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  • love the shot of the scimitar wingtip too!

  • so that photo taken from another aircraft or a drone? regardless, seems awfully close to one another.

    • Was wondering too about the proximity — looks dangerous (if this isn’t two different photos merged together).

      • huh? That’s a picture from the back of a plane, looking somewhat forward. The wing at the top left is on the plane the photographer is on.

        • Yeah, I’ve taken lots of photos like this? The passenger is sitting toward the back of the plane.

      • There’s only one aircraft in this picture, and the photographer is sitting in it, on the right side behind the wing. Likely it’s a flight that just took off from DCA in a northern direction.

        • Yeah, I have pretty much the same exact picture from the morning of the inauguration except from the other side of the wing. During takeoff, the plane is at a steeper angle so the wing is slightly higher if you’re sitting in the back.

      • Thanks, all — I see it now. (I’ve taken photos like this too, but somehow the pointy thing at the end of the wing in this pic was throwing me off… and it looks like I wasn’t the only one.)

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