Buckeye + Bear Sports Bar For Sale, Currently “only open for special events and private events”

1730 M Street, NW

“I walk by it a couple of times a week and the last few times I have done so at 6 pm, they appear to be closed. There have been no social media posts by them since late January. Did this place finally bite the dust?”


Buckeye + Bear opened back in June 2016 in the former Huxley nightclub space. Their Facebook page, last updated January 17th, says:

“Buckeye + Bear is a casual sports bar that features a wide variety of free entertainment throughout the week, including live bands, karaoke nights, comedy shows, trivia events, variety shows and weekend DJs! (no cover charge)

Buckeye + Bear also has 10 large-screen TVs for showing televised sports and offers half price happy hour specials on Tuesdays through Fridays from 5PM till 8PM, including $2 select beers and $3 rail drinks!

Buckeye + Bear is also the OFFICIAL Game Watch Bar for Ohio State University & The Cleveland Browns!”

I emailed the owners who tell me:

We are currently in active negotiations with a couple of different buyers to purchase the business. In the interim, we are only open for special events and private events. Purchase offers can be emailed to [email protected]

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  • Thanks for mentioning it. I just emailed them to see if they’d open up for a replay of the Fiesta Bowl.

  • And yet Edible Arrangements persisted.

  • I hope that this means that Ohio State fans will no longer be at Solly’s on Saturdays in the fall. Such a good bar ruined by such a terrible school.

    • +1. Let’s hope the new buyers went to a school known for good businesspeople.

      • It should be noted that many native Ohioans have no love for Ohio State (I opted not to go there twice), and can’t be responsible for a crappy bar or school.

        • It should be noted that many native Ohioans opted not to go there but still have immense love for the school and the fan culture that was endemic to being an Ohioan.

          Crappy bar though.

          • PB – I’m sorry to hear about your condition. Please know there is treatment for this horrible disorder.

      • the owner of Buckeye & Bear wasn’t an Ohio State alum…

    • The only college sports fans more insufferable than you Ohio State and Michigan people are Alabama fans.

    • why would a Dupont bar closing mean fans stop going to a U Street bar?

  • brookland_rez

    I went there a few times for the happy hour specials last summer. It always seemed like an odd location to me.

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