coffee

  • Revel: took the Praxis test for teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and got a nice, high score.
    Revel: went bike shopping and think I’m going to go with the Alibi step through.
    Revel: the weather!
    Rant: went on a date Saturday and have ghosted on. On to the next one, I guess

  • Rave: Yogi Refreshing Mint Vital Energy Tea!
    Pop Peeps: I am looking to rent out my Studio Apartment beginning May 1st. Please let me know if you’re interested or know anyone who needs a place.
    Craigslist Ad: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/6045303662.html

  • Andie302

    Rave: Great weekend away!
    Rave: Moving into Cambridge house this weekend (with or without the mother f*ing kitchen counters, but very likely WITH)
    Rant: Reproductive organs
    Rave: Ran 7 miles with very little walking this weekend. I am going to be able to finish the 10-miler and I am thrilled. I was worried I waited too long (and I probably did, but I felt good after 7 miles and will have one more long run in the 8.5 mile range before the race in two weeks).

  • Rave: Listening to Congress grill Comey via headphones. I’m feeling slightly better that some people are looking out for the good of this country.
    Rave: Spent the weekend in NYC! It was a short trip and a cold trip, but was an awesome hotel, great time with old friends, and now talking about the *possibility* of living there.
    Rave: Finally all healed up, so going to Zumba for the first time since Feb. 2!
    Rant: MUST Zumba, as even my ‘fat pants’ are getting tight. 🙁

  • Rave: Oyster mushrooms starting to grow in my indoor mushroom farm (basement)! Last week I was ready to give up on this experimentation
    Rave: Saw an oriole nest this weekend. Nest was from last year, but orioles recycle material from old nests so there may be a new nest built nearby soon
    Rant: Pup seems to be out of sorts the last few days…she’s due for her her annual vet visit, so an opportune time to see if there is anything physical going on

  • topscallop

    Rave: good weekend with relaxing at home as well as social friend time and lots of cooking
    Rant: I need my former roommate to do one more thing before I can cut ties, but it involves a lot of money and I have a feeling I’m going to be nickel-and-dimed before I get back what I’m owed
    Rant: we had our first premarital counseling session and I didn’t like the therapist.
    Rave: Fiance agrees and we’re looking for someone else to see
    Rant: lately I’ve been having so much trouble getting to the gym early enough in the morning to get in a good workout before I have to get to the metro and get to work. Maybe I should do a combination of morning and after-work classes to keep myself motivated.

  • Rant: coming down with the kiddo’s cold. Woke up in the middle of the night with a wicked sore throat, which has since morphed into post nasal drip. Zinc, ahoy!
    Rave: Delicious meal at Sfoglina with friends on Saturday. Some brief lapses in service, but incredibly delicious food, particularly the short ribs!

  • Rave: Good visit home with family. Too short, but glad I went.
    Rant: Good friends who cannot catch a damn break. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong, and it’s heartbreaking.
    Rave: People who are direct in their needs and wants, and trying to be inspired to do the same. Don’t get if you don’t ask.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: My boss just paid me a nice compliment.
    Rant: Allergies. My sinuses are not happy.

  • Rant: Unsuccessful on Kusama tickets again, despite using the tips offered last week. This time they were all gone within two minutes.

  • Rant: three Mondays in a row with no Infinity Mirrors tickets
    Question: has anyone gotten day of tickets on a Friday? How early should I get there? I am trying to decide what is early enough to get tickets, but not so early I’m in line by myself and have to pee (the eternal single lady struggle).

    • That One Guy

      Can you try a virtual tour or do you need tickets for that too?

      • I *think* you have to have a disability that prevents you from viewing the exhibit in order to use the virtual tour.

    • I’m three for three! This week I was doing it to get tix for a friend who hasn’t been able to get them. If I can get some next Monday again, I’ll give them to textdoc and jeslett. Post tomorrow on what day of the week you want me to try for — I’ve only tried for weekdays and I think weekends would be really tough.

  • My college roommate passed away this morning. So young.
    Rant: This year really sucks.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Thwarted, yet again. Saw that there was a food truck called Sloopy Mama’s and became excited at the prospect of having a sloppy joe but turns out they are a BBQ truck. -_-# Why??? hahaha.

  • Rant: Popvillers, we need to talk about double parkers on 9th Street btw U and S NW. Yesterday there were so many double parkers in the right lane (and probably some people stuck behind them) that the entire street between U and S was blocked off with a long line of frozen cars. It is dangerous—if not somewhat impressive—-but mostly dangerous. Has anybody heard of any attempts to have police monitor this area?

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