GDoN “Sun-filled, charming” edition

1443 Lawrence St NE

This house is located at 1443 Lawrence Street, NE. The MRIS listing says:

“1st Opens Sat 3/18 & Sun 3/19 1-3pm! Sun-filled, charming Three Bedroom + Den farmhouse with front porch in the heart of Brookland! Updated granite kitchen & updated baths. Formal living room, dining room, family room, rear deck. Hardwood floors, replacement windows, central air and move-in ready! Large lot with landscaping, fenced rear yard & detached garage. Walk to Metro, shops and restaurants!”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $600,000.

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  • Something odd about the price. Maybe underpriced to start a bidding war?

  • HaileUnlikely

    This looks like a steal. I mean…I can’t afford it (not even close), but still.
    One very minor criticism: the kitchen layout looks awkward with the oven all the way over in the corner. Can the oven door open without opening the door of the cabinet around the corner? It looks like the oven door will hit the cabinet door. It’s the kind of thing I’d be willing to overlook if actually considering buying, but sure is odd.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Edit: Square footage might be fudged to include basement. Unless tax records are wrong, finished square footage is listed as 1152, which appears to be in the ballpark. I think stated square footage must include basement. Less of a steal, but still quite nice, and I can’t imagine they’ll have any trouble getting that.

    • Very nice-looking overall.
      Agreed on the kitchen layout. I didn’t even notice the oven-door issue, but I thought the cabinets over the sink looked weird, as they’re affixed to the wall perpendicular to the wall that the base cabinets are affixed to. Seems like some kind of L-shaped/corner-cabinet thing could have made equally good use of the space without looking so odd.

  • Cute and underpriced.

    This one also came on today. Another Brookland farmhouse:

    Love both of these houses with more character and not a flip.

  • What an odd bathroom situation.

    • Agreed. The “den/solarium” on the second floor seems like a missed opportunity for a second upstairs bathroom.
      I wonder if the den/solarium is actually usable. It appears to be not part of a two-story bumpout, but rather an enclosed section that’s over a porch. I don’t see a radiator or baseboard heating in the photos of that room (although maybe they’re along the wall areas that aren’t shown), and even if the room _does_ have heating, being over an open space means that it will be a challenge to keep it warm in the winter.

    • With the basement-level full bathroom… is that section of glass blocks in the “rec room” area part of the wall between the rec room and the bathroom?? (See photo #11 of 30 in the slideshow, and floor-plan image #23.)
      I know the glass blocks are supposed to provide some level of privacy, but IMO, that’s not quite enough privacy if there’s a bathroom on the other side.

  • Good deal, and I often don’t say that!

  • Not a steal. This is a nice looking house, but the room sizes are all cramped and not at all generous, so that I always feel like the rooms aren’t big enough. (Except the basement, which is not where i want to spend my time.) That’s why the kitchen seems so cramped – it is awkward with the fridge sticking out there in the way, and the sink placed with the upper cabinets right next to your head when standing at the sink. (Though I am assuming the oven door just clears the cabinet and does indeed open, improving the functionality of the kitchen would involve a major renovation and moving the doorway to the kitchen to the center of the dining room wall.) The dining room is narrow; the living room makes any placement of furniture awkward; the bedrooms are one medium size with no closets and two small bedrooms. I find houses like these charming looking, but I feel like a bull in a china shop in them. I far prefer the similarly laid out houses with just rooms sized a big more generously.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Good catch on the lack of closet in the largest bedroom. That’s definitely a minus.
      My basis for calling it a steal is that a lot of houses in my neighborhood are about this size, but semi-detached rather than fully detached, have waaaay less curb appeal, are no better inside, and are now going for about $500K, and when roughly-equivalent houses come up in my neighborhood and in this neighborhood, this neighborhood is usually valued at least 20% higher.
      “Steal” might have been too strong of a word given some of the special negatives (especially lack of closet in largest bedroom) but I don’t imagine the seller will have too much trouble getting a full-price offer quickly.

    • I thought this was underpriced at first blush, but looking at the floor plans and photos…definitely a “fair” price. The kitchen is the major downer. Bathrooms only being up and down also a downside. Good location and curb appeal make it worth it, but not *much* more.

  • Strange – it doesn’t look like there are any closets in the “master bedroom”. I think this house is priced right; not a steal or particularly great deal. Its cute but all the rooms look really cramped and there are some odd things going on in terms of layout.

  • I dunno. Some of the details seem weird, but at that price, who gives a damn? It seems perfect for someone seeking something peaceful (and who is preferably under 5’5″).

  • A good deal for the right buyer – for example a couple with one/no children. I would turn one of the smaller bedrooms into a dressing room/walk-in closet – my brother and SIL did that and it’s great. The kitchen layout is definitely problematic, though – design fail, there. What is the wood-paneled covered item under the counter to the left? At first I thought dishwasher, but it’s not. Maybe trash/recycling containers?

    • Oops – counter on the right side of pic, I mean.

      • Good question. Maybe a trash compactor?? (Though my recollection is that those are usually narrower in the front.) Looks like some kind of appliance, rather than just a cabinet-style front for trash/recycling containers.

    • My wife and I checked the place out. It’s a small fridge.

  • No bathroom on the main floor is pretty standard for houses nearby. It’s a bit tight in spots and lacks a finished attic (which will also keep the price down). Overall, this would be a great price for this house, absent some structural thing that doesn’t show up in photos. But I’m guessing it goes for $20K or more over this.

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