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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Yesterday’s snow day.
    Rave: My neighbor shoveled my walk!
    Rant: There is nothing I can tell my co-worker that she doesn’t already know…

    • Question: We moved into our home in October and haven’t had any real snow til this week. I went out and shoveled our walk and the walk of the neighbors on both sides. My wife and I are both from the Midwest and we discussed the proper “etiquette” of shoveling neighbor’s snow. Is it OK to shovel “their” walk and steps to their porch or should one ask first? Is it seen as “emasculating” to shovel another man’s walk here? I know almost all of my neighbors by now and didn’t want to assume that they would or would not want me to shovel their walk. It’s just something I did to be neighborly.

      • Andie302

        I think that was very kind of you and if you were my neighbor I would be thrilled! And next time maybe they’ll be out there first (or not, but one can hope)!

        • +1 – very kind of you. In my personal experience, I would not go as far as to do any steps leading up to the porch unless asked, cause I do know certain people who need steps done in a specific way/it is also their own property. In our neighborhood, yeah others help with the entire sidewalk that goes down the block, and even sometimes the street for certain cars. People tend to take care of their own steps, or will personally ask if they can’t do their own steps.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Interesting question. I don’t have any idea. Personally, I wouldn’t feel “emasculated,” and it is clear that your intentions were genuinely neighborly. The minor concerns I would have if somebody else shoveled my property for me unrequested are: 1.) that they could get hurt (slip on ice, be hit by ice falling from roof, whatever) and file a claim against (your health insurance company surely would even if you personally didn’t want to!) and 2.) that they might want to be paid (even if they didn’t come out and ask). In my neighborhood lots of people ranging in age from about 12 up into fifties or sixties walk around with shovels offering to shovel for pay, and at my old place, somebody (a teen-ager, probably 14-16 years old) did once shovel my walkway unrequested and then ring my doorbell informing me of that fact and asking for pay, which I did not appreciate.

        • Hah! That last bit sounds like the snow equivalent of someone squeegeeing your car, except worse because there’s no way to attempt to stop it while it’s in progress.

      • If you’re just going to shovel it and don’t expect anything in return then I think it’s fine. The first snow in our DC house involved a good bit of snow. Our neighbor shoveled it and then tried to hustle us for money. Very annoying. From then on we made sure to shovel it ourselves before he could get to it.

      • If I get out before my neighbors, I’ll shovel the sidewalk in front of their house but I don’t usually do their walkways.
        One neighbor has a fenced yard (and I know he wouldn’t care, but it seems more intrusive), the other goes in and out their back door so there’s not much point to shoveling their front.

        • “the other goes in and out their back door so there’s not much point to shoveling their front.”
          Not that *you* should do it for them, but mail carriers and emergency responders generally need to use the front. I always shoveled my elderly neighbor’s walk and stairs even though he was housebound.

      • I love that you did this, and I’m guessing the neighbors were grateful that you took care of that for them.

      • Shoveling the main sidewalk is great (and thanks to my neighbor who did mine!) But I would say definitely do NOT shovel their own front walk and stairs without asking. Especially with this heavy snow, when there are already flowers coming up in the yard, you can’t know where to pile the snow without damaging the plants.

        Also, they may have pre-treated the walk and stairs and don’t want the salt dumped on their plants. If you know your neighbor is elderly or otherwise in need of help, go over before the snow and offer to do it for them. (And if you’re really worried about “emasculating” someone, just explain that you like shoveling for the exercise and once you’re all bundled up anyway you might as well just keep going!)

  • Revel: 2 hour delay!
    Revel: celebrating pi day, a day late
    Rant: holy crap Friday snuck up on me. I’m taking the Praxis test after school and I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be.

  • Rant: It took me forever to clean off my car this morning, SO MUCH ICE. And then one of the windshield wipers, recently replaced, snapped off. Grrrr.
    Rave: Being home yesterday was delightful.
    Question for the crowd: Looking at an apartment right on Georgia Ave across from Walter Reed. Any thoughts on living on such a busy street?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Do you mean one of the larger buildings, or the little development of 3-floor townhouse-style apartments? Also, do you mean to buy or rent? If buying, almost certainly a good investment if you plan to stay for several years. If you mean to rent, I consider this a solid location if the Red Line, 52/52/54 bus, or 70/79 bus are useful to you (you can even get the S9 if you’re willing to hike up to Georgia & Alaska). If the specific unit in question faces Georgia Ave, try to visit sometime and get a sense of the sound insulation (both from traffic noises and from voices on the street). If the unit faces the rear or a side street, that would probably be quieter and more pleasant. I think the biggest negatives will be lots of construction noise for the foreseeable future, and I believe they will be relocating the fire station to or near Georgia & Butternut, so you will definitely hear lots of sirens. For reference, I live a few blocks north of where you’re describing, about a block east of Georgia. I like the location generally, but I honestly would rather live where I do than right on Georgia, which is why I asked which side of the building you’d be on.)

    • I looked at apartments near there, and I really liked them. I lived a few blocks south and just two blocks from Georgia Ave, and I thought it was a great location. The bus routes are great, and it’s easy to get to a metro station. Also, I liked being so close to downtown Silver Spring. Sure you’ll have noise, but it’s not bad. The rates in teh apartments were also really good compared to the rest of the city, more like getting a place in NE. Not sure if they remain low with all the development coming, but worth it!

    • Thanks for the thoughts! I would be renting one of the 3-floor style townhouses right on Georgia. It’s a great rate and the neighborhood seems really great. My only real hesitation is noise, but I’ll mull it over. Thanks again!

      • I have never lived on Georgia so I can’t speak to this location specifically, but definitely visit during the day and if possible maybe during rush hour. I’ve always lived on side streets until recently. I now live off North Capital and while it’s not bad – there is a steady barrage of ambulances, fire trucks, and police sirens at any time of day. A friend of mine lived in one of those fancy new bldgs in Mt Vernon off New York Ave and said the same. Neither of us thought about the noise difference until we moved in. Nothing that a set of earplugs didn’t solve for me, but definitely something to think about.

  • Rant: Stuffy nose.
    Rave: March Madness has started.
    Rant: Corner in front of my apartment building where I cross the street to catch Metro to get to work was not shoveled. I saw a lady nearly falling over packed down snow trying to get to the crosswalk in the street.
    Rave: Overnight oats was a success this morning.

  • justinbc

    Random ?: Anyone have, or have used, one of the Peloton bikes? I’m considering getting one, but given the serious up front investment I’m curious to hear some personal reviews (aside from the ones on the vendor website that all seem too good to be true).

    • HaileUnlikely

      No first-hand experience. I’m also interested, but my wife would kill me if I even suggested dropping that kind of money on something that will take up more space in our basement (and we already have an exercise bike). General question though: do you view the main attraction as being the build/quality of the bike or the ability to join in classes, competitions, etc over the nifty console? The reason I ask is I imagine the latter either already is or will soon be available as an app on a tablet, and one can get a very high quality stationary bike for ~$500.

      • justinbc

        Combination of the two. Classes that are paired specifically for equipment tend to be better thought out than adding adjunct pieces together to create a routine, in my experience at least. Between this and my rower and the weights I have at home already there really wouldn’t be much need for my current VIDA membership (and I love that gym, but it’s a pain logistically to get to some days because of my hours).

        • Yes…we got one a couple of months ago. Yes…it is expensive especially with the monthly subscription for classes. However my VIDA membership was like $90 a month so I kind of look at as it will pay for itself in 2 years. That said I absolutely love it the classes are great and are no joke. I like spin classes and took them at VIDA but this is so much more convenient. I can wake up do a 45 minute class and get ready for work without schlepping all the way to the gym and then to work. You can also have as many accounts as you want so I have one and my partner has one.

    • Have you looked at getting a bike trainer with computer control like the kickr? My main concern with the Peloton bikes is that if the company decides to stop supporting your bike or goes out of business, you’re left with a very expensive stationary bike.

    • Rant: One of my wife’s freelance clients is horrible with 1099s. After repeated nagging, they just emailed the 2016 1099 yesterday – over a month late – and it was wrong. It both omitted income, and included previously reimbursed expenses as income. Who knows when they’ll send a corrected one. This should not be this difficult.

      • Sorry, no idea why this is here and not as its own comment. But, to the question, Friends who have the Peleton both love it and think a less costly bike with online classes would be just fine. That probably isn’t much help.

      • ugh… FWIW, I’m still waiting on a W-2 from a company I worked for briefly last spring. Phone calls have gotten as far as instructions to sign in to retrieve the information from their website, but since the login failed, it’s been radio silence.

    • Yes! We spent a year pondering it. Husband cycles, I do not. I was not at all interested (2 hip surgeries) and figured I would never use it. Finally broke down after Thanksgiving and got one. I am on it more than he is. Absolutely love it. Have PoP connect us if you have other questions! Happy to answer.

    • not me personally, but my boss bought one and is obsessed with it. she did mention you can do the classes via a bike in the gym. perhaps try that before you invest in the bike?

    • We went for the hacked version per a blog we found http://www.mypursestrings.com/peloton-app/. The Peloton itself is a great bike with a really smooth ride, but $40/month (until they raise it!) in perpetuity was just too much to swallow.

    • One of my girlfriends bought one and here’s the rundown:

      – you can buy the bike used which could save some of the upfront costs; she didn’t but noted it’s an option. the bike itself is pretty sturdy and takes up a good amount of space.
      – she 100% loves it but she’s a spin junky, so if spin isn’t something you already love, it might not be worth it. she used to use soul cycle and flywheel so the cost monthly actually saves her money in the long run.
      – she’s a new mom and works a pretty intense job so for her, it eliminates all excuses for her. there’s a ton of different classes and time options so even if she only has 20 minutes she can get something in.

      I’m 100% not self motivated with exercise so opted not to go with one, but depending on your life schedule/motivation ability, it isn’t the worst investment overall.

  • Rave: Neighbors who shovel their sidewalks.
    Rant: Neighbors who don’t shovel. I had to walk in the road for part of the commute to the metro. Steering a stroller through snow banks is not for the faint of heart.
    Rant: I really hurt from shoveling my sidewalks.

  • Rant: Minor, hopefully temporary, turmoil between two sisters I love
    Rant: My cousin out in Alaska who just had a baby (and the birth was extremely difficult) is not feeling well. Her husband is great, so I know he’d get her where she needs to go if she needs to go to the hospital, and luckily they’re right in the middle of Anchorage, but my mom keeps feeling like something is wrong, and she’s usually correct. So of course now I’m nervous.
    Rant: Couldn’t fall asleep til after 12 due to above turmoil and anxiety about a lot of stuff.
    Rave: I didn’t eat it on my walk to the bus stop, despite there being ice absolutely everywhere
    Rave: Sunrise was beautiful today.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Having trouble falling asleep/waking up on time. I guess I’m still trying to adjust to the change in time.

  • Rave: cleaned fridge + did taxes yesterday
    Rave: Celia Cruz this AM!
    Rant: who wants a JLo + Marc Anthony album?! Wait, does this mean Marc will do a few Vegas dates? Maybe a good thing, maybe…
    Rave: Caught up on my soaps. Actors crossing over to new soaps (Ned from GH is on Days!) gives me comfort. Same drama (Victor Newman! Neil has a new GF! They’re at the opera- so bougie!); same plot lines (Sonny still controls the docks! Elizabeth is still having a pity party. Laura without Luke!)
    Rave: RuPaul’s Drag Race is back in a week! Staying spoiler free is a challenge. Alyssa’s Secret is too funny and Ru’s Podcast with Michelle Visage is fantastic.

    • I (and basically all my kids) are with you on the last rave! I can’t wait! I’m really happy they switched to VH1 too, since for some strange reason Logo isn’t included in my cable subscription. Also, I LOVE those Podcasts!

  • Rant/Rave: Sent flowers to the ex-boyfriend apologizing. Wondering if he will even acknowledge them. Guess that will give me my answer if it’s truly over.

    Rant: Work is dead, and I have to be here. I wish some days we could just go home when there is no work to do.

    • Can I be nosy and asked what happened?

      • Sure. We got in to a small fight before my birthday. He was upset, and ended standing me up on my birthday. I just feel at fault for some reason, even though I should be angry. We are pretty much broken up, so I am just grasping at straws at this point and false hope. It did make me feel better sending the flowers, as a sort of peace offering. I am lost at this point.

        • Talking it through may provide closure and may help you heal but, looking inwardly, do you want to spend your life with someone who would react to a small fight by treating you like that?

          • No, I don’t think I do. Sending flowers was just away for me to get some closure. It felt good to apologize for what was my fault. And if anything, he can be reminded of me for a week, unless he throws them in the trash. Ugh.

        • Oh wait, are you the same anon from a week or two ago? Walk away. Please, just walk away. You (most likely) aren’t at fault, you (most likely) haven’t done anything wrong. You are absolutely worth more and absolutely deserve better. Don’t grasp at straws. Move on. He is not worth it. I promise.

          • That is me, and thank you. I know I shouldn’t have, but in the desperation stage of grieving. I do need to move on. I am doing better than I was last week, finally sleeping/eating. I just have this void in my heart.

          • I agree that anon should not grasp at straws and walk away. But, even with the “most likely” caveats you really don’t have any basis to say who was at fault – I’m curious how you came to the conclusions you did. I am all for providing validation and support for difficult decisions, but telling someone that aren’t at fault when we have no way of knowing that can be counterproductive.

          • You’re right, dcd, I don’t know exactly what happened. But based on what anon said last week, and based on my personal experience and the experience of coaching way too many girlfriends through breakups where they think they have done something wrong when they haven’t, I felt like giving that piece of advice. Way, way too many women internalize breakups and things that happen in general as being something they have done wrong. If I am wrong, is it really that big of a deal?

          • Also adding, break ups are rarely one person’s fault over another. They are usually just a culmination of one person or both people realizing the other person isn’t the One. Very rarely should anyone ever take full blame for any break up.

          • Totally agree with dcd. It’s one thing to be supportive (and I do agree with Anonamom’s advice to “walk away”) but there’s no basis as a complete stranger to assign fault or declare what someone is or isn’t worth.

          • You guys are just awesome today. Sorry/not sorry for trying to be supportive to an anonymous person on the internet.

          • I think both dcd and Anonamom (esp. her remark at 11:30 a.m.) are correct here. Anon most likely isn’t at fault, because most likely _neither party_ is “at fault” — odds are they’re just not a good fit for each other.
            IIRC, Anon’s ex made plans with her for her birthday but didn’t actually break up with her until it was too late for Anon to make other plans. Although it’s certainly better for the party with misgivings/doubts (in this case, Anon’s ex) not to drag things out, it really would’ve been fairer to Anon if he’d have broken up with her sooner, rather than waiting until the last minute before a major event.

          • Anonamom, I wouldn’t take the criticism personally. Basically everyone wants to know what the fight was about, and why she thinks she is at fault. (At least I do).
            They’re using your attempt to absolve anon, to actually get the real story, because we’re all genuinely curious, and want to know if the guy had a legitimate reason to break things off.
            For what it is worth, I would also give the advice that the flowers weren’t the best idea. Pleade find me a man who wants flowers? A genuine apology followed by some groveling, and a present that I would actually get some use out of- and even that wouldn’t probably change anything if I was truly done in my mind.

          • I know I am really late to this conversation but I agree. Why are you apologizing or sending him things? He broke up with YOU on YOUR birthday, no matter what you may have done… just leave it. I’ve learned that hanging on just makes it worse for everyone involved.

          • @Anonamom: No offense meant – I just think that any negative event, especially when it comes to relationships, is a good (and necessary) opportunity for self-reflection. An amen chorus of “it wasn’t your fault” seems like it would inhibit that process. Particularly when the reassurances are based not on knowledge of the facts and circumstances, but some combination of (i) wanting to make someone feel better without regard to what actually happened, (ii) gender stereotypes, and (iii) projecting our own past experiences onto others. Is it a big deal? Probably not. But as you subsequently said, absent abuse the demise of a relationship is rarely the sole fault of one person. Your initial post didn’t seem to account for that reality.

        • Wait a second… he actually stood you up on your birthday? I.e., you had plans, and he was a no-show?
          I thought he broke up with you a day or two before, meaning that you no longer had plans together, but it was too late to make plans with anyone else.

          • We had a fight Friday night, reconciled Saturday night (or so I thought), and then he stood me up on birthday that Sunday.

          • Wow. He just no-showed for your birthday? Not even a lame last-minute cancellation (which is only slightly better)??
            Did he contact you at all to say something like “After thinking about it some more, I think we should break up”? Or just leave you hanging and give you the silent/ghost treatment?

          • What was the fight about?

          • @Anon. It’s highly personal, but involved a tough decision we had to make. Needless to say, I haven’t been coping well.

          • @textdoc Yes, he no showed on my birthday after confirming Saturday night we would go on as planned. I just cancelled the dinner reservation, since we didn’t think we would be able to make it on time. No last minute cancellation, just no phone calls. He’s essentially ghosted me.

          • “Yes, he no showed on my birthday after confirming Saturday night we would go on as planned.”
            That’s appalling. Move on, no more questions.

  • Rant: The blower in our office is broken, so they brought in some HUGE machine, about the size of a small dishwasher, to “keep the air circulating”. Not only is everything HOT, but half the office has been sick with the same thing. This morning I wore my fleece tights for commuting, then changed into regualr ones so I don’t sweat to death.
    Rave: Boss who wholly supports me, even though he drives me crazy most of the time.
    Rant: My ridiculous lack of confidence, glass-half-empty attitude, and negative self-talk.
    Rave: Just caught on to the show ‘This Is Us’ and loving it!

    • I always watch This Is Us when I’m home alone because I always end up bawling. I don’t cry often but that show gets to me!

  • Rant: I left my car at work thinking this snowstrom would be a big one.
    Rant: I worked from home yesterday, so felt like I couldn’t today.
    Rant: I took metro and 2 lyft’s to get to work. It cost me $20.
    Rant: I’m having a hard time adjusting to daylight savings in the morning. Why is it so hard!?!?!
    Rave: It’s midweek…..that means one day closer to the weekend.

  • Rant: Still really pissed off about yesterday’s lack of communication to apparently just me that we were on a 3 hour delay (which wouldn’t have helped because by the time it was texted to the other staff members, I was already halfway to the office).

    Rant: Office politics. Between yesterday’s situation (and lack of apology about it/somehow trying to make it out to be my fault that I was responsible and showed up in time for the firm to open) and the antics of my team not taking responsibility for things they legitimately screwed up on/trying to pin things on me when I wasn’t actually in the office/city/state/this side of the country when they had various issues and didn’t back down until I pointed that out to them, I am really considering starting to look for another job in about a month. The issue is, I literally don’t know where I’d go/what to do. I feel like I’m at a crossroads.

    Rant: THEN yesterday I found out my stepmom is selling the house she and my dad built when he retired and is moving to a new townhome closer to her kids/grandkids/great grandkids. While she is really looking forward to that, it brings up a LOT of ugly family stuff and I emailed my oldest sister about it last night (she’s the co-executor of my father’s will and my stepmom’s will) because it’s really unsettling and I need someone to give me answers before I go to visit next month. She said that she and I are on the same wavelength about it but she (my sister) is dealing with the loss of both in-laws right now. FIL last night, MIL less than a month ago – so I told her that my concerns should be the very least of her worries right now. But that it was comforting to know I am not a jerk.

    Rave: But at least I am catching up with a friend tonight after work. Desperately needed.

    • Hugs to your sister. Having a spuse lose a parent is one of my biggest fears. How do you comfort someone who loses their mon or dad? Lord.

      • What’s hard is that my sister and I lost our dad less than a year ago, and now she loses both of her in-laws less than a month apart from each other! (To be fair, they were in horrible health, in their mid-90s, couldn’t feed/dress themselves nor walk, etc. — but they’re still family and it’s still hard)

        • It seems as age doesn’t make it any easier. Lost my grandmother on Christmas day and my boyfriend loss both grandmothers just 2 months apart. He’s actually on his way home today from funeral #2. Neither one of us have any living grandparents. So sorry about your dad, I think I remember you posting about his passing. Death sucks.

  • skj84

    Rave: Thank you to the inventors of fleece lined leggings. They were a life saver today.
    Rave: My bus ran late today, which was an advantage to me, I thought I had missed it. Got to the stop just as it pulled up. Though I guess this is a rant to the poor people who were waiting for it to show up.
    Rave: Quick doctors appointment today! I was checked in, seen and out within 30 minutes. I have never been in and out that fast.
    Rave: I’m so excited to check out Whole Foods H Street today. They have some killer deals, including 2/10 lobster tails. I’m going straight after work.

  • Rant: not my finest parenting morning. Had trouble getting out of bed, easily frustrated by needy kids – one of whom has a bad cold and mild ear infection, ran late despite the two hour delay for dcps, too much yelling to hurry up a dawdling preschooler….
    Funny rant: we ran late because mtpkiddo decided to test out peeing standing up like a boy. Needless to say, that didn’t turn out so well and necessitated clean up and a clothing change. She didn’t think it was fair that boys can do that and she can’t.
    Rave: she made her bus
    Rave: mtpbaby was so happy to wake up and realize he was at school. Thank goodness because I was feeling bad for not keeping him home.
    Rave: mtpwife’s conference in Baltimore ends today. And she was able to take advantage of being there to pick up baseball tickets for a weekend getaway with friends this summer.

  • Has anyone been to Ireland? I’m going over an extended Memorial Day weekend for a short trip, flying into Dublin. Where should we stay? What should we do? Would love any and all recs. Thank you!!

    • My two cents/two recommendations:
      Bike around the Dingle Peninsula (or drive if your time is limited)
      Pony trekking around Kinsale or Baltimore

    • If you’re half-interested in Irish dancing, you can see a show at the Arlington Hotel for a pretty decent price. Allows you to kind of be a tourist but without paying a fortune for an “outstanding” Irish showcase like Riverdance. Temple Bar and Grafton St. are the standard touristy things. I actually loved the Guinness storehouse and tour – some good views at the top with a pint. If you want to see some countryside but a short distance from Dublin, you can train up a short way to Howth (cute seaside town) and hike about. If you had more time, I would recommend getting on a bus and going to the West, Galway and the surrounding countryside are incredible.

    • Love Ireland. I agree with MPinDC that the Dingle Peninsula is absolutely worth seeing. Connemara is beautiful and a great place to see on horseback. As for Dublin, I thought Kilmainham Gaol was incredibly interesting and I enjoyed the Guinness tour. I’ve heard good things about the Irish Whiskey Museum. I saw Riverdance in Dublin and loved it. Hanging out in pubs was honestly a highlight.

    • We did Northern Ireland: Dublin, up the coast to Belfast, then on to Giants Causeway. You have to drive, of course. It was seriously some of the most stunning scenery I’ve ever seen. Around every corner was a new reason to gasp. Lots of ruined castles, archeology sites, sweet scenic villages, and of course, sheep. Look into trekking excursions if you’re in good shape. Belfast has a big exhibit about the Titanic, as it was built in the shipyards there. We didn’t go, but I talked to a couple of people who thought it was amazing.

    • For just a long weekend – 4 or 5 days? You’re best to stick with Dublin and nearby areas. Dingle peninsula is great – but a long way to go for a day trip from Dublin. (4 hour drive.) Galway is very cool, very different from Dublin, but again at least 2 hour drive. Glendalough is interesting, and only a bit over an hour drive – and the Wicklow mountains, as well as coastal villages around there.

      A great prep for any trip to Ireland is to read (or audiobook even better!) “Ireland: A Novel” by Frank Delaney.

  • Rant: Work situation is going from bad to worse. Incompetent coworker was promoted late last year and just fired her first hire because they didn’t get along. We all saw this coming. Incompetent coworker is super sensitive and didn’t like that her employee was spending so much time assisting another colleague (which was part of her job description). Morale is so low and now we have to go on-site to our biggest meeting of the year. My boss should’ve stopped this and now everyone is mad because they have to pick up extra work to cover for the loss of a staff person – all because incompetent coworker can’t handle her emotions. And incompetent coworker has the audacity to complain that she’s being ostracized. Go cry somewhere else.
    Rave: My life outside of work is incredible. I’m genuinely happy for the first time in a long time. Maybe I just need to find a new job.

  • Rant: So tired of job rejections, really loved this last one. Fifth time in a year where I’ve made it through all rounds of the job process and just not been the one selected. I went through a very trying process this last time (very intense series of interviews) and I just wasn’t the “best fit”. I’ve gone through so much coaching and I feel very confident about my skill set, so what is happening? I’ve only gotten one place to give me feedback and it was essentially “the other person blended better with staff”. I don’t even know what to do with that or how to use it constructively. Ugh.

    • You can’t really use it constructively. It sounds like the staff got along better with the other person, or felt the person would gel with the team better. I’ve been on teams like that. I’m also job searching and it’s miserable so I feel your pain. At least you’re getting interviews though. I’ve had one interview in 1.5 months of searching. Sometimes it feels hopeless. But the job market up here isn’t great.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Agreed with the above. Getting new people up to speed and integrating them into the organization is hard work. If you pick the wrong person, and they leave or are asked to leave, the employer has to go through the drill again, and that sucks. It is not always the case that among [roughly] equally-qualified applicants, one is clearly a better “fit” with the organization than the other, or that one is just fundamentally incompatible with the organization (skills notwithstanding) for some reason or another, but when that much is clear, an employer is going to use that information. Although the following is admittedly an imperfect analogy, from the employer’s perspective, this isn’t just a matter of holding a contest where whoever scores the highest on some objective criteria wins; there is also an element to it that is perhaps more analogous to trying to pick the right partner for a long-term relationship.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Job interviews are just blind dates in disguise

    • binntp

      Please don’t take it personally. We’ve done a round of hiring for a few positions at my organization, and had several stellar candidates apply. In the end, it ends up somewhat an arbitrary call on what skill we want most to supplement the team’s–when in actuality any one of the candidates could have been suitable. It’s just that kind of job market right now.

  • Rave: I got into my second choice Doctoral Program!!!!! I’m sooooooooo happy and a little in shock. Everything was going really slow (submitted application back in October) Had an interview last Tuesday that went well. I received an email on Monday with the admission decision and was told to wait for the official letter in the mail. Then yesterday I received a heartfelt welcome from the Dean and my new faculty advisor. All of this and I really just want the official letter in hand so I can see if I was offered any funding. lol The wait is killing me. I really don’t want to tell anyone until I get it so other than my boyfriend, Popville is the 1st to know. 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Somehow while changing the time on the auto feeder I got it to dispense all the food in it. Donna is thrilled b/c I’ve been too lazy to put the food back in the reservoir.
    Rave: Wasn’t too cold this morning b/c I had all the layers and a bit of fur.

  • Rant: I would really like to have spring weather back. It is COLD and windy out today.
    Rave: Forecast improving for Friday (high of 46) and Saturday (high of 56).

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