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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Bear

    Rave: We had a nice night away from the renovation madness. Rented a farmhouse near Shenandoah and made good use of having a living room with a TV.
    Rant: Back to half a house, but…
    Rave: I’m escaping again to go visit family for the next 9 days with the baby. I’m flying solo, luckily it’s a quick flight. Any suggestions for flying with a 3 month old? I’m taking him in the carseat/stroller combo, which I’ll gate check and carry him in my lap. I’m planning to nurse him at takeoff and landing, and I’ll take a bottle with me as well just in case. I’ll also bring a couple toys that he likes. Anything else? Tips for getting through security without too much trouble?

    • #1 Cough syrup?
      #2 Pack child in carry-on?

    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially at security. It can be tough to fold up stroller and get stuff thru the belt all at the same time. Also don’t get flustered if people behind you appear impatient. Take your time and take the time you need.

      As for the nursing during take-off/landing, a great idea if the baby is awake. But don’t wake up a happily sleeping baby to nurse. I’ve had multiple people now tell me that they’ve seen moms wake up babies to nurse. Not necessary if the baby is already asleep.

      Good luck!

      • I second all of this great advice. When I traveled alone for the first time with my baby I was nervous about managing all the stuff but was so surprised at how helpful people were. Seriously, be sure to ask for help if you need it. I also got help, and have helped, from some other moms when gate-checking the stroller and getting it back.

        Don’t let other people fluster you and if your baby cries on the plane, realize it probably sounds louder/worse to you than it does to others. Just do your best to soothe your little one and a relaxed momma is more likely to be able to do that.

        Enjoy your trip!!!

      • Also don’t get flustered if people behind you appear impatient. Take your time and take the time you need.
        This is key. The vast majority of people, seeing a fellow traveler with an infant, will go out of their way to be helpful. And for those who grumble, whether in line or on the plane, just ignore them.

    • Pack lightly for your carry on (a few diapers, wipes, whatever you would need to take care of the baby for a few hours). Get to the airport absurdly early to mitigate any stress you might feel as you go through the check in / security process.

    • In addition to the advice above (especially the nursing on take off and landing part), make sure to pack an extra outfit in your carry on. Some babies react to the pressure changes by having “diaper issues” (trying not to be too graphic there). If you haven’t already scheduled your flights, try to plan it around naptime. Also, if he takes a pacifier, that can suffice if he doesn’t want to nurse.

    • Ask the gate agents if you can board early so you can get settled with the baby. The last few flights we’ve been on, they haven’t specifically called for people who are traveling with children to board early, but I think they will still let you do so. That way you are not wrestling with the masses while trying to get situated.
      I agree that you don’t want to overpack your carryon, but bring enough supplies in case you are delayed. We were on a flight where the attendants put out a call for extra formula because a family did not have enough for their babe.

    • The only other thing I’d add is check the car seat (they’re normally free to check) and wear the baby/just put baby in just the stroller if you can (if it’s a snap and go; that doesn’t work) . When I’m by myself, one less piece of stuff to juggle through security helps a lot.

    • I just flew solo with my then-3-month-old at Christmastime, so I wanted to weigh in! I checked the car seat and stroller at the ticket counter, and then wore my baby through security and in the terminal, which worked out well for us (the woman at the ticket counter helped me get everything all folded up and was very kind and patient). But, if you want to gate check, I met another mom while waiting for my flight, whose partner was allowed to come through security and help her with her infant, until the flight took off, even though he was not accompanying them on the flight. So, if you have someone who can hang out with you until your flight takes off — maybe they can help you get ready to get everything gate checked right before you board? Also, yes, nurse or offer bottle or paci on take-off and landing. And bring a change of clothes for the baby and a back-up shirt for yourself in case of emergency 🙂 My baby nursed/ slept for most of the 2-hour flight (the hum of the plane was soothing!). Good luck!

    • When you gate check the stroller, take the clips that allow you to attach the car seat to the stroller off. One of mine broke in transport on my first cross country trip with Baby Artie. Snap the car seat buckles together so it is less likely to snag on something. I used stroller and car seat bags on our most recent trip, but that may be overkill.

      A bottle is a good idea just in case. Put Little Bear on the boob on take off and landing or give him a knuckle to suck. Use the baby carrier (but be aware that you can’t have him strapped into the carrier on take off and landing). Put him in an overnight diaper to minimize the need to change him mid-flight. The changing tables in airplane bathrooms are tiny. Maybe get him a new toy to hold his interest.

      Put him in pjs for the flight (easier to get in and out of). Pack a change on clothes in your carry on.

      Honestly, I think it is easier to fly when they are his age. Nurse, stand up and bounce while wearing him in the carrier if you have to. More than likely he will doze for a good part of the trip.

      Security: you will go through the metal detector while holding him. I think you can wear him. I recall doing that with Baby Artie. Ask someone to help you put stroller on belt. Most people are gracious when you are traveling solo with a baby. You can take the bottle regardless of ounces but have to tell the TSA agent. Your pump, if you bring it, is considered a medical device and DOES not count towards your carry on limit. Wear slip on shoes.

      Bring a copy of his birth certificate. Some airlines require it in order for you to get the boarding pass he needs as a lap baby. I learned this the hard way while in line at the airport.

      Relax and order a drink. Surviving the first flight is so empowering. You will feel like a badass afterwards.

      • I’d also suggest bringing an extra shirt for you (maybe pants too) in your carry-on just in case of baby-splosions of any kind.

  • Rant: Family.
    Rant: Had a really nice time seeing my co-workers at happy hour on Friday.
    Rave: Only two more weeks of training!
    Rant: I didn’t really talk to anyone all weekend and it was incredibly depressing.

    • I just wanted to say that I’m not sure on specifics, but from everything you’ve said, your family sucks. I’m sorry.

      • Thank you, anonamom. It’s not something that bothers me most days because I’m used to it, but sometimes I just wonder how people who are stuck being related to you can be so crappy!

        • Andie302

          It took me a long time to figure out that just because people happen to be related to you doesn’t mean they can’t be crappy people. (I’ve got crazy in all branches, but luckily it doesn’t have much of a direct impact on my immediate family that often.)

    • Always feel free to call/text/fb message me if you’re bored or want someone to talk to, chances are 6/10 times I’m feeling the same way!

  • Rant: The vibrations from the construction next door really hurt my lower jaw, and the only thing that helps is chewing (not gum, pastry). This is not going to end well.
    Rave: Excellent weekend, and traveling the next two weekends to visit family and friends.

  • houseintherear

    Hey PoPville… feel like being charitable today? Help out a local school with materials for a community art project. This school receives less than $1/kid/school year for art supplies- less than 20% of the district’s recommended budget. Please help and share if you can! http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/G39FMAA80W2H/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_ws_x_eUxVybCJDW800 via @amazon

  • Rant: Boyfriend broke up with me the day before my birthday. We had plans to spend the day together, and none of my friends were available. I sat at home alone crying.
    Rave: None today

    • OH MY GOSH. That is so mean! I’m so sorry!!!!
      I wish I knew you, I would have celebrated your birthday with you! That sucks.

      • Awww, thank you so much! It’s been really tough, but I am trying to hold it together at work today. Thankfully my therapist was able to see me today.

      • So sorry! Feed and love yourself. CapitolHillHipHopHooray has very good advice.

        • I wish I could eat, as I haven’t eaten since Friday night. Hopefully soon I will have an appetite.

          • Andie302

            Please try to think of the most nourishing thing you can get that’s nearby and eat it. You may not feel like it on the front end, but you’ll likely feel better afterwards. You need food!!!

          • Eat even if you don’t have an appetite, please! Whatever you want, whether it’s chocolate, pedialyte, or a onion-laden meatball sub. You need and deserve to eat.

          • I agree with Andie and bizzinger. Whether or not you think you have an appetite, I’d recommend forcing yourself to eat *something* — even if it’s like, a muffin. It doesn’t need to be a whole meal. I’ll bet once you start eating you’ll realize how hungry you are.

          • Milkshakes, smoothies, or protein shakes work best for me when I’m feeling this way. Drinking something with a straw is much easier for me than eating. I’m so sorry, sending positive healing thoughts your way.

          • I get the sentiment from well wishers, but there are some people who lose their appetite when they’re extremely stressed. It’ll come back soon. As long as you’re healthy and it only happens in times of extreme stress I wouldn’t worry about it.
            I’ve been there and no amount of knowing you need to eat can suddenly make putting food in your mouth feel possible.
            I hope you feel better soon anon!

          • Try to eat something (especially if you have any history of passing out from the combination of low blood sugar + exertion). Maybe something smoothie-like, as AliceInDC suggests?
            Hang in there!

        • Thanks Bizzinger. I think we’ve all been through similar things before.

    • Andie302

      I’m so sorry – that is the worst. I always use my birthday as a time to reflect (in part because it’s 1/1) – maybe try to think about some things that you’d like to accomplish/see/do/etc. before your birthday comes around again? So sorry again – I know that must’ve been the worst, especially on your birthday.

    • What a piece of slime. So sorry to hear this. Anyone who would do something like that would never have been able to make it through the rough times of life with you.

      Cry as much as you want, especially in the shower. Then pick yourself up in a few weeks and throw yourself a Pity Party. You got this.

      • Yeah, we had just been through a tough time. I thought we were getting better, but unfortunately he didn’t feel the same way. Crying is definitely helping, but just trying to keep it together at work and stay busy. Thanks.

      • Very good advice. Just adding that breakups suck, and this is hard, but it will pass and I promise you are better off without someone who would do this to you.

    • skj84

      oh my goodness. I’m so sorry. What a rotten thing to do before your birthday. How unkind. Please remember self care in this time, its hard to focus on positive things, but take care of your self.

      • Thank you. I really appreciate it. I am trying with self-care, but it’s really hard.

        • Giving you an internet hug, stranger. Good for you for taking the steps to see your therapist today, and hopefully that will help. I think there was a thread on here recently about taking care of yourself after a breakup…please do eat, and treat yourself to something special. Even if you don’t feel hungry, your body will be sapped of energy and you will feel worse. Think of things that you would like to do, especially if it’s stuff that the old BF would not have liked, like eating a certain cuisine or seeing a certain museum exhibit. And reach out to your friends again – hopefully they can provide a little fun and distraction.

      • “How unkind. ”
        Is it kinder to fake it for another day/week/month and then do it? Seriously asking. Because I think that’s just as unkind. I once got dumped after the holidays (weeks before her birthday and Valentine’s Day!) and boy did I feel like a dumbass having just spent tons of times with both of our families (not to mention the money I spent on presents) and making birthday/V-Day plans for her, thinking everything was all fantastic. It sucks no matter when it happens, and I’m a huge fan of “do it as soon as you’re sure (if not sooner).”
        OP, sorry you’re feeling bad. I hope it doesn’t last too long.

        • Personally, I think it would have been kinder to break up sooner rather than make plans for her birthday and then dump her. It sounds like he knew as they went through the tough time anon mentioned above.

        • +100
          I’m with you on this. The the dumper is always going to be the bad guy/gal, regardless of when it happened. If he waited until after the birthday, OP would probably feel even worse as he/she had just been manipulated for a few weeks.

        • skj84

          While being dumped sucks, doing the day before someones birthday is horrifically bad timing. Especially if they had already made plans. So yeah, unkind of him.

          • As a former break-up’erer and break-up’ee and a Boy (in the context of boyfriend/girlfriend (I’m actually a man)) – It is my opinion that it was the more correct break-up for both parties. Faking it and dropping the bomb after the birthday would be disingenuous: especially if it was just for the two of you. If your friends were part of the birthday celebration, then faking it maybe would’ve been appropriate.
            With that said, I’m sorry that it happened to you. Either way, the relationship wasn’t going to work, and next year your birthday is going to be so much better. You can bet on it.

          • skj84

            That is such a dude thing to say. Seriously, have some tact. I see no reason to traumatize someone before a big day. Especially if they made plans to hang out with that person on that big day. I was dumped on a significant day to me and it hurt so much. I would’ve rather the person waited, its just common courteously. Wait a week after, or do it a week before, just don’t traumatize people like that. Its a dick move.

          • He could have done it sooner perhaps, but he certainly isn’t going to spend money to make anon feel better (assumed paying for birthday putting). Who would do that? Maybe something happened to cause the timing.
            I’m sorry this happened at such a bad time anon.

          • I agree with skj. At least don’t make plans with them that you then ruin when they can’t make other plans that late. It’s a shit thing to do and people should know better.

    • That One Guy

      You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for, you’ll make it through this breakup.

  • Question: I’m thinking of biking to work at least one day a week. I’m not in great shape but plan on taking it slowly. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been on a bike in the last decade, although I do know how to ride on suburban streets and cul de sacs. But I need to buy a bike as capital bike share isn’t in PG. How do I go about getting a bike? Facebook tells me I should get a hybrid. The internet tells me I can get a decent one for under $500. Which shops should I check out? What else should I be looking for? It’s about 6.5 miles each way.

    • Check out REI. The people in their bike department tend to be really knowledgeable, and they don’t do a hard sell.

    • Andie302

      We had a wonderful experience with The Bike Rack and if you get your bike there I think they’ll do certain adjustments for life for free (plus tell you what else is needed if you’re having an issue). I think they have several hybrid models under $500, and you can go and test ride what they have in stock. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with them (purchased 2 bikes within the last 18 months).

      • We got ours there also (though it was 3-4 years ago). Same experience. They were recommended to us by a friend who was a competitive racer for years, but that do a great job with the casual riders too. They also have a free bike maintenance clinic once a month – basic stuff like lubing the chain, changing a tire – as well as a more in-depth one that you pay for (I didn’t take that).

    • Borrow before you buy. And if you decide that you’re going to keep doing it and you want to buy a bike of your own, get one used. I guarantee that someone else thought biking would be great, bought a good bike, never used it, and is now selling it for half the retail price. (Same goes for treadmills etc.)

    • when I started biking in DC (in 2006), I actually started with a mountain bike I got used on CL. In retrospect a hybrid might’ve been better, but I felt really secure and sturdy on my mountain bike, especially on roads that might have a lot of pot holes. However – it was much heavier than a road bike, and slower, and probably required more effort on my part (and I’m in pretty good shape). After I was totally comfortable on the mountain bike I upgraded to road bike (also CL), and then upgraded again to a nicer road bike a few years later (bought new).
      in terms of where to buy, I’d just start looking on CL for used bikes that you can get for cheaper, so it’s not as much of a commitment if you don’t end up liking it. My current bike is a single speed Windsor road bike that I got on bikes direct dot com a few years ago. It is a great starter road bike and it was only $329, although I did have to assemble it myself. Could be a good website to look into if you are on a budget and want to buy new.

  • Rave: Potentially adding to our family. After the passing of our dear Old Lady Lab in November, my SO is ready for a new dog, and we found a potentially perfect pup. We are going this weekend to meet her.
    Rant: Thinking of all the practicalities involved is making my head spin!

    • YAY for perfect pup! Good luck!
      (I can’t wait to add a dog to my family but until then I’m living vicariously through other dog parents.)

    • Squee! I wanna see pics if/when you get this puppy!!!! They are incredibly impractical in every way, but yet they somehow also make life so much better!

      • lol, oh, I’m sure that if it all works out you will be seeing her plenty on my FB! I am a bit hesistant in case things don’t work out, but she already has a name and everything, and my SO is already in love. So fingers crossed!

  • skj84

    Rave: I got chosen at the model call on Friday! Spent yesterday as a demo model for a hair company. I now have a super cute hair cut and color, plus I got paid, and a box of sample products to take home with me. Not a bad days work! My only complaint was that they called me for prep at 7am on Sunday, but didn’t start work on me until 12pm. I could’ve slept in! At least I had several books to entertain myself.
    Rant: The audition process was still dehumanizing as all get out. I attended two castings, one where they were not interested in me at all, and the second where I got cast. The stylists at the first casting were pretty rude, and wouldn’t cut me so I could head to another casting(there were 3 going on in one day). Usually the process is pretty quick, they look you over and let you know right then and there if they are going to use you. Sometimes they make you walk first, but the whole thing should be done within 30 minutes.They wanted to keep us way past their allotted time, and still ended up deciding to think about it. At least I stumbled upon the company I did work with on my way to another casting. I actually modeled for them 4 years ago, so I realized my chances were strong.
    Rave: I’ve never been to National Harbor before, so it was nice spending time out there. And in Old Town on Saturday. I wish there was an easier way to get to National Harbor. I took the train to Old Town on Friday, then got an uber, and on Sunday my only choice was rideshare. Which wasn’t cheap, even coming from my house which was only 20 minutes away.

    • binntp

      Congrats, skj! I know that was one of the things you were debating about whether to do or not; so glad you got chosen.

    • Sorry the audition process was awful, but you looked awesome! LOVE your hair!

      • skj84

        Thanks! I really love how it came out. They cut it on stage and I couldn’t see what the stylist was doing, so I’m really glad it came out well. The color is my favorite part.

  • Rave: Nice weekend. I didn’t get nearly enough done, but I did at least get my laundry done, so there’s that.
    Rant: Still need to do my taxes. Maybe this weekend? Or next, let’s be honest, it’s not going to get done this weekend!
    Rave: Yoga tonight. Trying really hard to get back in the swing of going to yoga at least 2x week, if not 3x.
    Rant: Somehow an hour-long commute at 7:30 feels waaaay different than an hour-long commute at 5:30, so I end up not eating dinner until 9 p.m. if I’m lucky. I just need to be better prepared.
    Rave: Gonna get my hair cut when I go up to Philly this weekend! Still not sure what exactly I’m going to do, but I need at least 3 inches of dead, tangled, split hair cut off. Suggestions/ideas may not be taken but are always welcome!

    • I just cut about 5 inches and now pretty much have Anne Hathaway’s hair in The Intern. I love it and it is easy to style.

  • Poll re pronunciation of “niche”:
    neesh or nitch?
    And how much does it bug you to hear someone pronounce it the other way?

    • “Neesh” – If I heard ‘nitch” I would probably not understand what was meant, ask a clarifying question, and then say “oh, you mean ‘neesh’?”

    • Either. And neither pronunciation bothers me.

    • So strange to me for some reason. The internet tells me that not only is “nitch” a correct pronunciation but it’s also the “more common” pronunciation in the US, but I feel like I never hear it said that way.

    • I have the same question about “cache” – is it pronounced “cash” or “caa-SHAY”?
      And does it make a difference if we are talking about a “cache of guns” vs. the reputation of a person?

      • topscallop

        Those are two different words: “cache” is pronounced “cash” and refers to a store of something, like guns. “Cachet” is pronounced “ca-SHAY” and refers to prestige or being respected/admired.

    • My Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary Unabridged, First Edition, which is roughly 80 years old, says it’s pronounced “nich.” “Neesh” isn’t even given as an alternative. This is one of those French words that came to our language with a distinct English pronunciation and was only later re-Frenchified. Pronounce it however you like, but nich is not wrong, at least in English.

  • Rave: I got up and worked out this morning.
    Rave: I have a date tomorrow for the first time in a LONG time.
    Rant: I’m moving Apr 1 and need to find someone to rent my apt. It’s not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Guess this is what I get for deciding to move in winter.
    Rave: There have been some inquiries and a girl yesterday seemed really interested. Hope she applies.
    Rant: I now have to travel for a week in March for work reducing the time I have to get myself organized for moving. I hate moving. Ugh – this is probably why I haven’t moved in 4.5 years.

  • Andie302

    Rant: ear worm (I won’t infect you all as well, and at least it’s Ed Sheeran, but damn it’s a bad one!)
    Rave: Great weekend of resting, getting things done, celebrating my dad’s birthday yesterday, a long run on the mall Saturday, and generally feeling like it was a nice break.
    Rave: Best friend seems to be having her luck turn – her second round of IVF took, and her and her husband are under contract on a lovely home as of Friday. So so happy and excited for them!

    • Andie302

      Meant to add – my dad looks wonderful! He’s down 67lbs since the weekend after Thanksgiving – and it’s like he’s a different person. His ability to walk, his shortness of breath, his clothing, and most importantly his interest in life. He’s planning things again and it’s just so great to see!

  • topscallop

    Rave: I had a really nice weekend
    Rant: back to work
    Rant: getting a cavity filled this week
    Rant: I know someone who is planning to break up with their significant other and the suspense is driving me nuts. I hope there’s no cause to socialize with them as a couple in the meantime.
    (admittedly sick) rave: part of me enjoys the drama (from afar).

  • Rant: Mix-up about tickets for “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” at Sixth & I tomorrow night. I thought friend was getting one for me, but she didn’t and now they are sold out. Anybody happen to have an extra ticket?

    Revel: Scooped up the sweetest pair of foster kittens for friends. And I get to enjoy them for another day at my house!

  • Rave: Homemade donuts on Sunday!
    Rant: How can you have a rant when you’re full of homemade donuts?!

  • Parenting win for the day: Convincing mtpkiddo that it was ok to put cheerios in her oatmeal bowl instead getting out a clean bowl. Apparently stating that the cheerios could take an oatmeal bath and that it would be good for their skin was sufficiently convincing.
    Rant: Mtpkiddo, what the hell is up with your sleep? She was up for 1-2 hours in the middle of the night the last two nights. May need to try instituting a sticker chart if this persists much longer….

  • Rant: Stressed at work last week, so much so that I found myself stress eating (thankfully, i had baby carrots at the ready).
    Rave: Over the weekend, thought about the sources of the stress (ie poorly managed office, unclear expectations in terms of outputs, coworkers that are stressed and taking it out on me, etc) and pinpointed ways in which each could be addressed. I feel like Ive come to work with newfound clarity.

  • Rant: Sweetgreens (at least the one near the Library of Congress) is going cashless. Sigh, I’ll now need to find a different place for lunch.

    • skj84

      They all are. The new one by my office(Farragut Square) is cashless. They want you to pay with credit card or wit h their app. Not a fan of this practice.

      • +1. Especially not after they got rid of the frozen yogurt and candied pecans last year. I’m still mad and boycotting about that.

      • Blithe

        I’m not a fan either. There are demographic differences re: populations that are more likely to have credit cards or even debit cards and use them for everyday purchases and populations who are less likely to do this. While I get that it’s easier for the formerly known as cashiers, and probabably reduces the opportunity for theft, it also deliberately excludes people who likely are not in their targeted demographic — which would likely be discriminatory if they didn’t flag “cashless” as a business decision based on other factors.

        • “While I get that it’s easier for the formerly known as cashiers,”
          That’s very funny, and accurate. And I agree that this is a poor business practice, or at least a tone-deaf one.

    • maxwell smart

      Whereas I almost never have cash and somehow (not as much here, but often in NYC) find myself somewhere that is cash only.

      • skj84

        I very rarely carry cash too, and have had the issue of credit card minimums or not taking cards. I cannot say I love the idea of business going cashless. What about people who don’t have/use credit cards? I know most people have debit cards, but there is part of the population who prefer to, or need to use cash instead.

        • Are those people typically going to buy overpriced salads? I’m guess for the most part no.

          • Blithe

            Yes. Or, rather, at least some of us will. I rarely carry a credit card. I budget by spending cash. If I budget a certain amount for the week or weekend, I can see how much I’ve got, and make decisions as it dwindles. If I grab a cab, that might mean a less expensive meal. I do have a card that gets me gift cards, but, in the end, the money that I save by generally using cash, and the nudge to spend more mindfully, matters more to me than the treat that I get when I “earn” a gift card. I use a card for big purchases, online shopping, and when I want proof of purchase or double warranty protection. For things like overpriced salads : cash.

          • Like Blithe, I usually pay in cash for things like overpriced salads. I’m mad that Panera made it so that you can’t order via their kiosk _unless_ you pay with a credit card.
            I prefer ordering via the kiosk because it’s faster and reduces opportunities for my order getting screwed up, but I really prefer to pay in cash for fast-casual meals.

          • binntp

            Like Blithe & textdoc I also prefer to pay cash for a lot of smaller purchases. I especially do so after having had my credit card compromised 3x in a one year period back in 2015, and after hearing from several places I frequent that they have had customers’ cards compromised (looking at you, Perfect Pita).

          • Blithe- Your reasons for using cash totally make sense to me even if it’s not my thing. I use cash when required, dry cleaners, and when it’ll save me money in the long run. I will occasionally grab small things with cash, but I’m able to stay on budget, avoid interest, and get miles, so why not?
            Binn- as much as I use my card, I’ve been lucky even when some places were shown to have fraud. I guess being a creature of habit helps. They quickly caught the 1 suspicious transaction I faced because it was jewelry, something I’ve never bought.

        • maxwell smart

          I mean, I’m at the point where I don’t even carry a wallet. My phone case holds 3 credit cards – which is usually my Drivers License, Debit Card, Credit Card. I keep a $20 folded between the phone body and the case as an emergency. I also really don’t like anything in my pockets ever, so not having to carry a wallet is one less thing to have in my hand/on the table/etc.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Hah. Having been robbed at gunpoint twice and gone through the drill of replacing everything twice, I now carry two wallets – a slim car-holder-style thing in which I keep my license, smartrip, health insurance card, and one credit card; and a thicker “normal” wallet in which I keep my library card, business cards, one extra credit card, a couple of store gift cards that might or might not have any value on them (I’m honestly not sure), discount cards for Safeway, CVS, etc., and sometimes a few dollars. I’m not at all pleased that I find this necessary, but, well, if I ever get robbed again I can hand that one right over with no real heartache.

          • HaileUnlikely, that is actually a brilliant idea.
            (I’m not quite sure how to do this as a woman but at least in the winter, I do tend to put my phone and smartrip card in my zipped jacket pocket rather than in my bag, figuring if something happens I could at least call the police and get home.)

          • This scares me. Phones are lost and stolen more than wallets it seems. I have an old rfid card holder if I want to travel super light, but I just can’t see the phone case wallet thing working out.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yeah, I don’t keep my phone and real wallet together. And I’m old-school. I have a regular phone at home, the old-fashioned kind. I can use that one to call the police when I get home if I need to. (I have not had it stolen either time, though. The first time I was robbed smartphones weren’t common yet, I had a dumbphone anyway, and those weren’t really prime targets. The second time I had it but wasn’t flashing it around – the guys demanded my wallet so I gave them my wallet and that was the end of it.)

    • Am I a rare bird that I almost always use a card to get points/miles? Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.
      -always has cash just in case

      • Blithe

        One more thought: It may not be a big deal for those who typically pay off their balances in full every month. For those who don’t, I think it’s somewhere between silly and deplorable to pay interest fees on things like overpriced salads — if you have other options. It also depends on how useful the points or miles actually are in practice, so ymmv with this one.

        • Well, mine is 2% cash back deposited in my brokerage account, and IMO cash is always useful. Then again, I also have it set for automatic payment in full each month, so no concern about interest or fees.

        • I agree, and if I didn’t pay my balances off monthly, I’d never do it.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: Lower back is killing me! Had planned to go for a run after work and now I’m not even sure I’ll be able to walk to the bus. Need to find a new chiropractor or masseuse. Recommendations??

    • Andie302

      I really like Dr. Toth at Washington Injury and Sports Performance Clinic at 1444 I St NW

      • maxwell smart

        I actually used to go to WISPC when they were in Cleveland Park across from the Zoo. I had to stop going because they stopped taking United Healthcare insurance, which I see is still the case.

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