“Looking for shared metalworking space.”

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“Since moving from Milwaukee, I’ve struggled to find an affordable shop space for metalwork – mostly making furniture and sculpture – some old bicycle stuff. It’s one thing I do miss. Love everything else about living in DC.

I wonder if there are other people in the same position in the District. I’ve looked into the maker spaces, but long for something a little bit more focused and with easier access. I’d love to find a few people willing to go in on a shared space, shared equipment and a little bit of spirit for collaborative or community projects. I’d be willing to devote time and resources to get the ball rolling if others are into it. Of course, if something already exists, I’d really appreciate any leads.”

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  • There is TechShop in Crystal City. Not sure how it is, or how expensive it is to join, but guess they’ve got a good bit of metal working equipment.


  • There are a couple metal workers that share space here I think… It used to be my favorite antique shop in the DMV area, but the awesome owners just moved out west… https://www.offthebeatentrackwarehouse.com/

  • How large would such a studio need to be? What do you think a reasonable monthly rent would be for such a studio, if metro accessible in close-in DC?

    • There’s something in cap hill on craigslist right now – $1400 for 800 square feet. It would all depend on how many people wanted to get in, and what kind of equipment we decided on. For a couple of people, something the size of a one car garage can work!

  • Blacksmith Guild of the Potomac

  • Have you checked in with local theatres, either professional or university? They have a fair amount of the equipment and loads of scene shop space. Catch some of them between building shows and they can usually be pretty amenable.

  • I was part of a 3-person shared space. Used mostly for wood working, but had oxy acetylene torch and some tubing benders. It is located in 14th st heights area. Reply if interested.

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